19 Weird But Genius Things On Amazon Every…

It seems the older I get, the more I value practicality. Or maybe I need to stop watching documentaries about minimalism. Either way, nothing thrills me more than practical yet clever gifts that solve real problems.

While my space used to be filled to the brim with useless knick-knacks and (this is embarrassing) my collection of porcelain sea turtles, those are quickly getting replaced by genius gadgets and products that tackle tons of things at once. Actually, if it doesn't help make my day-to-day life run a little more smoothly, I don't want it taking up room on my shelves. Bonus points if it lights up, displays the time, and charges my cell phone simultaneously.

If you, too, value efficiency, then Amazon is an incredible place to shop. The selection is extensive, the reviews are really helpful, the categories are endless, and the technology is often pretty advanced. In other words, as soon as a new and innovative item hits the shelves, odds are it'll be available here. Whether you're an extremely practical person, or you're shopping for someone who hates clutter and loves functional gifts, check out these weird but genius products for people who appreciate efficiency and usefulness above all else.


Fry Food Without Getting Hot Oil Everywhere

Frywall 10 Ultimate Splatter Protection, $22, Amazon

The Frywall 10 Ultimate Splatter Protection is a BPA-free silicone guard that fits any 10-inch pan to stop splatter, oil condensation, and spillover. It can be used with temperatures up to 450 degrees, and it’s an awesome way to boil sauce, sauté a lot of veggies at once, or fry food without making a huge mess all over your stove.


Mount Your Device Hands-Free Anywhere

AboveTEK Aluminum Gooseneck iPad Holder, $39, Amazon

Everyone could use an extra hand from time to time. Thea AboveTEK aluminum gooseneck iPad holder is a durable clip-on stand that holds most tablets and even some phones. It's got an adjustable flexible neck and is wonderful for watching Netflix in bed, following a recipe while you're cooking, or using multiple screens during work.


Block Out Sound And Light Simultaneously

AGPtEK Sleep Headphones Eye Mask, $25, Amazon

Ideal for the traveler and the sleeper who needs to tune out, there's the AGPtEK sleep headphones eye mask. It blocks out light with its lightweight and breathable eye mask, and it has a built-in HD audio speaker to listen to your favorite playlist, white noise tracks, or podcast as you drift off.


The Planner That Boosts Productivity And Helps You Reach Your Goals

The Panda Planner, $27, Amazon

The Panda Planner is widely considered one of the most practical and effective organizational planners, but it also uses scientific strategies to promote happiness, gratitude, and goal achievement. The guided journals even help limit procrastination, and it comes equipped with free e-books and a video course. Needless to say, reviewers are really excited: “The combination of the philosophy behind it, and the terrific execution, makes this the best planner I've ever owned.”


This Little Acorn That's Actually A Travel-Friendly Bluetooth Speaker

JS Portable Mini Wireless Bluetooth Nut Speaker, $14, Amazon

You never know when you'll need a little extra boost of sound. The JS Portable nut speaker is tiny, durable, travel-friendly, and Bluetooth enabled. Reviewers say it's surprisingly loud and great for playing music, amplifying the sound on movies, and even hands-free calls because it's got a built-in microphone.


This Phone Charger That Clips Onto Your Key Ring

Avantree Handy Phone Keychain, $20, Amazon

Always find yourself in need of a phone charger? The Avantree handy phone keychain flips open to give you charging and syncing capabilities wherever you are. One side is a USB and the other is a charger (compatible with all iPhones newer than the 5). Best of all, because it clips right onto your keys and comes in a set of two, you'll never leave it behind.


Thaw Your Food Faster With This Genius Plate

Windaze 3 in 1 Functional Fast Thawing Plate, $20, Amazon

The Windaze 3 in 1 functional fast thawing plate allows you to defrost your food quickly, easily, and without any metals or harmful chemicals. The specially designed tray absorbs heat from the air and transfers it straight to your food. Additionally, the multi-functional design can also be used to catch drippings and wash vegetables. Best of all, you can put it in the dishwasher for simple clean-up.


Clear Up Some Closet Space With These Innovative Shoe Organizers

Stargoods Shoe Slots Organizer (6 Pack), $22, Amazon

Get double the storage with this six pack of Stargoods shoe slots organizers, which allow you to stack pairs on top of each other in a neat and hygienic way. They can be used to organize existing shelves, cabinets, or your closet floor, and since they’re easy to use and easy to clean, reviewers are saying, “best shoe organizer and space saver; you will love these.”


