20 Bizarre But Amazing Products That Solve Common Hygiene Problems

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Hygiene is as lax as it's ever been, and that's an amazing thing. Stuff like deodorant and hair removal finally is (and forevermore should be) totally optional, and as someone who's all about the body doing its natural thing, I'm psyched. For that reason, weird but effective hygiene products are my jam.

I'm not going to put something on my skin if it's dangerous or laden with toxic chemicals, and I'm sure as hell not going to put my health at risk just to live up to the outdated beauty standards that are thankfully on their way out the window. As a result, I tend to stick with natural products that are a little bit unconventional, but surprisingly effective for solving everyday concerns like funky breath, sweaty feet, and dry skin.

If you like your body the way it is, sans-shower and all, I'm 100 percent behind that. It's got its own natural cleansing functions in place, and a lot of so-called hygiene products are actually disrupting that by killing essential healthy bacteria and stopping natural detoxification. However, if you're looking to smell fresh and tackle some common hygiene problems the easy and natural way, check out these bizarre but amazing products that people can't seem to get enough of.

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