18 Movies To Help You Get Through A Trump Presidency


There's no way around it: Donald Trump's presidency has been rough on a lot of people. The new administration has many people scared for a number of different reasons, and despite many legitimate issues that could cause his presidency could come to an early end, the odds are that we're going to be stuck with him for at least four years. So what's the best way to survive? Well, in addition to getting involved in your community and finding ways to resist, you can also watch movies to help you get through a Trump presidency.

Watching films probably won't technically make a difference — though some movies may inspire you to get involved — but films can help you in other, more abstract ways. Whether you need a reminder that things will get better, or that things have been bad before, or even if you just need a distraction, movies can provide the perfect antidote to the barrage of news about an administration that promotes racist, sexist, corporatist, anti-environmentalist views (and that also, btw, might be the treasonous product of meddling by a hostile foreign government). So to take a break from the news or to find your moral center, you'll want to check out these 18 movies a lot over the next four years.

1. 'Star Wars: A New Hope'

Star Wars on YouTube

A bunch of upstarts topples an Evil Empire in this classic that has taken on a new life with its parallels to our reality.

2. 'Mr. Smith Goes To Washington'

Movieclips on YouTube

One politician rises up against D.C. corruption. Is there anyway I can trick Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, or Susan Collins into watching this, too?

3. 'Moonlight'

A24 on YouTube

A movie about a black man dealing with his homosexuality won the first Best Picture Oscar of the Trump Era. If that doesn't give you hope, I don't know what will.

4. 'Good Night, And Good Luck'

Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

Senator Joseph McCarthy stoked the flames of anti-communist hysteria in the 1950s with his baseless claims and accusations — something Trump routinely does against numerous groups — until he was undone by journalist Edward R. Murrow.

5. 'Idiocracy'

Carsten Kriska on YouTube

The dumbing down of America is real, but at least you can still laugh over the fact that society hasn't quite sank to the level of this movie yet.

6. 'Erin Brockovich'

Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

A brave woman takes on the system and fights corporate greed and destruction. Based on a true story, watching this movie may inspire you to become the next Erin Brockovich.

7. 'Zombieland'

Sony Pictures Entertainment on YouTube

A glimpse of a possible future showing that even if humanity collapses, there will always be some funny moments — as long as Bill Murray survives.

8. 'All The President’s Men'

Warner Movies On Demand on YouTube

With Russiagate threatening to make Watergate look like a picnic, this classic calls attention to the men and women of the Fourth Estate tasked with holding the government accountable.

9. 'Hidden Figures'

20th Century Fox on YouTube

Hitting at just the right time, this story of the little-known African American women behind NASA's biggest moment will lift your spirits.

10. 'V For Vendetta'

Warner Movies On Demand on YouTube


11. 'Fools Rush In'

Theresa Grace on YouTube

A silly '90s rom-com and a guilty pleasure if there ever was one, its simplified portrayal of Mexican-American relations and an open southern border might just give you hope.

12. 'Zootopia'

Walt Disney Animation Studios on YouTube

It's definitely not subtle, but this Disney film's anti-racist message is so important right now.

13. 'Defiance'

WatchMovieTrailersHD on YouTube

Another true story, and another real reminder that it only takes a few brave people to make a big difference.

14. 'Air Force One'

TheTrailerSiteDOTcom on YouTube

OK, so the president sucks now, but one day we'll have a president we can be proud of again.

15. 'Mulan'

DisneyMoviesOnDemand on YouTube

Mulan is easily the best Disney Princess, and her overall kickassness should always put a smile on your face.

16. 'Forrest Gump'

Paramount Movies on YouTube

This film shows that America has always had a lot of problems, but we've somehow managed to work through it.

17. 'Anchorman'

Paramount Movies on YouTube

Sometimes you just need to laugh when things get dark, so why not watch one of the funniest movies of all time, with a surprising feminist message to boot?

18. 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'

WelloftheSoulsdotcom on YouTube

With neo-Nazis coming out of the woodwork since the election, this classic serves as a helpful reminder that Nazis have always been, and always will be, the enemies of America.