20 Innovative New Skin Care Products That Are Sure To Go Viral This Year

More so than ever before, the market is loaded with innovative new skin care products that are sure to go viral in the coming year. How come? My best guess is that the people have spoken, and inspired startup companies in the beauty sphere have answered. Personally, I'm thrilled to see that there are more label-readers, environmentalists, and organic enthusiasts than ever before, and the needs of conscious buyers are finally starting to reflect back at us from the beauty aisle shelves.

Personally, I do all of my shopping on Amazon, and that includes every single item I use in my beauty routine. I love it because the ingredients are often clearly listed (I try to go as natural as possible if something's going directly on my skin), and reviewers are honest, thorough, and pretty helpful when it comes to choosing a product that's going to work for my body.

Amazon also has tons of shopping subcategories, including Launchpad, which features new and innovative products from the most brilliant startup companies. This is where you'll find genius products that truly meet consumers' needs, including some of the coolest and most innovative skin care products that people won't be able to get enough of in 2017.

1. Fall In Love With This Facial Cleanser Made From Soap Berries

Tree To Tub World’s Gentlest Organic Facial Cleanser, $24, Amazon

I'm thrilled about this Tree To Tub World’s Gentlest organic facial cleanser, which uses soap berries — natural nuts from the Sapindus tree. Not only does it match your skin's pH, but it's extremely effective when it comes to removing makeup, soothing eczema, and calming breakouts. That's why reviewers are saying things like, "This facewash is the bomb," "Recommended with love," and "I am in love!"


2. This Solution That Exfoliates Skin While Soothing It

APTO Surface Renewal Exfoliant, $37, Amazon

If you're sick of physical exfoliants, give this one a try: APTO surface renewal exfoliant uses safe but effective acids to deeply exfoliate the skin, and then it's got calming seaweed and cucumber to soothe the new skin underneath. Reviewers can see the results of their new "baby soft" skin immediately, and because ingredients are primarily natural, it's definitely one of the healthier options.


3. This Mini Vacuum To Suck Out Your Blackheads

NewPollar Diamond Microdermabrasion Device, $60, Amazon

If you spend any time in the beauty section of YouTube, you know that people are obsessed with blackhead removal. This NewPollar Diamond microdermabrasion device is a number-one new release because it sucks out clogged pores like a vacuum, and it has an exfoliating tip to loosen them up beforehand. It's also lightweight, plugs into the wall, and comes with a few different attachments for any kind of blemish.


4. This Science Heavy Face Mask That Deserves Some Serious Recognition

Nerd Skincare Super Hydrating Mask, $20, Amazon

Made with Biocellulose (which helps the growth of skin cells and collagen), Nerd Skincare super hydrating masks promote elasticity, reverse dull skin, and help to even your skin tone. It provides and locks in essential moisture, too, so skin looks vibrant and glowing. "I am stunned to see that this only has a few reviews," says one reviewer. "It is such an amazing product."


5. Treat Eczema And Psoriasis With This Innovative Body Wash

The Seaweed Bath Co. Body Wash, $12, Amazon

Everything from this company (including this The Seaweed Bath Co. Body Wash), could very well explode this year. That's because all their products use nutrient-rich seaweed extract to cleanse and rejuvenate skin. This one has also blue green algae and antimicrobial neem oil to clean your skin without stripping its essential moisture and natural glow, and it's even great for calming irritations like eczema or psoriasis.


6. This Double-Sided Beauty Bar For Skin That Needs Pampering

Marie Ernst Beauty Bar, $20, Amazon

The Marie Ernst Beauty Bar is a double-sided soap with a pumice exfoliator on one end and a deep moisturizer on the other. It's great for anywhere on the body, including your feet, and because it's made from olive oil and cocoa butter, it's especially gentle for tired and sensitive skin — so much so, that reviewers are calling this bar "life-changing."


7. A Mix Of Healthy Plant Oils To Rejuvenate Your Skin

Jonre Face Cream, $19, Amazon

Great for everything from eczema to wrinkles, Jonre face cream has pomegranate and grape seed oils that easily absorb into skin without grease or residue. It can be used as a night or day cream because it absolutely won't irritate sensitive skin, and people can't stop talking about how healthy and rejuvenated their face now looks.


8. This Rich But Non-Greasy Balm With Tons Of Uses

Thrive Face Balm, $14, Amazon

Made with actual Costa Rican coffee, Thrive face balm totally has people raving. Even though it's not greasy at all, it deeply moisturizes skin so that it's smooth, clear, and glowing, and it absorbs quickly for use under makeup. It's also awesome for reducing bumps and ingrown hairs, as it's made with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant-rich ingredients.


9. An Antioxidant-Rich Cleanser That Won't Strip Moisture

Peter Lamas Naturals Detoxifying Citrus C Facial Cleanser, $23, Amazon

Designed for all skin types and made with natural botanicals, the Peter Lamas Naturals Citrus C facial cleanser balances, hydrates, and detoxifies, as well as repairs skin with tons of antioxidants. Best of all, because it's made with a mix of chamomile, coconut, and Alba bark, it lathers well and cleanses without stripping essential moisture.


