20 Creepy Things You Were Totally Obsessed With In The ‘90s

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Given that I was so obsessed with creepy things in the ‘90s, it’s perhaps unsurprising that I am equally obsessed by creepy things now. Morbidity in childhood lends itself to morbidity in adulthood, I guess. But at the same time, the ‘90s really were an era full of deliciously creepy things — the ones that gave you just enough of a thrill to satisfy your psychological need for danger, while still keeping you (mostly) safe. So maybe the kind of creepy that ‘90s kids dig is a special kind of creepy: Less visceral and more psychological.

Our obsession with these weirdo, freaky things always emerged in its strongest form during two incredibly particular times: At sleepovers, and around Halloween. What do these two things have in common? Easy: The festivities associated with them happen at night — that is, in the dark. And we always fear what we can’t see: The things lurking just out of sight, hidden by the shadows. Scientifically speaking, it’s an evolutionary advantage; it protects us from falling prey to the things we can’t see coming by raising our hackles and putting us on hyper alert. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still put it to good use as a way to get our blood pumping for a little fun, too.

That’s what these creepy ‘90s things did — and why we were so obsessed with them. So hey, why not make a night of it? There’s always room for some spookiness, especially with a dash of nostalgia. Come on and take a stroll down a dark and foggy memory lane with me.

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