20 May 2018 Outfit Ideas From The Best Dressed People At Revolve Festival

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What do you wear to the hottest (pun intended) party in the desert, where the star-studded guest list includes — but is not limited to — Snoop Dogg, cast members from Stranger Things and Riverdale, Nicole Richie, and Chance the Rapper? Since the weather at Coachella is rarely below 90 degrees, everyone who attended the online retailer Revolve's party (aka #RevolveFestival) served up the perfect set of late spring/early summer outfit inspiration for the rest of us. Although the #RevolveFestival attendees had a few more factors to consider while getting dressed (i.e. its dusty AF, you are walking a ton, and, yes, it's the desert, so it's way hot), their outfits are ideal for getting our minds set on summer style, even if you won't spend every single day racking up 27,000 steps.

When it came to dressing for the party, everyone who planned on being there gave it their all. Although guests weren't privy to who would actually be in attendance (most of the performers and celebrity guests were surprises until they showed up), you still want to go all out — which means the outfits below are pretty much foolproof for any summer function. All things considered, these Revolve partygoers turned it out, proving that nothing, not even the climate and the promise of over 25,000 steps, is a match for their festival style. Scroll through for some excellent outfit inspiration.

Winnie Harlow

Roger Kisby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images. Top: NBD. Jeans: GRLFRND.

Winnie Harlow is the epitome of easygoing festival style in distressed jeans and a lacy red top. The strappy red heels are for sure a wow factor — bless her for committing to them.

Shay Mitchell

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I'm all about a boiler suit, but you might actually cook yourself if you wear it in 90-plus degrees. Shay came up with the perfect solution of how to style it for desert weather: Pair with a crop top and some Vans, and you're good to go!

Jasmine Sanders

Roger Kisby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images. Shorts: GRLFRND.

You can never go wrong with a pair of denim shorts and a cutoff top. It is an effortlessly cool look that can be tricked out with accessories. The Champion fanny pack, high socks, and Vans make it that much cooler without even trying — plus you're hands-free.

Kendall Jenner

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Kendall checks all the boxes for festival appropriate fashion. Dressing for the desert climate: check. Comfortable shoes: check. Hands-free: check. Looking good while doing it: CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!

Lauren Jauregui

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Again, love a boiler suit. The all red is such a statement. You literally cannot be missed.

Mette Towley


I'm obsessed with the idea of wearing a long dress that's not the cliche maxi dress you would expect to see at Coachella. This outfit is the perfect example of taking "typical" festival style and turning it on its head. I love the sleeves underneath the dress, and the cowboy boots are killer.

Joan Smalls

Roger Kisby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images. Top: Hours.

Cargo shorts can be a little tricky to pull off, but Joan Smalls nails everything about this look. I'm also a sucker for a good bodychain and some braids.



A matching python short and top set, a sheer shawl, and some combat boots... I fully subscribe to this entire look.



Sometimes, all you really need is a little black dress. I love the simplicity of this look and then relying on the accessories to really make set it apart. The ugly dad sneaker trend is really making a strong case here and again, always important to be hands-free with a Gucci fanny pack.

Lauren Ledford


I'm here for this throwback look. Everything from the hair clips to the patent top and JNCO inspired cargo pants screams '90s.

Muamera Public


Mixing high and low fashion can be done for festivals, too: This is pulled off super well with Dior and Fila.

Angel And Dren


DJ sister duo with the style to match! Angel and Dren are neon and sporty and hands-free to spin for #revolvefestival.

Romee Strijd

Roger Kisby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images. Top and Pants: Lovers+ Friends.

Camo is never tired — especially with a neon accent stripe. With a crop top, combat boots, and a fanny pack, you're fully equipped for the desert.

Ryan Destiny


Spotty and sporty is a trend I can definitely get behind for festival style — and for just general style in life.

Amelia Gray Hamlin


I mean, a classic all-denim look with a cropped jacket and mini skirt... it's a no-brainer. Amelia Gray Hamlin rocks this Hudson look with a touch of western to give you a modern cowgirl in the desert.

Revolve Team (Simone Kufal, Alyssa Rara, And Kendall Sargeant)


When your team is this cute and styles themselves this well, how could the event not be a success?

DJ Orange Calderon


Florals at Coachella can be very "been there, done that," but when it's done right, it doesn't seem boring at all.

Nicki Andrea


Honestly, the fact that everyone wasn't in snap off sweatpants was a shock to me. They are the perfect thing to wear in the desert: unsnap during the day (as seen above) to stay cool, and snap them closed when it gets chilly at night. It's a win-win, and a good look.


Any kind of homage to Aaliyah (intentional or not) is a style win.

Snoop Dogg


Rocking your favorite team's jersey is always a yes. And it's Snoop Dogg, so it's a double yes.

Amalie Gassmann

Christian Vierig/GC Images/Getty Images

A neon textured mini dress with a denim jacket, dad sneakers, and fanny pack worn over the shoulder takes the cake for the ultimate festival look.