20 Bizarre Yet Brilliant Shower Products You Didn't Know You Needed

I love to try out different types of shampoos, body washes, and conditioners. I get bored using the same old products all of the time, so I'm always looking for something new. In my latest quest for discovering the newest, most useful picks, I found I needed a ton of the bizarre yet brilliant shower products (and you may even find you need them, too).

I always finish whatever I'm using, but that doesn't mean I don't have 12 different shower products on the ledge in there. I just really don't like to use the same thing every day, and if you're like me, you probably get bored of products pretty quickly, too. That leads to me finding some pretty interesting products like a mint conditioner, a body wash that's gentle enough to use on your face, a vinegar wash that deep cleans hair, and even a really good shaving cream and razor (I always choose the men's razor, as I've found they're usually better).

I guess you could say I'm a shower product hoarder, but I'm totally okay with that. It's just a better way to find what actually works for your hair or body (I really believe it's all about trial and error). So no matter what specific type of item you've been trying to get your hands on, try out these brilliant shower products before you decide.

1. Take A Moisturizing Bubble Bath

Noodle & Boo Bouncing Baby Bubbles, $16, Amazon

The right bubble bath can make all the difference. This one is great because it's designed for babies with super-sensitive skin, so it will actually leave your whole body feeling super soft. It's even hypoallergenic.


2. Condition, Detangle, And Add Volume To Hair

Klorane Conditioning Balm With Flax Fiber, $16, Amazon

If your hair gets weighed down easily, it may be time to find a lightweight conditioner. Look for one that is silicone-free; this one is great because it detangles hair really easily, and it adds body and volume to it because of the flax fiber in it. It's a good conditioner to pair with a detangling brush in the shower.


3. Purify Your Scalp

PHYTO PHYTOPOLLEINE Botanical Scalp Treatment, $40, Amazon

I love doing hair treatments, and I have a few that I rotate between to make sure that my hair stays strong and healthy. One treatment to consider adding to your routine is a scalp remedy. This one purifies and moisturizes your scalp (so you don't have to worry about dandruff), and it stimulates circulation, which helps hair grow.


4. A Super Gentle Soap For Soft Skin

L'Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap, $14, Amazon

Smell fresh and clean with this verbena soap. It will wake you up because of how invigorating the scent is, but it will also leave your skin feeling so smooth and soft, as it's made with 100 percent vegetable oil and shea butter. You'll be surprised how moisturized your skin feels after a few days of use. It also comes in lavender and milk scents, if you aren't into verbena.


5. Exfoliate Skin With An All-Natural Scrubber

Julep Konjac Sponge, $12, Amazon

Korean beauty is pretty cutting edge, and the konjac sponge is no different. It's made from the root of a konjac plant and is a wonderful exfoliator. You can pick one up that's infused with bamboo charcoal to purify skin, green tea to detoxify, or kaolin clay to soften skin. Whichever you choose, your skin will look healthier because the sponge exfoliates away dead skin and stimulates blood circulation, leaving you feeling soft and smooth.


6. Avoid Skin Irritation While Shaving

'The Art Of Shaving' Shaving Cream, $24, Amazon

This shaving cream is meant to lift hairs in a beard for a non irritating shave. So, you can imagine that it would be great for your legs and bikini area. It won't cause irritation and it will leave skin feeling hydrated after you've shaved.


7. Restore Shine With A Vinegar Rinse

Klorane Vinegar Shine Rinse With Chamomile, $16, Amazon

If you have colored hair that is super blonde, then you know that it can often get dull and brassy. That's when you should use a vinegar rinse. It clarifies hair, makes it shinier, and enhances the gold undertones in blonde highlights by removing mineral deposits. It also detangles hair and eliminates frizz. One user said she could see the difference after just one use.


8. Exfoliate Away Dead Skin And Get Softer Skin

Adovia Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub, $15, Amazon

I love a good exfoliating scrub. I try to use one twice a week to get rid of any dead skin build up I may have. I've actually used this one and it smells really nice and works. After using it, you'll find a layer of soft, smooth skin under your flaky, dry skin. It also makes a really excellent foot scrub, if you have feet that need a little extra love.


9. Shower Oil Leaves Skin Feeling Smooth And Hydrated

NUXE Prodigieux Shower Oil, $15, Amazon

Shower oil is really good for your skin. When you're in the shower, you have wet skin and your pores are open, which helps products absorb better. This one smells great, and it turns into a foam when it is mixed with water. It gently cleanses and moisturizes skin, giving you a glowing look all over your body. One user said, "This shower oil is wonderful, it works into a rich lather and after you rinse, your skin is silky smooth. I will never go without it."


