Gifts For Your Father-In-Law On Father's Day

by Kiersten Hickman

Marrying into a new family is certainly not an easy feat. It means getting to not only know someone, but to consider them family and continually try to love them (on top of the whole not really knowing them part). Which is why finding flawless gift ideas for your father-in-law can be immensely challenging. But no worries, I have your back.

The beautiful thing about online shopping is the fact that right here, right now, you can browse and make a decision without having to drive the store. This can actually win you some time in deciphering what would be the perfect gift for your father-in-law without having to figure it out on the fly inside a department store. Yes, online shopping has certainly made an impact on our society, and this is certainly a positive one.

Have a conversation with your spouse to know what your father-in-law truly likes to do. Hiking? Camping? Grilling? Outdoor games? Remodeling cars? Figure out what he loves to do in his free time, and use that information to find a gift that will make sense for his activity of choice.

Now that you have a familiarity of your father-in-law’s favorite activities, here are a few gift ideas to consider when putting something together for Father’s Day this year:

Two-Room Cabin Tent That Fits 10

2 Room 10 Person Cabin Tent, $139, Walmart

Does your father-in-law love to go camping? Well now with his extended family, he deserves a bigger tent!

Personal Lantern

Personal Lantern, $20, Target

To go with that new tent!

Bonfire Food Set

Bonfire Food Set, $17, Target

Gotta have these for some hot dog and marshmallow bonfire moments while out camping with that new tent and lantern!

Auto Wax Wipes

Auto Wax Wipes, $7, Walmart

Is your father-in-law always looking for ways to keep his new car looking fresh? Help him give it a makeover with these simple wax wipes.

Desk Phone Stand

Desk Phone Stand, $10, Amazon

No more having to awkwardly reach for your phone charging in obscure parts of the office! Give him one of these docks to set up right near his computer for an easier charge, grab, and go!

Backpack Cooler

Backpack Cooler, $40, Walmart

Who needs to drag a large cooler to the beach when you can just easily carry it on your back?

Bocce Ball Set

Bocce Ball Set, $47, Target

Every dad loves yard games, right? Well you can’t ever go wrong with a good set of outdoor games to get the family away from the television and outside!

Stainless Steel Mandolin

Stainless Steel Mandolin, $100, Crate & Barrel

This mandolin will make all of his vegetables nice and fancy with a crinkle-cut design! Slicing has never been so easy and fun before now.

Charcoal Grill

Charcoal Grill, $119, Walmart

Has your father-in-law been begging for a new grill? Then it’s the perfect time to splurge on one!

Portable Handheld Fan

Portable Handheld Fan, $18, Amazon

Taking a few trips as a family to the beach this summer? He’s going to totally want one of these!

Grandpa T-Shirt

Grandpa T-Shirt, $10, Target

Just in case you have to make an announcement this Father’s Day...

Speed Spin Combo Fishing Rod

Speed Spin Combo Fishing Rod, $22, Walmart

Fishing fanatic? Add to his collection of fishing rods with this fancy new Hank Parker fishing rod.

Casper Pillow


Casper Pillow, $55-$65, Casper

Give your father-in-law the gift of a great night’s sleep with a fluffy new Casper pillow!

PicoBrew Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

PicoBrew Craft Beer Brewing Appliance, $668, Sam’s Club

If your father-in-law is obsessed with craft beers and you’re looking for an amazing gift to have everyone pitch in for — than this is it. Plus, you get a $100 gift card for future PicoBrew appliances when you purchase it!

Beer Glass

Beer Glass, $7, Crate & Barrel

You can’t get him a craft brewing appliance without a new fancy beer glass, right? Grab a few of these to go with his new favorite kitchen appliance!

Truck Floor Mats

Truck Floor Mats, $28, Walmart

Keep his truck nice and clean with these floor mats — great for to slip out and wipe down for a much cleaner riding experience!

Pizza Grilling Stone

Pizza Grilling Stone, $45, Crate & Barrel

Is your father-in-law always talking about how he wants to make homemade pizza someday? Well this stone is about to make his dreams come true! Perfect for that new grill, this stone simply cooks the pizza right outside. Yum!

Waterproof Speaker

Waterproof Speaker, $17, Amazon

Who could ever deny a good Rolling Stone jam sesh in the shower? Not your father-in-law! Give him what he really wants this Father’s Day — an excuse to sing loud in the shower and annoy your mother-in-law endlessly.

"Best Dad Ever" Hat

"Best Dad Ever" Hat, $13, Target

Make sure to throw in a cheesy card that says “thanks for raising him/her,” because Pinterest.