19 "Stella" Blizzard Memes To Entertain You During Your Snow Day

Scott Eisen/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There's a winter storm named Stella poised to batter the East Coast early Tuesday, and already Twitter is responding in kind. No, not with heavy winds or precipitation exactly — the Twitterverse is battering you with memes. Stella the storm is no laughing matter, but given the famous scene from A Streetcar Named Desire when Marlon Brando yells out "Stella!", there's obvious material to make light of the matter. These are plenty of Stella blizzard memes that honor both the storm and the movie scene — plus a few honoring the way you'll spend your Tuesday.

But it's not just a laughing matter. There's also the very real predictions of about 18 inches of snow in the New York City area, as well as gusting winds that could reach 50 m.p.h. in the city and as much as 75 m.p.h. in other parts of the Northeast like Boston. That could make it a historic winter storm, complete with bombogenesis, a rapid intensifying of the already strong storm as Stella's center reaches the ocean. A rapid change in pressure could cause these strong winds as well as even lightning.

So for now, enjoy the Twitter memes. If you find yourself locked inside for the next several days — and without a sufficient supply of snacks — you may well find yourself reenacting Brando's Stella scream.

1) Some Saw It Coming

With a name like that, the memes are a bit predictable.

2) The Original Scene Meme

Stephen Colbert got Brando's performance in his meme.

3) But It Has Already Been Parodied

It's one of the most parodied scenes, even before storms were named "Stella."

4) 'Gilmore Girls' & A Pop Culture Reference?

You must have known there would be one.

5) Others Were Original

Hopefully your super has the radiators on full blast.

6) And There's The Food Issue Too

Have you stocked up?

7) And, Well, Not Just Food

New York priorities, most definitely.

8) Let's Hope It Doesn't Come To This

One day of snow surely won't be a problem.

9) Could You Bring Yourself To Shop?

This makes it look easy.

10) Because If You Didn't...

It could become a problem. A hunger problem.

11) The Liquid Diet Is Also An Option

It's like a snow day for adults.

12) Walking Outside Like

You don't want to do that.

13) Or You'll End Up Like

Yes, poor Al.

14) Which Is Arguably Better Than

Yes, I'd rather be frozen Al Gore.

15) Unless The White House Makes The Storm Go Away

Weather forecasts are fake news?

16) The Road Signs Never Lie

"Lizzards," though?

17) That's More Like It

It is a weather bomb...

18) Ultimately It's All Good, Unless

Let them know you won't be in. Don't joke around.

19) Just Breathe Nice And Slow

If you're working from home, this should not be happening to you. Relax, scream out "Stella!!" if you have to, and enjoy the pretty white snow. Today you can enjoy it.

Tomorrow you'll be walking through it. Expect many more memes as people do.