Beautiful Signs From The "I Am Muslim, Too" Rally

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

People of every religious background gathered Sunday in New York City's Times Square to declare "I Am A Muslim, Too" in a symbolic show of solidarity with America's Muslim community. Organized by hip-hop mogul and Def Jam Records co-founder Russell Simmons, Sunday's interfaith "I Am A Muslim Too" rally sought to unite people of all faiths in supporting equality and tolerance, while pushing back on President Donald Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric. Signs from the rally show many in America are committed to protecting Muslims' religious freedom.

From the campaign trail to the White House, Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric has left many feeling anxious and afraid. On the campaign trail Trump spoke about mulling over a policy that would require all Muslim Americans to register with the government. He said he was open to law enforcement agencies surveilling Muslim Americans at mosques. And he repeatedly used a suspicion of Islam to appeal to his voter base. As president, Trump signed an executive order banning citizens from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the United States. While the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has temporarily blocked Trump's travel ban, the president has vowed to roll out a revised version of the executive order sometime next week in an effort to skirt the court's ruling.

Yet many – like Simmons – are pushing back on Trump's rhetoric and policies by urging tolerance and standing in solidarity with American Muslims. "We are living in a time when unity will make America great," ABC News reports Simmons said in a press release for the rally. "This is a special moment for all Americans of good will to band together to promote the kind of compassion and equality for others that we want for ourselves."

Here are 18 brilliant signs from New York City's "I Am A Muslim Too" rally:

We All Belong Here

"We all belong here. We will defend each other," read one sign at Sunday's rally.

Grandmas Against Islamophobia

Grandmas taking a stand against Islamophobia.

I Am A Muslim

One woman's sign reminded folks that discrimination against one religious group affected all religious groups.

Soon We'll All Be Refugees

"The way things are going, soon we'll all be refugees," read one sign spotted at the "I Am A Muslim Too" rally.

I Only Want To Love

One young rally-goer served up wise words about what Trump's rhetoric on Muslims teaches and how love can trump fear.

Girls With Dreams

"Girls with dreams become women with vision" no matter what religious beliefs they subscribe to.

He Will Not Divide Us

One woman showed off her determination to resist the president's attempts to sow division and fear.

Did I Stutter?

Who said balloons don't make good protest signs? One "I Am A Muslim Too" rally-goer sought to remind President Trump of the words inscribed at the base of Lady Liberty.

Good Will

If Trump won't listen to the people, maybe he'll heed the words of America's first president.

Not Our Policy

One man's fear is should not be a country's new immigration policy.

History Has Its Eyes On You

So many great signs, so little time!

Immigrant New York

One rally-goer's sign highlighted New York's immigrant rich history.

Jews For Economic And Racial Justice

A Jewish family came out in solidarity with Muslim Americans.

Human Decency

"Human decency isn't finite," reads one clever woman's signs.

This Land Is Your Land

One rally-goer borrowed a few words from Woody Guthrie for her protest sign.

Proud Daughter

The daughter of Muslim immigrants used her protest sign to share her parent's lesson of loving your fellow human beings.

Same God, Same Message

Love God and love your neighbor is a message shared by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Love, Muslims

One rally-goer sought to remind America of some of the things – good and bad – that Muslims have contributed to the world.