19 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands You Need To Know About ASAP

The beauty industry is a large place. With new brands popping up on Instagram seemingly overnight and cult brands becoming even more popular, discovering new brands is easier than ever. But for those of you looking to support brands that do not test on animals, it might seem like a daunting landscape to navigate. Thankfully, there are plenty of amazing cruelty-free makeup and beauty brands out there to support and shop.

What exactly does it mean if a brand is cruelty-free? It means that the products have not been tested on animals. Mega-brands like Tarte Cosmetics, Kat Von D, and Too Faced are already well-known for following cruelty-free practices, but there are several lesser-known brands you may not be as familiar with that pride themselves on being cruelty-free, too.

Whether you're looking to support brands that are also organic or vegan or just want to stock up on more cruelty-free makeup products, you'll definitely find a new match on the market. Not only can you rest easy knowing that no animals were harmed in the creation of these incredible products, but you might also just discover your new favorite beauty go-to.

Here are nineteen cruelty-free beauty brands to get to know in 2017.

1. WildCare

Wildcare is a botanical beauty brand based in Ventura, Calif. where founder Cortney Herrera distills small-batch organic plants and makes them into nutrient-rich hydrosols, which are like facial mists, but way better for your skin (no matter how sensitive).

2. Akar Skin

If you're a Korean beauty lover, you'll definitely want to try Akar Skin, a Tibetan-inspired beauty brand that sources the highest grade natural ingredients from the Tibetan plateau. After becoming ill, founder Kate Chen was determined to create a brand that was clean, natural, and free from any harmful chemicals. Not only are these skin care products super safe, they're also highly effective — what more could you ask for?

3. Drunk Elephant

You've probably seen Drunk Elephant on your Instagram feed, but if you don't really know much about them, you definitely need to. Not only are the brand's products gorgeously packaged, but they're also totally non-toxic while offering clinical-level efficacy .

4. BareMinerals

BareMinerals is one of the best known makeup ranges on the market, and as it turns out, it's ideal for those looking for cruelty-free makeup.

5. Bite Beauty

Want to snag a cult beauty favorite that's also cruelty-free? Bite Beauty is perfect.

6. EcoTools

If you're looking for cruelty-free makeup brushes, look no further than EcoTools.

7. Fiona Stiles

Created by a makeup artist, this line is not only cruelty-free, but they're also crafted by an industry pro.

8. NYX Cosmetics

Want brushes and makeup at an affordable price that are also cruelty-free? Oh, hey NYX.

9. Tatcha

If you're a lover of YouTube gurus, you've probably heard of Tatcha. The Geisha-inspired skin care brand is not only gorgeous, but the products are also truly wonderful. After suffering from acute dermatitis, founder Victoria Tsai set out to create a line of products made with gentle ingredients that paid homage to her Japanese ancestry.

10. Lano

Love a good moisturizing lippie? (Who doesn't!) Lano is the best-selling lip balm in Australia, and it makes sense why. Founder Kirsten Carriol was able to create a completely natural, ultra-pure, medical-grade lanolin skin care line that leaves your lips (and wherever else you slather the balm on) baby soft.

11. Anastasia Beverly Hills

I bet you didn't know that Anastasia Beverly Hills was cruelty-free! Now, you can feel even better using their amazing products knowing that no animals were harmed.

12. Kylie Cosmetics

It shouldn't surprise you that dog and animal-lover Kylie Jenner's makeup line is cruelty-free.

13. Makeup Geek

If you're a YouTube beauty fan, you may know who Makeup Geek founder Marlena Stell is, and now, you know that her brand is committed to being cruelty-free.

14. Nip + Fab

Nip + Fab only recently launched their makeup range, so it might become your new, cruelty-free go-to.

15. Milani

Think only high-end brands are cruelty free? Nope! Get tons of bang for your buck (and great products) from Milani.

16. ColourPop

Never feel bad about buying $50 in Ultra Matte Lips since they're cruelty-free!

16. Yes To

Need help removing your makeup or pampering your skin? Yes To is your affordable, cruelty-free go-to.

17. Rodial

This lesser-known skin care and beauty line makes some extremely unique products, like bee venom cleansing balm and dragon's blood eye masks.

18. Marc Jacobs Beauty

Want to splurge on a luxury brand but also want to be sure it's cruelty-free? Try Marc Beauty!

19. Pixi

Don't worry about cruelty-free products being hard to find. Pixi is sold at your local Target!

These are just a handful of the cruelty-free brands out there. If you want to find more, websites like Cruelty-Free Kitty are great resources for your research. Happy buying, makeup (and animal) lovers!