19 Genius Inventions On Amazon Every Practical Will Love

I'm a sucker for practical inventions that make your life easier. This is primarily because I am the result of a techie father and an organization-obsessed mother. If something is technologically impressive and does the job of three products (therefore taking up significantly less space), I'm pretty much biologically helpless to resist it.

That being said, the internet took over where my parents left off. It, too, has made me a massive fan of practicality, because it's pretty much the sole reason we're able to go about our daily lives in a constant state of instant satisfaction.

Take Amazon, for example — 15 years ago, you had to go from store to store hoping they had the item you were looking for. If you were lucky enough to find it, they probably only had one model, color, or design in stock. Now, you can instantly search thousands of products, choose the best one for the best price, and have it shipped straight to your door.

Combine the convenience of Amazon with some of the brilliantly practical products I was talking about earlier, and you've got hours of entertainment alongside time saving, space saving, and just downright practical items that could seriously improve your life on a day to day basis.


Two Totally Cordless Vacuums In One

Severin 2-in-1 Rechargeable Vacuum, $124, Amazon

My least favorite part of vacuuming is having to unplug and replug the thing in whenever I move to another room. This Severin 2-in-1 vacuum is lightweight, has a 180-degree swivel joint, and is totally cordless because it’s rechargeable. It works great on hardwood as well as carpets, and features a removable handheld vacuum that fits right in the design.


This Alarm Clock That Will Get You Out Of Bed

Ruggie Alarm Clock, $70, Amazon

You could keep smacking that snooze button, or you could get a Ruggie alarm clock, which needs to sense the weight of your body on it before it'll shut off. It's made of comfortable memory foam, and you can even personalize your alarm sound with your favorite MP3s.


These Batteries That Recharge In Your USB Ports

USBCELL Rechargeable Batteries, $18, Amazon

Tired of buying batteries? These USBCELL rechargeable batteries are fully functional with all your AA-requiring electronics, and plug straight into any USB port so you can reuse them over and over.


This Tiny Speaker That Does It All With Alexa

Amazon Tap, $130, Amazon

I use Alexa for everything from waking me up in the morning and setting meditation alarms to reading me the latest information and ordering an Uber. The Amazon Tap does all of that, as well as plays your favorite playlists in clear, 360-degree sound. It's totally wireless and holds a charge for up to nine hours, and it can sync with your Pandora, Spotify, or Amazon music.


Turn An Arm Rest Into A Side Table

Sofa Arm Rest Tray Table, $49, Amazon

If you need extra surface space in your living room, this sofa tray table is a genius solution. This sleek, handmade design is created with genuine walnut wood, and creates a sturdy platform on any flat surface, great for arm rests, couches, and ottomans.


Never Again Stub Your Toe Getting Out Of Bed At Night

HonestEast Motion Activated Bed Light, $29, Amazon

This two pack of HonestEast bed lights is a great way to ensure safety or add a classy touch to any space. They come in strip form and light up whenever someone approaches, so you can use them when you get out of bed at night, as a cool accent under shelves, or underneath cabinets in the bathroom.


Not Your Average Umbrella

NewSight Umbrella, $24, Amazon

The NewSight Umbrella isn't your average rain apparatus. It has two durable layers so it won't turn inside out, a hands-free C-shaped handle that allows you to text and hold your coffee, and a teepee design that stands on its own when closed. Best of all, it won't track water everywhere once it's been closed because it folds inside out.


Drain Your Dishes Over The Sink To Save Space

Surpahs Over the Sink Dish Rack, $28, Amazon

Whether you're short on counter space or just tired of dish drains that don't actually drain, the Surpahs over the sink rack is an insanely cool kitchen gadget. It's made of sturdy stainless steel that unrolls and sits over just about any size sink, so you can dry dishes, wash vegetables, or even use it as a hot plate. Once you're done, roll it up and store it in a cabinet to preserve space.


