19 Innovative Shower Products That Make You Feel Fresher For Way Longer

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Showers are all about feeling fresh, right? I've learned over the last week that that isn't always the case. I've been showering in freezing cold water, barely giving myself enough time to really feel clean. That's why when I get home I'm going to look into purchasing some of these innovative shower products that make you feel fresher for way longer.

I want to feel really clean after a month of hopping around the beach (I know, tough life). I want to stand in the shower, with hot, filtered water pouring over my head for more than ten minutes. People always ask me what I miss the most when I'm out traveling for awhile, and right now I can honestly tell you it's feeling fresh after a shower.

I can see it now, my first shower back: I will definitely use a detoxifying body scrub, throw a nice mud mask on my face, use a color-restoring shampoo, and a clarifying conditioner (I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to shave with hot water and real shaving cream). I'm imagining it right now as I wait to use the shower that 15 other people are using in my hostel, and man, it sounds nice. So until then, I will be dreaming about that perfect first shower back and all of the amazing bath products that will make me feel fresher for way, way longer.

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