19 Feminist Gift Ideas That Directly Support Women

by JR Thorpe

Tis the season for gift-giving, whether it's for Christmas, Chanukah, or just because. And if your friends are of a feminist bent (which, let's face it, are the best kinds of friends) and love wearing it on their sleeves, now is a great time to give 'em the gift of equality, through presents that fund female businesses and makers, support great charities and organizations, and generally make the world a little more badass. Gifts for the niece who idolizes Marie Curie, the Pussy Hat-wearing gran, and the amazing activist who spends her weekends protesting? Sorted.

The commercialization of feminism and feminist-related products is sometimes controversial. No, it isn't really feminist to buy Girl Power tees from stores that don't exactly have ethical business practices, so we've focused here on gifts that are made by women, directly fund the work of women, or come from organizations that support gender equality and aid. Whether your equality-loving mate is a bookish type, a protester, a politician, a crafter, an exercise fiend, a fashionista, or just loves feminism and cats, this selection will have something for them, regardless of age or gender. And yes, you are allowed to buy everything on this list for yourself. Feminists contain multitudes, y'all.


Cats Against Catcalling T-Shirt

Cats Against Catcalling T-Shirt, $30, Feminist Apparel

You know what isn't cool? Catcalling. And felines know that better than most. Nobody hates a catcaller more than a cat just trying to live her own life. Get this shirt for the babe in your life who hates street harassment just as much as she loves her furry friends.


"Dissent Is Patriotic" ACLU Tote

Dissent Tote, $20, ACLU Store

Protesters need to carry their books, wallets, and copies of constitutional rights just like everybody else. Help your activist mate on her next march by providing her with a dissenting tote that also funds the activities of the American Civil Liberties Union.


"Love Is Brave" Water Bottle

Love Is Brave Water Bottle, $22, Bravely

This water bottle comes from Bravely, an organization that raises funds for victims of sexual exploitation and addiction, and which employs women in recovery as part of its workforce. There's nothing more feminist than empowering other women.


"Stronger Than You Believe" Pin

Wonder Woman Pin, $10, Kelly Jennings Store, Etsy

The character of Wonder Woman inspired hundreds of thousands of women this past year, and has been inspiring since long before 2017. Your cosplaying mate who rocked the local Comicon with her rendition of everybody's favorite Amazon will think this inspiring brooch is the best accessory since weapon-deflecting arm bands.


Classroom Supplies Donation, UNHCR

Classroom Supplies, $45, UNHCR Donation

Interested in raising opportunities for girls worldwide? A direct boost is funding classrooms and teacher training so that they get a chance to stay in education, avoid early marriage, and learn valuable skills. This donation to the UN High Commission for Refugees targets the education of particularly vulnerable people: children in refugee camps. Give in a friend's name.


"Feminist Activity Book," Gemma Correll

Feminist Activity Book, $9, Amazon

Gemma Correll is an amazing female artist, which is one good reason to buy her stuff. The activity book is brilliant, which is the second. And don't we all want to do ridiculous activities related to our menstrual cycles and the power of being female? Answer: yes. The book is also published by Seal Press, a publisher with an all-female staff devoted to books by and for women.


"I Am No Bird" Charlotte Brontë Pin

"I Am No Bird" Pin, $10, Rio Store Etsy

Literary lovers unite: this pretty pin with a Brontë quote, made by an independent female artisan in England, is a beautiful accessory for people who love independent fictional female characters (even if the weird patriarchal overtones and seriously problematic politics of Jane Eyre still give us all a bit of pause for thought).


#UnlockFutures Gift, Camfed

#UnlockFutures Donation, Your Chosen Amount, Camfed

Camfed, or the Campaign for Female Education, works specifically on saving young girls and women from child marriage in Africa and keeping them in school. And right now, whatever you donate as a gift will be matched in amount by the UK government — two donations in one.


"Periods Gone Public," Jennifer Weiss-Wolf

Periods Gone Public, $17, Amazon

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf is the menstrual equity expert. Her new book is full of fascinating information about how periods became so taboo, and how we can all work to undo that stigma through making menstrual hygiene products accessible to all. (Bustle is also cited on the book jacket, which, casual.) Get this book for your friend who's obsessed with her menstrual cup.


