18 Hilarious Horror Movies To Stream With Friends

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While horror films are mostly endeavoring to make you scream, there are a number of flicks that are also meant to make audiences laugh. And since horror often takes place in a heightened world anyway, adding comedy to the mix usually only takes a slight twist: even more ridiculous characters, impossibly coincidental circumstances, and/or exaggerated deaths, for example. Ready or Not, a deadly hide-and-seek game in theaters now, certainly fits the bill. If that kind of genre mashup is your thing, then these hilarious horror movies streaming now are worth the watch.

Scary and funny horror/comedies have existed for almost as long as pure horror. As book editor Paul Castiglia points out in his blog, the trend was born onstage in the '20s. Soon, silly haunted house and monster-themed plays like The Cat & The Canary were adapted into silent films, paving the way for comedy groups like The Three Stooges to dabble in horror/comedy film in the '50s. Now, the subgenre has evolved and produced a wide range of films, ranging from total parodies like Scary Movie to more serious but still witty social commentary pieces like Get Out.

But be warned: just because these films are considered comedies doesn't necessarily mean that they take it easy on the spooks. In most of these flicks, jump scares and some gore are to be expected. So these movies aren't exactly for the faintest of hearts or the weakest of stomachs.

If you can stand it, here's where you can find 18 of the funniest horror flicks currently streaming.