10. A Super-Portable Cleanser In Stick Form

Julep Love Your Bare Face Detoxifying Cleansing Balm Stick, $28, Amazon

This genius Julep Love Your Bare Face cleansing balm stick uses healing oils to suck out sebum, dirt, and build-up on your skin, but it comes in an innovative stick form for easy use and travel. That means it's spill-proof and super portable, and reviewers love that it lathers well and doesn't cause dry skin to flake.


11. For Smooth, Clean Skin Under Your Arms

Orange Creamsicle Primal Pit Paste, $12, Amazon

Don't forget about your underarms on your journey to all-over gorgeous skin. If harsh deodorants leave you with bumps and rashes, check out this orange creamsicle Primal Pit Paste. It uses activated charcoal and other all-natural ingredients to absorb moisture and neutralize odor-causing bacteria, so you smell fresh all day long. Best of all, it's amazing for sensitive skin, so the area stays smooth, healthy, and clean.


12. This Taiwanese Facial Mask To Tighten And Brighten Pores

My Beauty Diary Facial Mask, $13, Amazon

The calming formula in this My Beauty Diary facial mask actually regulates sebum production and helps to balance your skin's natural pH levels. It comes in nine different styles, all for different issues, but this one (the apple mask) is especially wonderful when it comes to brightening, clarifying, and tightening blocked pores.


13. Get Clear, Bumpless Skin After You Shave

Face of Danger After-Shave Elixir, $16, Amazon

Shaving is one of those things that can rough up your skin real quick. If you suffer from bumps, irritations, and ingrown hairs, check out this Face of Danger after-shave elixir. It refines, cools, and hydrates with essential oils after shaving, so you end up with smooth and healthy skin every time. Plus, it's antibacterial to stop infections in their tracks.


14. This Motorized Rubber Scraper For Your Face

Facial Skin Scrubber Spatula, $50, Amazon

This facial skin scrubber spatula is probably unlike any any skin cleansing device you've ever seen because unlike bristles or rubber fingers, it removes dead skin cells and minimize pores with a flat spatula. That being said, reviewers can't stop raving: "This is like a hidden Gem! I’m so content with the results. My skin is feeling newly rejuvenated and smoother. It’s never look healthier!" It's also USB-rechargeable and can help your other skin care products absorb into skin way more efficiently.


15. This Genius Reversible Shower Loofah

The Lux Puff, $13, Amazon

The naturally antibacterial Lux Puff is a reversible bath loofah that's made from entirely natural ingredients. Infused with pure silver salt to stop the growth of mold and bacteria, one side is soft for cleansing while the flip side provides effortless exfoliation. This set comes with two, and reviewers say they last a super long time.


16. This Natural Micro Scrub That Exfoliates Without Abrasion

The Seaweed Bath Detox + Age Defying Purifying Micro Scrub, $25, Amazon

Another genius product from The Seaweed Bath, this purifying micro scrub uses volcanic particles to gently buff away impurities and dead skin. Then it's got three varieties of seaweed to detoxify, restore, and protect. "Even though I barely feel any abrasion when I use it," says one reviewer, "my face absolutely feels smoother afterwards, and it looks it, too."


17. Keep Your Hands Clean, Healthy, And Hydrated

Further Glycerin Hand Soap, $17, Amazon

As much as people can get psyched over hand soap, reviewers are thrilled with this Further Glycerin hand soap. With a refreshing scent of bergamot, olive, and exotic grasses, this one uses sustainable ingredients to keep your hands clean, moisturized, and, best of all, healthy.


18. Fill In Your Scar At Home With This Topical Solution

Dermaflage Worry Less Starter Kit, $60, Amazon

Invented by a Hollywood makeup artist, this Dermaflage Worry Less starter kit is a quick and easy way to cosmetically fill in scars at home without surgery or injections. It comes with six pieces, including applicators of different tones, and one application can last up to 36 hours for flawlessly smooth skin without any detection of your scar.


19. This Eye-Firming Serum With Safe Ingredients

Don't Call Me Ma'am Eye Firming Serum, $54, Amazon

With zero parabens or sulfates, this Don't Call Me Ma'am eye firming serum is a way more gentle way to brighten and tighten the skin under your eyes. The brand vows to use only safe, affordable, and healthy ingredients, and reviewers are definitely responding. "The morning after my first use of the serum, I immediately noticed a difference in the way my skin felt," says one in particular. "It was soft, smooth, and well-moistened."


20. This Coconut Oil Soap That Gives Back To Your Skin, As Well As Humanity

SoapBox Coconut Oil Soap, $18, Amazon

This one comes from an innovative start-up that gives away one bar of soap per purchase to a person in need, and they vow never to use harsh chemicals. Instead, this three pack of SoapBox coconut oil soap uses gentle antibacterial oils and balms to cleanse, hydrate, and leave people raving: "This soap is answer to my prayers: a soap that not only cleanses, but leaves my skin lubricated and smooth."

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