"Fight Like A Girl" Ankle Socks, Modsock

Fight Like A Girl Socks, $9, Modsock

Sometimes you've just got to wear your feminism on your sleeve. But if your feet are cold, you can also wear it on your feet. And your active, butt-kicking feminist mate will love having these pretty designs, from a woman-owned small business, on her tootsies.


Hope For Sexually Exploited Girls Donation, World Vision

Give Hope For Sexually Exploited Girls Donation, $40-$250, World Vision

World Vision works with victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking worldwide, and a donation to this program means funding things like trauma recovery shelters, food, counseling and vocational training for girls who've escaped or been freed from human trafficking.


"If It Isn't Intersectional It Isn't Feminism" Tank Top, Feminist Apparel

Intersectional Feminism Tank Top, $30, Feminist Apparel

Feminist Apparel finds female artists and puts their designs on rad fashion, which is an excellent excuse to put one of their unisex tanks in a stocking or too. Intersectionality? Yes please.


"The Last Girl: My Story Of Captivity, & My Fight Against Islamic State", Nadia Murad

The Last Girl by Nadia Murad, $18, Amazon

This is likely the most inspiring feminist memoir out this year. Nadia Murad was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her work as a peace activist after being sold into slavery by ISIS in Iraq; she's part of the persecuted Yezidi, who are viewed by ISIS as unbelievers. She managed to escape to Germany in 2015 and has been advocating for the Yezidi ever since. Her memoir, published by women's publisher Virago, is a brutal but necessary read.


"Feminist" Snapback, Wildfang

The Feminist Snapback, $34, Wildfang

The snapback is a classic, and this piece from fashion brand Wildfang both displays feminist principles and actively helps them. 10 percent of the profits of this cap, with its snazzy label on the brim, goes to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.


"If You're Not Outraged You're Not Paying Attention" Notebook, The Outrage x Heather Heyer Foundation

"If You're Not Outraged" Notebook, $6, The Outrage

The Outrage is a brand that puts its money where its mouth is: with every purchase, money goes to a social justice organization. With this notebook, a donation goes to the Heather Heyer Foundation, named for the young activist murdered in Charlottesville. Give it to the friend with a lot of thoughts about progress, human rights, and the future who needs a place to write them all down.


Feminist Sticker Subscription, $3.00 Per Month

Subscription, $3.00 per month, Feminist Sticker Club

If you've got a mate who loves covering things in stickers to testify to her beliefs, then this sticker subscription is a gift worth giving. The Feminist Sticker Club is run by "introverted feminist" Kelly Hinkle, and every month a new sticker is sent to subscribers designed by a young female artist, who are paid for their services. 10 percent of their profits also goes to feminist organizations. Get stickin'.


Women's Numeracy Training, Women For Women International

Numeracy Training Donation, $25, Women For Women Intl

The organization Women For Women International works directly with women worldwide to give them empowering skills and help with education and economic freedom. They've got an array of potential things you can help fund, from school fees to vegetable seeds, but the numeracy training option is particularly important. "In countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 54 percent of the women we serve have had no formal education," they explain, "learning basic numeracy can change their life." Helping these women start and run businesses from the ground up is a great gift from your boss lady friend who already has everything she could want.


"Your Voice, Your Vote: 2016-18 Edition," Martha Burk

Your Voice, Your Vote, $16, Feminist Majority

Political psychologist Burk's manifesto about the stakes for women in current American politics is independently published and available through Feminist Majority, the store connected to the feminist publication Ms Magazine. It's an explainer on why women should care about issues as diverse as the Affordable Care Act and civil rights, and how to use their political clout in an effective way. Get it for a friend who's undergoing her feminist political awakening.


Defiant Five Postcard Set, Feminist Frequency

Defiant Five 5-Postcard Set, $10, Feminist Frequency

This spectacular bit of post comes from the official store for Feminist Frequency, the organization that advocates for better gender representation and treatment in media and popular culture. And the collection of five badasses is seriously cool: it includes computer genius Ada Lovelace, anti-lynching crusader Ida B. Wells, terrifying pirate Ching Shih, Japanese novelist Murasaki Shikibu, and anarchist Emma Goldman. And it's all designed by artist Amora B. Get this set for anybody who loves feminism, history, art, and mail.