19 Travel Gadgets For Your Next Big Adventure

by Kiersten Hickman

I know going on an adventure is exciting and fun, but I have to admit that packing for an adventure is what really gets me pumped up. Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved packing up a bag for whatever laid ahead — even if it was just a weekend staying with the grandparents. To this day, I’m fascinated that someone can pack so little to live off of for a few days at a time, often thanks the best gadgets and tools to make life away from home a little bit easier. Which is why having a few of the top travel gadgets is vital to my travel experience.

Although my apartment is sometimes in disarray after a busy week, I have always appreciated having a thoroughly organized system for any aspect of my life. Whether it be my apartment, closet, to-do list, or even my suitcase, I create methods to make my life a little bit easier. So on top of finding some of the best travel gadgets in the game, you’ll come across a few suitcase organizers that will help you during your next vacation — like laundry bags to separate your smelly socks, or tablet cases that hold all of your carry-on necessities.

So take note of what your next adventure entails to figure out what you’ll need (like a charging adapter if you’re heading to Europe), and make sure you have it from the list below!

Worldwide Travel Charger

Worldwide Travel Charger, $18, Amazon

When I made my first trip to Europe I was overcome with a shock that I couldn’t describe — outlets that are not even close to what I use back home! I had to buy one of these puppies for my journey, and trust me, they are so worth having.

Magnet Earphone Winder

Magnet Earphone Winder, $7, MochiThings

Perfect for the world wanderer who loves to listen to music on their journey! This little earphone winder will hold your long earphone wires together so you don’t get all tangled up when sitting on the airplane for hours on end.

Digital Luggage Scale

Digital Luggage Scale, $19, Amazon

Do you love to buy souvenirs when you travel? Or maybe a ton of new clothes? Same — which is why having one of these is prime for your next journey ahead. No more having to weigh yourself with a suitcase and doing all of that math to figure it out, or hoping for the best at the airport only to find out that you have to downsize your checked bag. Bring one of these along and you are good to shop!

Smartphone Photo Printer

Smartphone Photo Printer, $150, Urban Outfitters

Love putting photos in a scrapbook, but hate having to carry around one of those Instax cameras around with you? Print out your favorite photos from the day with this easy and portable printer!

Go Clean Laundry Bag

Flight 001 Go Clean Laundry Bag, $22, Amazon

I will admit to having one of these to-go laundry bags and I love it! It helps to separate all of my dirty laundry from the trip to my clean laundry, keeping the rest of my clothes smelling fresh. This is especially an essential travel gadget if you are going on a trip that requires some physical activity!

Travel Door Alarm

Travel Door Alarm, $12, Target

Heading to a country that is unfamiliar, and feeling a little bit nervous about it? This little gadget can help keep you safe! Connect it to the door at night, and the alarm will go off if someone tries to open the door.

Garment Steamer

Conair Garment Steamer, $30, Target

No more having to rock the wrinkles thanks to your tightly packed suitcase! This steamer will assist you in all of those wrinkles so your clothes look good-as-new for your day adventure ahead.

Better Together Solid Wallet

Better Together Solid Wallet, $40, MochiThings

Need a place to organize all of your bullet journaling supplies, your e-reader, passport, and even a few credit cards? This little pouch is the perfect place for all of those necessities! Keep your bag nice and neat by placing all of your necessary airport items in one space.

Reusable Rubber Gear Tie

Reusable Rubber Gear Tie (4-Pack), $3, Amazon

Even thinking about how many total minutes you have spent uncoiling all of your headphone and charging wires while traveling could quite possibly make you sick to your stomach. Save time and energy this upcoming vacation with a set of these rubber gear ties, keeping your carry-on bag wire-knot free!

Personal CD Player

Personal CD Player, $38, Urban Outfitters

Still haven’t left the '90s? Kind of wish people were still carrying around CD players? Set a trend on your next vacation with a new personal CD player! Bring some of your favorite CD’s along and rock out to your favorite tunes.

Square Alarm Clock

Square Alarm Clock, $15, Flight 001

Are you heading on a journey where you just want to unplug from all technology? Or maybe you’re going camping and technology just isn’t going to be a reality? This alarm clock will certainly come in handy when trying to keep on a schedule!

Waterproof Tablet Case

Waterproof Tablet Case, $13, Amazon

Taking a beach vacation? This waterproof case will protect your tablet if you plan on reading or scrolling through Instagram pool-side!

Travel Water Bottle

S'well Travel Water Bottle, $28, Amazon

Looking for a to-go cup that can keep your water cool and your coffee hot? Grab one of these bad boys for the road! This bottle can hold your coldest of drinks for up to 24 hours, and keeps your coffee or tea hot for 12.

Simple Toiletry Bag

Simple Toiletry Bag, $44, MochiThings

This bag may not particularly be a gadget, but with all oft hose pockets and organizing tools, it very well could be! Get all of your toiletries organized for an easier bathroom experience. No more having to dig for your eyeliner, or even getting all of your makeup wet with a wet toothbrush thanks to the added toothbrush mesh pouch!

Portable Phone Charger

Portable Phone Charger, $20, Amazon

Always taking photos when you’re traveling, ending up with a phone with only 10 percent battery left halfway through your day? Have one of these on hands to save you from that travel! Plus, this portable charger works for both Apple and Android products! Perfect for all of your friends who hate the fact that no one ever has an Android charger on them.

Charger Pouch

Charger Pouch, $10, MochiThings

Have a little bit of time to sit in a café while your phone charges? You can easily organize all of your charging cords in this charger pouch — which can hold any of your USB cords, even a laptop charger! Perfect for rainy days sipping cappuccinos in tiny little cafés.

Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker, $60, Amazon

Going on a heavily active adventure, but don’t want to wear a hideous fitness tracker to track all of your steps? This wireless tracker is perfect for your needs! Attach it to the pocket of your jeans and let it track your activity for the day, sinking either to your computer or selected mobile devices!

First Aid Pouch

First Aid Pouch, $24, MochiThings

Planning a hiking adventure? Than you may want to have one of these on hand! This first aid pouch will fit all of your day-trip necessities including bandages, medicine, tape, Neosporin, lotion, hand wipes, and much more.

Wireless Speaker

Wireless Speaker, $45, Amazon

Nothing like having some tunes in your hotel room after a fun day of exploring! This wireless speaker either works via Bluetooth, or connects right to your phone!