18 Cheap Hacks To Update Your Kitchen If You Rent

The kitchen is such an important part of any living space. It's where we cook, where we eat, and where we store all of our yummy snacks. There are so many cool tools that can make spending time in your kitchen enjoyable, as well as endless untapped decorating potential. Yup, it's unfortunate, but kitchen decor is often overlooked. That's why figuring out the perfect things to put in your kitchen can sometimes be confusing, especially if you've just rented your first apartment. And if you're renting, it can also be difficult to find the little things to give your space character and make it uniquely yours, without painting the walls or installing new appliances.

But there are lots of cheap kitchen hacks for renters that can help you bring life into your apartment without breaking the terms of your lease. You should definitely check to see if you're able to use some of the options on this list — like the removable wallpaper or the floating shelf — but generally, these are easy ways to update your kitchen without causing any permanent changes or damage.

Also, there are lots of little things you can add to your space to infuse it with character, like decorative flatware or cute tea towels. Whatever your kitchen needs or desires are, there's sure to be something on this list that's perfect for your space.


There are so many ways to get the most use out of your kitchen space and make sure that it matches up to your own personal style. But sometimes it can be hard to think of creative ways to do that. Hopefully, these cheap hacks can help.