19 Puppy Chow Recipes That Will Satisfy Any Afternoon Snack Craving

There’s nothing like a plastic bag full of puppy chow to alleviate those unavoidable 3 p.m. hunger pangs. That sugary deliciousness is exactly the type of pick-me-up I look for when I need something sweet, especially if I'm at work. The peanut butter and chocolaty goodness has always been my go-to dessert flavors and puppy chow has it all. But, if you’re not into chocolate and peanut butter, there’s actually so many other puppy chow recipes to try.

I listed 19 different recipes below for your next puppy chow adventure. Sure, you could make the original, but there’s also other great flavors including red velvet, mint, chai, cinnamon, cookies & cream, carrot cake, s’mores, and even mocha cappuccino. There’s even a pink lemonade flavor that is so intriguing, I think I might attempt making it this weekend. Every puppy chow recipe has the similar basics — Chex cereal and powdered sugar are the two most common ingredients in all of these recipes. So, if you're looking to make some puppy chow of your own, make sure you stock up on a bunch of cereal and sugar before getting started.

So whether you need a delicious snack during work, or a new recipe to try for your college bake sale, these puppy chow recipes will have people screaming for more. Literally, screaming, because they are just so good.


Savory Sweet Life

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with the original puppy chow recipe, like this one by Savory Sweet Life.

Red Velvet

Your Cup of Cake

Everything is great with red velvet, right? Try this recipe by Your Cup of Cake.

Dark Chocolate & Nutella

The Kitchn

Nutella! Can't go wrong. Check the recipe on The Kitchn.

Andes Mint

Your Cup of Cake

If you’re into mint and chocolate, try this recipe by Your Cup of Cake.


Your Cup of Cake

Your Cup of Cake is killing it with these puppy chow recipes, like this Butterfinger one!


Dessert Now, Dinner Later

Miss the holiday season? Make a batch of this gingerbread puppy chow by Dessert Now, Dinner Later.

Brownie Batter

Mel's Kitchen

Use a box of brownie mix with this recipe by Mel's Kitchen.


A Spicy Perspective

Are you totally obsessed with Chai tea? Then pair it with this puppy chow by A Spicy Perspective.

Peanut Butter Cup

Inside Bru Crew LIfe

Mix this puppy chow by Inside Bru Crew Life with some Reese’s pieces for a delicious peanut buttery combination.

White Chocolate Vanilla Peanut Butter

Averie Cooks

If you’re more of a white chocolate kind of person, try this recipe by Averie Cooks.

Cookies & Cream

Your Cup of Cake

I used to be obsessed with Oreos and milk after school, so this recipe by Your Cup of Cake is taking me back.

Mocha Cappuccino

Inside Bru Crew Life

Anything with coffee is a winter in my book, like this puppy chow by Inside Bru Crew Life.


Your Cup of Cake

Longing for campfires and gooey s’mores? This puppy chow by Your Cup of Cake will take you to that moment.


Damn Delicious

A simple puppy chow recipe by Damn Delicious if you’re looking for something a bit easier.

Pink Lemonade

Something Swanky

This recipe by Something Swanky is seriously intriguing, I have to try it.

Chocolate Caramel Apple

Your Cup of Cake

For all of you who love that caramel apple season in the fall, this puppy chow recipe by Your Cup of Cake is for you.

Cookie Butter

Ari's Menu

Anyone else obsessed with Cookie Butter? Because you’re about to be even more obsessed with this recipe by Ari’s Menu.

Cream Cheese Carrot Cake

Something swanky

I’m not a huge carrot cake fan, but this recipe by Something Swanky does sound pretty good.

Salted Chocolate With Pretzels

Your Cup of Cake

And to finish it off, this delicious salty and sweet recipe by Your Cup of Cake will be living in my daydreams all month long.