10. A Bath Soak That Relieves Stress

Molton Brown Seamoss Stress Relieving Hydrosoak, $30, Amazon

Don't you just love products that help you unwind and relax? I think a good soak in the tub with a glass of wine and some candles is exactly what I need every once in awhile. Step up your bathtub game, and add a soak made with dead sea salts and horse chestnut. It will energize you, improve the appearance of skin, and sooth your body. Just what you needed after a long week at the office.


11. A Close Shave That Will Last

The Art Of Shaving Black Compact Fusion Razor, $90, Amazon

When you go to the trouble of shaving, you want to be left with soft skin and no hair. Some razors just don't cut it, which is why investing in a good one is often worth it. This one is specially weighted to help reduce pressure placed on skin, which will help you to get the close shave that you've been looking for. Use it with a shaving cream for best results.


12. A Mud Mask That Works For Your Hair

Borghese Fango Active Mud Mask For Hair And Scalp, $32, Amazon

Take care of your hair and scalp by applying a mud mask to it once a week. It's made with jojoba oil and wheat germ oil, which work together to soften dry, damaged hair. The mineral-enriched volcanic mud mask moisturizes and revitalizes hair that needs it. One user said, "I use it once a week and let it sit in my hair, wrapped in a towel for at least 30 minutes. I notice how much softer and shinier my hair is."


13. Minty Fresh, Super Clean

John Allan's Mint Conditioner, $20, Amazon

It's important to find a good conditioner that not only detangles, but actually hydrates and cleans hair, too. This one is made with soy proteins, jojoba seed oil, and has a minty fresh scent. It will wake you up in the morning, and it will strengthen and nourish hair.


14. Purify Your Skin With An Exfoliating Face Scrub

La Roche-Posay Ultra-Fine Scrub Exfoliating Cleanser, $18, Amazon

Gently exfoliate your face with a fine scrub for a radiant, glowing complexion. It will remove dead skin that can clog pores. This one is great because the scrub isn't harsh, and it won't hurt sensitive skin. One user said, "This product is gentle yet serious about exfoliation. I have a very light complexion, and combination skin that is very sensitive to any type of product and this one really keeps my face looking fresh without breakouts."


15. No More Dry Damaged Hair

Klorane Shampoo With Desert Date For Damaged Hair, $20, Amazon

I'm nearing the end of a month-long trip, and I haven't washed my hair in about a week. It's dry and damaged from weeks of salt and sun, so I need to find a shampoo that will restore my brittle hair when I get home in a few days. This one is great because it will smooth my hair and strengthen it with the use of keratin. It also has desert date in it, which actually restores protein to your locks.


16. Apply A Face Mask And Hop In The Shower

Mario Badescu Flower And Tonic Mask, $18, Amazon

One of my favorite things to do is put on a face mask, let it dry, and then hop into the steaming shower to let my pores really absorb it. This one is designed for slightly oily skin types that need to be soothed and purified. It absorbs dirt and oil and it soothes redness and irritation.


17. Maintain Healthy Hair

WEN by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Re Moist Hair Treatment, $58, Amazon

If you have color treated or even dry hair, you need to work a little harder to take care of it. That means incorporating a weekly hair treatment. They provide hydration and nutrients to damaged hair. This one is made with a combination of moisturizing botanicals that is great for restoring hair. One user said, "I love this product. I use it once a week and it makes my hair shiny and sleek."


18. A Soap That's More Than Your Average Body Wash

AHAVA Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash, $20, Amazon

First of all, this body wash smells like hibiscus, which is such an amazing scent. The hibiscus extract not only moisturizes, but it heals dry skin because of its natural antibacterial properties. Fig extract is also in this wash, and it has anti-inflammatory agents that will soften skin.


19. A Bubble Bath That You'll Love To Use

L'Occitane Verbena Foaming Bath, $36, Amazon

Take a luxurious bath with the right kind of bubbles. This one is made with verbena extract, coconut oil, and palm oil, and it won't dry your skin out like some bubble baths do. It has a fresh lemony scent that will invigorate the senses.


20. Untangle Hair Easily In The Shower

Tangle Teezer Hair Brush, $17, Amazon

I have to brush my hair in the shower or else there will be a thousand knots forever. I usually wash it while there is still conditioner in it. I like to use a brush that's specifically designed for use in water, like this tangle teezer brush. It painlessly detangles hair and actually can drain water out of it, so it doesn't get moldy or gross. You'll never brush your hair out of the shower again after you use this.

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