20 Bizarre Products You Should Use In The Shower, If You Want Great Hair

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I'm trying my hardest to simplify my beauty routine. This is partially because I'm a huge believer in natural products with great ingredients, and partially because I'm tired of spilling an avalanche of bottles whenever I try to clean my bathtub. Consequently, finding the best hair products for the shower is a top priority for me right now.

It's also a surprisingly difficult feat. I have very thin, very fine hair that gets oily faster than you can say "pass the dry shampoo," but because I choose to wash it and style it daily, dry tips and brittle strands are always lurking. If I can find one or two products that fix both of these issues simultaneously, I'm in heaven. I'm also going to do whatever I can to pass that on to other people in need of a miracle product, even if the ingredients aren't exactly what you'd call "normal."

Granted, everyone has a different texture, thickness, and balance to their hair, so while I'm personally in love with some of these products, there's also a several options for many different hair types — ones that reviewers swear help them get the best, most beautiful hair every time they shower.

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