19 Things Under $100 At Wayfair You Can't Resist Buying

by Megan Grant

Decorating your home is deceptively difficult. You look on Pinterest, find a cool photo, and you're all, "Yeah. I can do that. No problemo." Then you inevitably make two discoveries: (1) your home will never look that nice, and (2) you can't afford anything you see on Pinterest. Good news, though: there are countless things under $100 at Wayfair to decorate every inch of your home, and they all look more expensive than they really are.

Also, let's talk about the Room Ideas feature Wayfair offers. Browse inspiration for your bedroom, bathroom, and beyond. Wayfair shows you ready-to-go themes, and they link to every object in the room — all of which, of course, are items for sale on the website. It's like having an interior decorate glam your home up, except way, way cheaper. With the help of Wayfair, you can make all your Pinterest-worthy home decor dreams come true.

Exploring the site is a full weekend adventure. You need to sit down with a snack and a cocktail, get cozy, and spend a couple days (at least) perusing their options. But if you already know you're on a budget and want to see things that fall within your price range, here are just 19 buys under $100.


Sparkly Table Lamp

Canonbury 8" Table Lamp, $80, Willa Arlo Interiors

If you want your home to feel a little #extra, you need this crystal ball-shaped table lamp. Switch it on and it positively glows.


Oval Wall Mirror

Alissa Accent Baroque Oval Wall Mirror, $50, Viv + Rae

Take your mirror selfies to the next level. This ornate mirror will look fantastic hanging in any room.


Rose Floral Planter

Rose and Maiden Hair in Floral Planter, $63, Lark Manor

Fresh flowers are always nice; but, you know, they die and stuff. With this gorgeous artificial flower arrangement, your home can always be in bloom.


Shaggy Pillow

Becky Mongolian Fur Throw Pillow, $97, Zipcode Design

Everybody needs a shaggy fur pillow somewhere in their home. This one is a winner, and let's be honest: it probably feels heavenly.


Chunky Blanket

Chenille Chunky Cable Knit Throw, $32, Brielle

The only way that shaggy fur pillow can get any better is if you bury yourself under this chunky knit throw. Add some Netflix and a bit of vino, and your weekend is all planned out.


Table Vase Set

Stoneware Table Vase Set, $27, Willa Arlo Interiors

Whatever it is, if it comes in a set, it automatically gets 10 extra cool points. These vases will look divine holding plants or all on their own.


Towel Warmer

Free Standing Towel Warmer, $90, LCM Home Fashions

Imagine not freezing to death when you step out of the shower. That's what a towel warmer does for you. It's like jumping into a pile of fresh laundry straight from the dryer. WIN.


16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Tequesta 16 Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4, $61, Gibson

Four table settings for less than $100? That's a bargain. They look pretty fancy, too — how nice is that glossy finish? Your dinner guests will love it.


Reed Diffuser

Heritage Bay Cottage Reed Diffuser, $27, Chesapeake Bay Candle

Essential oils are good for you, and they make your home smell like happiness and sunshine — instead of dog and dirty laundry.



Green Succulent Garden, $41, Zipcode Design

They might look simple and understated, but succulents add a nice pop of color and help bring life to the interiors of your home.


7-Piece Comforter Set

Benjamin 7 Piece Comforter Set, $67, Willa Arlo Interiors

This comes in a variety of colors, it looks ridiculously comfy, and let's talk about these pillows. How amazing are these pillows?


Iron Lantern

Large Contemporary Iron Lantern, $42, Three Posts

While their display is decorated for the holidays, know that these lanterns are suitable year round! Light a few candles inside, or decorate them with some kind of plant or ornament.


Flowered Shower Curtain

Decorative Shower Curtain, $53, Daniels Bath

If heaven has bathrooms, they probably have this shower curtain. This design is all kinds of flower power.


Computer Desk Chair

Shrum Chrome Adjustable Air Lift Office Mid-Back Desk Chair, $60, Wrought Studio

There's a reason I sit on a dining room chair in my office, and it's because computer desk chairs are so dang expensive. Not this one, though — and the sleek design looks oh-so professional.


Vintage Garbage Can

Vintage 2.25 Gallon Waste Basket, $50, Creative Scents

Garbage bins tends to be such an eyesore; but this receptacle puts a pretty spin on your trash.


Make-Up Organizer

5 Drawer Cosmetic Organizer, $37, Rebrilliant

If you're a make-up lover, this will bring a tear to your winged-eyeliner eyes.


Ladder Bookcase

Ladder Bookcase, $55, ClosetMaid

This doesn't only hold your books, although that's a great start. Add other decor like potted plants, candles, and mirrors.


Shower Head And Wand

2.5 GPM Rainfall 2 Piece Jet Shower Head and Handheld Shower Wand Set, $40, AKDY

Now you can impress your friends by telling them you shower in rainfall every morning. How fancy are you?


Garden Fairy

The British Reading Fairy Statue, $90, Design Toscano

Wouldn't it be nice to have a little friend watching over your garden? I wonder what she's reading...