19 Weird But Genius Items On Amazon That Are Sure To Sell Out

Amazon has quickly become my favorite place to shop online — and it seems like I'm not the only one who appreciates the convenience of buying everyday staples alongside, well, everything else. People flock to the site, not only to get toiletries and beauty products but anything their heart desires — because if it exists, you can probably buy it on Amazon. This gives way to some pretty weird products on Amazon. But some of those same strange items are also so genius they're sure to sell out — because honestly, who isn't gonna snatch up a pancake-making robot the first chance they get?

And that's why I love Amazon so much. Not only can you literally find whatever you need there, but you're also going to find things you didn't even know you needed. It's a one-stop-shopping site, that makes life so much easier (seriously, you can buy clothing, food, gadgets, beauty products, and more, all in one place). And if you're looking for a water bottle that doubles as a pillbox, a portable charger shaped like a cat, an umbrellas designed for your dog, or out-of-this-world lollipops, Amazon has you covered there, too. Sure, those items may seem strange, but — admit it — they also sound kind of genius.

1. Get A Taste Of The Galaxy With Cool Lollipops


Sparko Sweets Planet Designs Lollipops, $22, Amazon

Amazon reviewers say that these hand-crafted, galaxy-themed gourmet lollipops look as stunning as they taste. And with flavors like strawberry kiwi, guava, cherry, and melon we're apt to believe them. They come in a set of ten and the available flavors change frequently.

2. Make Coffee On The Go With Ease


MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker, $60, Amazon

I literally just saw this genius contraption on my Facebook newsfeed. My friend who loves coffee posted it, and it looks so cool (and convenient). It's the most compact espresso machine on the market right now, making it the perfect portable option for coffee lovers on the go. The best part about it though, is that it requires no electricity (which most espresso machines need). All you need is hot water, and voilà, you have café-quality espresso.

3. Safety Scissors That Never Rust


Slice 10544 Ceramic Scissors, $30, Amazon

A popular item on Amazon’s Launchpad (the page where you can shop from all the hottest new startups), these never rust ceramic scissors need to find a home in your kitchen drawer. They’re safer than metal scissors, super lightweight and ergonomic. Use them to cut through paper, cardboard, fishing wire, Kevlar, and even food.

4. Give Your Toothbrush A Deep Clean


Violife VIO100 Toothbrush Sanitizer and Storage System, $40, Amazon

This toothbrush storage system is not your average toothbrush cup. Yes, it stores your brush (up to four at a time) but it also claims to give kill 99 percent of bacteria with ultraviolet light. Just pop your toothbrush in after brushing, hit the button, and after a ten minute sanitizing session your brush should be germ-free.

5. Create Art With Your Pancake Batter


PancakeBot, $296, Amazon

This might just be the coolest thing I have ever seen. The PancakeBot is actually a pancake printer that can dispense batter directly onto a griddle in whatever shape you want. All you do is upload a design to your SD card, insert it into the machine, and watch it do its magic. You can either use the PancakePainter software to design your own pancake or you can find an image in the website's database.

6. Keep Your Feet Super Moisturized With An Exfoliating Foot Mask


Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel, $25, Amazon

You probably use masks and exfoliators to keep your skin smooth and moisturized, so why not treat your feet, too? This foot peel uses all-natural extracts that removes dead skin within a week, leaving them soft as a baby’s. Yes, seeing your foot skin shed off like a snake's is kind of gross, but it’s totally worth it, and this mask helps with odor, athlete’s foot, blood circulation, and more.

7. A Water Bottle That Stores Your Vitamins And Medications


Asobu Water Bottle With Built-In Daily Pill Box, $16, Amazon

For anyone who takes a daily vitamin or a prescription medication, you know the struggle of being stuck without a glass of water when its time to take your pill. This bottle with a built-in pill box aims to fix that. It's one of those simple inventions that seems so obvious, but can also be a life-changer.

8. Always Sleep On The Cool Side Of The Pillow


8th Team Cooling Pillow Mat, $7, Amazon

If you're a chronic midnight pillow-flipper, like myself, then you'll be interested in this cooling mat. A slim, gel mat that is (as the name implies) cool to the touch, and it fits over or under your pillow case to provide you a more comfortable night sleep. It's recommended for headaches, migraines, summer sleeping, hot flashes, night sweats, neck pain, and fevers.