Stop Wasting Paper With This Notebook-Style Whiteboard

Nu Board Memo Size, $15, Amazon

If you're a doodler, to-do lister, or note taker, but you hate wasting paper, the Nu Board memo size is the answer. It comes with eight pages of whiteboard material and a maker with an eraser, so you can doodle away and reuse the pages when you're done.


A Great Cup Of Coffee Without The Need For A Plug

STARESSO Espresso Coffee Maker, $49, Amazon

Maybe it's just my imagination, but productive people and coffee seem to go hand in hand. This STARESSO espresso coffee maker lets you make coffee, espresso, and even cappuccinos on the go and without electricity or batteries. It's all hand-operated, and according to reviewers, "Coffee tasted even better than usual coffee places."


Fill In That Gap Between Your Seat And Center Console

Drop Stop, $20, Amazon

The Drop Stop is one of those items that never crossed your mind, but you then wonder how you ever lived without it. It's an incredible Shark Tank invention that fills in the gap between your seat and center console to stop food, change, your phone, and your glasses from falling down there. It comes with two that universally fit every car, and it even has a hole for the seat belt catch.


Brew Smooth Iced Coffee Right In Your Travel Mug

DRIPO Cold Brew Portable Barista Iced Coffee Maker, $24, Amazon

Make, serve, and store your coffee, all in this DRIPO cold brew portable barista iced coffee maker. Unlike other systems that can take up to 24 hours, this one gives you an incredible cup of iced coffee (without the bitter oils and acids) in 90 minutes. It’s also lightweight, BPA-free, and has its own travel mug built right in.


This Crazy Knife Uses Your Body Heat To Warm Up Butter For Easier Spreading

THAT! Warming Butter Knife, $16, Amazon

Made from material that uses the warmth from your body to conduct heat, the THAT! warming butter knife lets you easily cut into butter that just came from the fridge. It doesn’t use batteries or electricity, and it’s designed for comfortable handling, so you can spread your butter without struggle every time.


This Backup Flashlight And Phone Charger For Sticky Situations

iRonsnow Dynamo Emergency Solar Handheld Radio, $25, Amazon

The handheld radio is an incredible gift for any practical person, whether they're a camper or just a prepared driver. You can recharge it or wind it up, and it has a built-in flashlight and an emergency phone charger as well.


The Most Practical Way To Track Your Nutrition

Greater Goods Food Scale and Nutritional Facts Display, $40, Amazon

The Greater Goods food scale and nutritional facts display is a kitchen staple for nutrition enthusiasts and health fans. It gives you accurate measurements when weighing your food and has the facts for up to 2,000 foods right at your fingertips. It's also sleek, durable, and really easy to clean.


These Brilliant Suitcase Organizers Make Packing Easier

Packing Cubes by Bingonia Travel Accessories (5pc), $27, Amazon

These genius Packing Cubes help you organize your clothing and save space in your suitcase. This set of five comes in varying sizes, all made from high-quality materials, and have a reliable zipper as well as a mesh top for visibility. They also let you access the stuff underneath without upsetting your whole suitcase. “They kept things perfectly folded and in place,” says one reviewer. “In a hotel, I just put the cube packed in the drawer and use things as I need them.”


This Speaker, Lamp, And Alarm All In One

LIGHTSTORY LED Bedside Lamp, $43, Amazon

The LIGHTSTORY LED bedside lamp isn't your average reading light. It's got a touch-activated LED, a Bluetooth speaker, color-changing dimmable options, a clock, an alarm, and a sleep timer all in one. It's also totally rechargeable and powered by any USB port.


Fix Your Broken Electronics At Home

Silverhill Tools iPhone Repair Kit, $11, Amazon

Quit heading to the Apple store every time something on your phone breaks! The Silverhill Tools iPhone repair kit comes with 20 pieces (including screwdrivers, L-keys, a SIM adaptor kit, and more) to help with battery changes, screen replacements, and basic tinkering. It can be used on tablets and laptops as well, and it’s a great value.


Carry Around A Blanket That Fits In Your Pocket

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket, $20, Amazon

Always be prepared with the Matador mini pocket blanket, which is water-repellent, puncture-resistant, insanely easy to travel with, and unfolds to 44x28 inches. It ensures that you’ve always got a clean place to sit at picnics, concerts, hikes, tailgating parties, and the beach. It comes in a convenient storage pouch complete with a loop for your keychain, and it's even got a pattern on the back that shows you how to refold it.

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