Easy Memorial Day Recipes That You Can Put Together Last Minute

Memorial Day is on May 25, which means it's time for some serious barbecue prepping! Are you in charge of this year's barbecue, or is the one you are attending a potluck style affair? On top of that, are you kind of the worst at cooking and want a few simple recipes to get you by? Than you are going to love these easy Memorial Day recipes that can still pass off as super fancy!

The trick is to make sure that you have food ready for all types of Memorial Day shenanigans. Start your day with some fluffy buttermilk pancakes with strawberries and blueberries, topped with whipped cream (because themed food is the best food). Then, serve some pizza tarts and a huge antipasto plate with some blackberry vanilla bourbon lemonade as your guests arrive to your party. Serve a variety of entree options including burgers, grilled cheesy bacon chicken, black bean burgers, and of course, pizza dogs. (Yes, pizza dogs most certainly will be a reality at your Memorial Day barbecue this year. You're welcome.)

End the party with some delicious boozy root beer floats, a cheesecake trifle, and patriotic cake pops. Or an iconic apple cherry pie, because America. Enjoy!

Red, White, & Blue Sugar Cookies

You really can't ever go wrong with a simple sugar cookie at a barbecue, they are always a crowd pleaser - no matter the age! Create these clever and easy cookies with Mom on Timeout.

Kiwi Avocado Salsa

A savory & sweet dip by Love & Lemons. that people are going to love with all those other salty appetizers you have planned!

Apple Cherry Pie

Can't decide between an apple or a cherry pie for Memorial Day? Than why not make both with this recipe by Food Nasty!

Buttermilk Pancakes

What better way to start a day off (and a holiday) than with soft, fluffy buttermilk pancakes like these from Something Swanky?

Lemon Pesto Vegetable Skewers

Need a delicious new skewer recipe to try this summer? This vegetable skewer with lemon and pesto deliciousness is available over at Tori Avery.

Sparkling Peach Sangria

Looking for a light cocktail to serve to your guests? This sparkling sangria by Table for Two will be a refreshing change from the usual beer that your guests drink on Memorial Day!

Roasted Edamame

Looking to upgrade your potato chip appetizer? Roast up some edamame beans instead with this recipe by The Kitchn.

Pizza Dogs

Pizza, or hot dogs? Forget having to pick — have both with this recipe by Taste and Tell!

Boozy Root Beer Floats

Yes, that's right. Your favorite summertime drink with your favorite adult activity; drinking and root beer floats all in one! Get the recipe over at Love & Lemons.

Patriotic Pops

Your homemade cupcake pops just got an upgrade with Bakerella!

Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon Lemonade

Looking for a patriotic-themed cocktail? This Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon Lemonade is exactly what you are looking for. Get the pitcher recipe over with Tori Avery.

Red White And Blue Berry Cheesecake Trifle

Such a delectable (and easy) dessert idea with Something Swanky! Just make sure you don't try filling this delicious trifle with shepherd's pie...

Strawberry Rhubarb Frozen Yogurt

Or get fancy with this strawberry rhubarb frozen yogurt recipe with Half Baked Harvest. Yum!

Ima Burgers

Looking for a simple, yet delicious, burger recipe? This simple seasoning recipe by Tori Avery will make your grilled burger super tasty this Memorial Day!

Grilled Bacon And Cheese Chicken

Not a fan of burgers, and would rather, say, a piece of chicken with bacon, cheese, and ranch? Than you certainly need this recipe by Table for Two.

Greek Inspired Antipasto Platter

Not the biggest fan of cooking? Why not put together a delicious spread like this one by Half Baked Harvest instead for your guests!

Tiny Pizza Tarts

Don't worry, these pizza tarts don't require you to make any kind of dough from scratch. Just grab a puff pastry and this recipe by The Kitchn, and you're ready to go!

Drop Biscuit Cobbler Recipe

Tori Avery

Need a simple cobbler idea to serve to guests after a nice big grill out? This cobbler by Tori Avery is perfect — especially with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream!

Double Bean Burgers

Are you the vegetarian of the group? This black bean burger recipe by How Sweet Eats is super simple. If you're feeling it, attempt that avocado cream dressing to go with it!