9. A Set Of High Quality, Affordable Brushes


EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brush Set, $12, Amazon

Who says you have to break the bank to get a set of high quality makeup brushes? This affordable set, is made with super soft synthetic fibers, and comes with every brush you’d ever need to use. It has a foundation brush, several eyeshadow brushes, powder brush, eyelash brush, kabuki brush and more.

10. An Air Purifying, Deodorizing, Dehumidifying Charcoal Bag


California Home 200g Activated Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Natural, Air Purifying Bags, Dehumidifier (4 Pack), $20, Amazon

This bag is your one-and-done answer to smelly gym bags, bathrooms, shoes, even your car. Just toss the bag in, near, or next to whatever you need deodorized, purified, or dehumidified and let the bag to the rest. It's supposed works for up to two years and this pack has you covered with four bags.

11. Rest Easy With A Breathable Sleep Mask


PLEMO Velvet Sleep Mask, $7, Amazon

I'm a huge fan of sleep masks. I find them incredibly convenient for all aspects of travel: planes, long bus rides, hotels, hostels, and so on. But sometimes they bother my eyes. This mask is great because it's velvet soft and designed to conform to the shape of your face (plus block out the light), but doesn't actually touch your eyes.

12. Whiten Teeth Without Worrying About Sensitivity


Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Natural, $25, Amazon

I could never use whitening kits because my teeth are very sensitive. But this charcoal whitening powder is revolutionary. It’s better for sensitive teeth because it’s made with natural charcoal, coconut oil, bentonite, and orange seed oil, and is an effective way to whiten your teeth. The fun to use powder isn’t made with any harsh chemicals or bleach, so your mouth stays safe.

13. Make The Air In Your Car Fresher


AromatherapyCar Oil Diffuser With 7 Colorful LED Lights, $19, Amazon

Pop this tiny humidifier into the USB port of your car to make air fresher. It will help protect you from cold and flu germs and save your skin from getting cracked in the dry winter air. You can also mix in essential oils to distribute the aroma of your choice and it lights up in a variety of colors that make for a soothing night drive. It automatically shuts off after three or six hours, depending on the setting, or when the water runs out.

14. An Odd Looking Whisk That Works Better Than Traditional Ones


Silicone Ball Whisk, $15, Amazon

This silicone ball whisk doesn't look like any whisk you've seen, and that's why it's great. It won't get any batter or flour stuck in the center of the whisk, making for easy mixing. The silicone ball attachments can withstand high heat, and the whole thing is dishwasher safe.

15. A Personal Oil Diffuser To Help You Relax


Essential Oil Diffuser Riverock, $25, Amazon

If you feel that a full-size aromatherapy diffuser is too much for you, then you should check out this little rock version. It may be be small but it can run for four to five hours, and you can use it with your favorite essential oils. It's great because it doesn't take up that much space and it can be easily transported so you can take it to the office or pack it when you go on vacation.

16. Charge Your Phone On The Go With A Dog Battery


EMIE Compact Portable Dog Charger, $20, Amazon

This cute little dog is actually an external power bank. It's smaller than an iPhone and can be used to charge your devices up to four times (depending on the gadget). It's really light so can be easily tossed into your bag or pocket for charging on the go. One user said, "OMG this has to be the cutest charger ever!"

17. Never Drop A Cord Again


Desk Cable Clips (Set Of Two), $8, Amazon

Make it easier to stay organized with cable clips. These are curved to fit around your desk or table. They can fit up to three cables inside the slots so you’ll never misplace or drop a cord again.

18. Tackle All Your Skin Woes With Sheet Masks


Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet (16 Pack), $8, Amazon

Sheet masks are all the rage right now. And these Korean sheet masks are not only a great value, but they’re also going to help your skin in several different ways. This set comes with 16 different kinds of facial masks. Whichever one you choose to use, your skin will be left moisturized, relaxed, and clear. And, they contain vitamin E and collagen which will give you a gorgeous glow.

20. Massage Your Scalp As You Shampoo


Ronelcos Hair Scalp Brush Massager, $9, Amazon

This brush is meant to be used in the shower to massage shampoo into the hair — and while it does that, it stimulates blood flow to the scalp, strengthening hair at the roots and adding shine. Besides that, the silicone bristles feel really nice, too.

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