19 Father's Day Gifts You Can Get On Amazon Prime In A Pinch

by Megan Grant

"Happy Father's Day, Dad! Here's a tie!" you've said for the last 15 years. Since he doesn't really need to add to his collection, I've rounded up 19 Father's Day gift ideas on Amazon Prime, because #twodayshipping. Plus, Amazon features easy returns, just in case you need to swap out a size or color (or you and your brother get the same thing for him, again).

It's a question humankind has been asking for centuries: Why are dads so hard to shop for? It seems like every year when you ask your dad what he wants, you either get some kind of noncommittal shrug, or worse — the old "I don't actually need anything, thanks." But since this day comes but once a year and you want to show your dad you care, you get a gift anyway, making dads especially tricky to shop for. So what do you get the man who "doesn't need anything"? Ideally it needs to be something practical but not boring. Nice but not extravagant. So that leaves you with... nothing.

This is why we buy ties. You can't go wrong with a tie. He has a neck, doesn't he?

I know you're about ready to throw in the towel and get him a gift card, but stop! Father's Day shopping doesn't have to be a total pain this year. Check out the below 19 gift ideas, all of which are available through Amazon Prime.


Personalized Chef's Apron


Essential Oil Diffuser