This High Tech Notebook So You Never Have To Waste Paper Again

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook, $27, Amazon

For the person who loves to doodle but hates to waste paper, there's the Rocketbook Wave Smart notebook. Even though it uses your standard pen and paper, it instantly sends your notes to Google Docs or Dropbox using an app on your phone. Once you're done, you microwave the notebook to erase the pages so you can start over.


This Simple Way To Organize All Your Keys

Kiartten, $17, Amazon

Instead of a jangling keychain that hits against everything, the Kiartten has a slim minimalist design that can hold up to 12 keys at a time and fits right in your pocket. It's made with durable stainless steel and aluminum, and the key simply flips out when you need it.


This Cute Purse That Also Charges Your Phone

Mighty Purse Wristlet, $100, Amazon

The Mighty Purse wristlet is an awesome little bag on its own, given that it's made from genuine leather and has 35 cute designs to choose from. The built-in 4000mAh backup phone charger, and it's unstoppable. It's compatible with Android phones and iPhones 5 to 7, and it's a great size to hold all your essentials.


This Electric Tea Kettle That Collapses Into A Ball

Useful Electric Collapsible Kettle, $30, Amazon

I'm the type of person who loves a hot cup of tea anywhere, but kettles are notoriously hard to take on-the-go. This electric collapsible kettle from Useful quickly boils your water without a stove and then folds up into a compact ball. It's also got a drip-free spout, a stay-cool handle, and safe stainless steel and silicone construction.


This Lunch Box That Heats Up Your Food For You

Crock-Pot Lunch Warmer, $24, Amazon

This travel-sized Crock-Pot lunch warmer is an awesome way to bring your favorite hot meals to work. It allows you to heat up your food without a microwave, and because the interior pops out and goes in the dishwasher, cleanup is simple, too.


This Car Charger That Also Locates Your Vehicle In Parking Lots

nonda Quick Charge Car Locator, $11, Amazon

Not only does the nonda car locator have two USB ports that plug into your cigarette lighter to charge your devices in no time, but it's also got a built-in tracking device that syncs up to your phone. You can then use the map to find your car in crowded mall parking lots, sports events, and concerts.


Organize Your Life While Improving Your Headspace

The Simple Elephant Planner, $20, Amazon

The Simple Elephant planner uses special prompts and organized sections to help you conceptualize your goals, express gratitude for what you have, and increase your happiness as well as your productivity. "Best planner I have ever used," raves one reviewer. "Great layout, opens flat, great headings, room for everything to be put in the month and week — but small enough to carry everywhere with me."


This Ladder That Maximize Storage Space

mDesign Free Standing Storage Ladder, $30, Amazon

Who couldn't use a little extra closet space? This five-rung storage system is a compact (and pretty!) solution for hanging towels, blankets, and even displaying magazines. It's an especially great option for bathrooms because the steel finish means its rust-proof, too. But, wherever you could use a little extra space, just prop the ladder against a wall, and voila: a chic open-air closet.


See Precisely When Your Bread Is Adequately Toasted

Dash Clear View Toaster, $34, Amazon

Tired of having to interrupt your toast's toasting just to find that it isn't toasted? This Dash Clear View toaster has a little window so you can see when your baked goods are done to your liking. It also has seven browning controls, a safety shut-off, a slide-out crumb tray, and extra wide slots that accommodate everything from bagels to specialty breads.


Get In Your Daily Workout While Answering Emails

DeskCycle, $159, Amazon

If you're one of the many people who gets antsy sitting at their desk all day, the DeskCycle is a great a way to be active while you're answering emails. This bike pedal exerciser is specifically designed to fit under desks as low as 27 inches, and it has display functions, eight resistance speeds, and a quiet pedal motion that won't irritate your coworkers.


This Travel-Friendly Blanket Anytime You Need One

Sand Free Compact Outdoor Blanket, $35, Amazon

A practical person is always prepared, and because the Live Infinitely outdoor blanket fits compactly in its own easy-to-carry bag, you'll never again be without seating options when you're outdoors. It spans over 90 square feet, has five fillable pockets to keep it rooted, and won't trap any sand. It's amazing for beach days, picnics, concerts, or impromptu barbecues.

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