20 Brilliant Hygiene & Cleaning Products That Germaphobes Swear By

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I wrestled with my germaphobia for a pretty long time. In my mind, any given surface or object was populated by those personified cartoon bacteria you see in seventh grade bio textbooks. As a result, I became pretty well-versed in the cleaning products that germaphobes swear by, because I was one of said germaphobes. Bleach was my go-to for everything, and I went through antibacterial wipes like they were going out of style.

After taking some classes about nutrition and clean living, however, I learned that antibacterial wipes were in fact going out of style. So were hand sanitizers, antibacterial soaps, and harsh chemicals in cleaning products. Thanks to all the new studies about the importance of the microbiome, scientists are now learning that some bacteria can actually be good for you, and wiping out all of them isn't doing your body any favors. In fact, you're actually weakening your immune system by getting rid of these healthy bacteria.

Now, even though I've changed my relationship with bacteria, that doesn't mean I don't like to keep things clean and germ-free. It just means I'm extra careful about choosing cleaning and hygiene products without harsh chemicals and without microbiome-altering effects. Check out these genius products that keep your space clean and healthy at the same time.

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