19 Photos Of Young Carrie Fisher On The 'Star Wars' Set That Will Make You Smile

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Star Wars fans, if you're as devastated over Carrie Fisher's death as the rest of the world, you're probably looking for some kind of a pick-me-up. Some way to remember Fisher for being full of life, despite her tragic death at age 60. So, in honor of the legacy the actor has left, let's take a look back on her humble beginnings. What better way to reflect and reminisce, than to go through pictures of a young Fisher on the Star Wars set? They're sweet and impossibly fun to look at, and it's a way to celebrate her life rather than focus on her passing.

As William Shatner tweeted in honor of Fisher, these photos encompass the "wonderful talent and light" she possessed. Despite the actor's anguish over that light being "extinguished," bringing forth these photos prove that her bright spirit still lingers. And, that it will continue on for years to come. Besides, these pictures show the camaraderie between all those who worked on the Star Wars sets, making the cast, crew, and fandom feel like an extended family more than ever.

As an homage to both Fisher and her portrayal Princess Leia, here are pictures of the actor, rom the Star Wars sets, in her youth:

1. Carrie Having Some Downtime With C-3PO

CBS Photo Archive/CBS/Getty Images
LOS ANGELES - AUGUST 23: Carrie Fisher (as Princess Leia Organa) and Anthony Daniels (as C3PO) star in the CBS television ' THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL.' Image dated August 23, 1978. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

A perfect candid.

2. And With C-3PO Staring Right Into The Camera

CBS Photo Archive/CBS/Getty Images
LOS ANGELES - AUGUST 23: THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL. Carrie Fisher (as Princes Leia) and Anthony Daniels (as C3PO) . Image dated August 23, 1978. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

Probably in awe of Fisher, as are we all.

3. This Adorable Cuddle Session Between A Plain Clothes Leia And Chewie

CBS Photo Archive/CBS/Getty Images
Promotional portrait of American actress Carrie Fisher as she sits on the lap of British actor Peter Mayhew, in costume as Chewbacca, on the set of 'Classic Creatures: Return of the Jedi' (directed by Robert Guenette), a documentary about the second film in the Star Wars saga that focuses on variety of unusual beings that populate the film's world; the program was originally broadcast on November 21, 1983. (Photo by CBS Photo Archive/Hulton Archive)

Friends forever.

5. An Incomparable Action Shot

Just a little slice of behind-the-scenes movie magic.

6. Brother-Sister Bonding Time

A picture most definitely worth a thousand words.

7. Princess Leia Looking At Han Solo Like He Hung The Moon

The galaxy's best couple.

8. The Terrific Trio Just Hanging Out

Over a glass of fruit punch.

9. Carrie Taking Direction From George Lucas

No big deal.

10. A Family Pic That Would've Even Made Darth Vader Proud

So stinkin' cute.

11. Oh, And These Too

Luke and Leia <3.

12. Carrie & Mark Hamill Not Taking Their Stunts Too Seriously

It's obvious that the great rapport between the actors behind the scenes bled onto the screen in the best way.

13. As It Turns Out, Even Badass Princesses Get Tired, Too

Keeping the galaxy from ruin is exhausting.

14. This Is Just The Cutest

Little did Billy Dee Williams know that he'd be immortalized in a set photo, drinking a cup of coffee, as his co-star squealed with glee.

15. Carrie Trying To Be Super Low Key

Always awesome and unfailingly unique.

16. These Vintage Polaroid Shots Show Off Carrie's Beauty

Simply gorgeous.

17. Princess Leia Kicking Back With A Soda

So nonchalant in her space outfit.

18. More On Set Snuggles With The Cast

The cast clearly cared for one another.

19. Finally, I Leave You With This Stormtrooper Snap

Because it just goes to show how much everyone loved her, no matter what.

As these pictures show, Carrie Fisher's force is still with us.