The 20 Most Unique Halloween Costumes You Can Buy At Target Right Now

As we get closer and closer to the best day of the year — Halloween, of course! — you may be beginning to feel a little stressed out whenever you think about your costume. Picking the perfect Halloween costume is usually way easier said than done. You want to think of something fun and recognizable, but still clever enough to get some laughs out of people. You want to wear something that's going to photograph well for Instagram, and also potentially win you free candy during a costume contest. So, you might want to create some elaborate DIY costume, but... in reality, you probably don't really have the time (or patience). If that's the case, there's definitely nothing wrong with taking the easy way out and buying a costume. And, as it happens, Target is selling some really amazing Halloween costumes that you're going to want to buy.

It's probably not surprising to hear that Target has a huge selection of costumes to choose from — after all, when does that store ever disappoint? There are costumes for everyone, whether you want to be something creepy and spooky, something cute and adorable, or something comfy and simple. Want a hip pop culture reference? They've got tons. Want something that inspires nostalgia? Lots of choices! Want a onesie that will leave you cozy and happy all night long? There are a surprising amount of options for that too.

Below are some of the top and most creative Halloween costumes you can find at Target this year, and remember: this is only 20 out of, like, 200. Pretty awesome.


A Cactus

Adult Cactus Halloween Costume, $30, Target

Cacti have been enjoying some time in the spotlight for a while now, as they are definitely one of the more trendy plants out there. So why not dress as one for Halloween? This costume is cute, simple, and seems pretty comfortable.


A Care Bear

Women's Care Bear Union Suit, $27.99, Target

October 31 can bring chilly temps, meaning that the last thing you want to do is prance around in a tank top. Stay extremely comfortable and warm in a onesie, which will make your whole night better. And a Care Bear? That's just adorable.


Cookie Monster

Women's Cookie Monster Union Suit, $27.99, Target

Another undeniably adorable onesie costume is this Cookie Monster option. First of all, Cookie Monster is one of the best characters of our childhood. Second of all, this gives you the perfect excuse to eat cookies all day and night long.


'Riverdale' Cheerleader

Riverdale Women's Vixens Cheerleader, $57, Target

Riverdale is one of the best television shows out there right now, meaning that if you're going for pop culture relevance, this is a great pick.


Sesame Street Snuffy

Sesame Street Women's Snuffy Deluxe Halloween Costume, $54, Target

Wow, Target is killing it with the Sesame Street costume options this year! Who can say they have dressed as Snuffaluffagas for Halloween before? This is everything.


Joyce From 'Stranger Things'

Stranger Things Joyce's Shirt Halloween Costume, $29, Target

Everyone is always dressing as Eleven from Stranger Things for Halloween (which, understandable), but what about Joyce? She's a badass mom and deserves from holiday recognition.


Jack Skellington

Adult Jack Skellington Prestige Halloween Costume, $92, Target

This is for anyone who is serious about Halloween, because this costume isn't cheap... but it's also pretty great.


A Pineapple

Hyde and Eek! Boutique Pineapple Costume, $30, Target

Pineapples are, for some reason, always a cute costume choice. This one looks comfy and simple.


A Sloth

Adult Sloth Costume, $44, Target

OK, no offense to any other Halloween costume, but this is the best costume of all time. Look at it! Look at the long arms! The creepy but cute face! It's amazing.



Gumby Costume, $52.99, Target

If you remember Gumby and Pokey, then you'll probably love this costume, which hits us right in the nostalgia feels.


Lucy From 'I Love Lucy'

I Love Lucy Candy Factory Costume, $29.99, Target

There are lots of old television characters you could dress up as, but none quite as colorful and fun as Lucy from I Love Lucy. This costume is a great price point and very adorable.



Women's Garfield Union Suit, $27.99, Target

Another comfortable onesie, this is an adorable homage to Garfield, everyone's favorite (and the original) grumpy cat.


Oreo Cookies

Oreo Cookies Adult Couples Costume, $42.49, Target

Is this kind of random? Sure, but it's also an easy couples costume that is inexpensive, and it means you get to eat Oreo cookies all night long. To stay in character, you know.


Jawa From 'Star Wars'

Star Wars Jawa Costume, $44.49, Target

I'll be honest with you: I have never seen Star Wars and know nothing about this character. But I do know that this is fantastically creepy for Halloween.


A Ghost

Gossamer Ghost Costume, $32.90, Target

A ghost might be one of the most cliché Halloween costumes out there, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. It's also easy to put together and still creepy!


A Dragon

Halloween Dragon Union Suit, $27.99, Target

Everyone is always dressing as a unicorn in the last few years, so let's make it a little different and go for a dragon instead. This onesie is so cute, and it's also brilliantly colorful.


An Avocado

Adult Avocado Costume, $25, Target

Why wouldn't you want to dress as an avocado on Halloween? Come on!


'Harry Potter'

Warner Bros Harry Potter Union Suit, $27.99, Target

OK, yes, Harry Potter is a very popular costume choice. But have you ever seen a Harry Potter onesie like this?! Probably not.


One Of The Grady Twins From 'The Shining'

Creepy Sister Grady Twins Costume, $31.99, Target

If you want to creep everyone out on Halloween, it's hard to find a character spookier than the Grady twins from The Shining.


A Glass Of Milk

Get Real Glass Of Milk, $25.49, Target

Why is this a costume? To be honest, no idea. But it's kind of... awesome?