20 Most Genius Things On Amazon Under $1

If you appreciate things that are new and genius but don't have the cash to throw down, we have good news. There are tons of genius products on Amazon for under $1. Yep. We're talking about things you can buy for way less than a gallon of gasoline.

A lot of people believe higher price tags result in higher quality, but we know that's not always true. Instead of shelling out for a name brand item, you can get something just as good for a lot less — and we’ve found things that are not only brilliant, but work just as well as the ones you'd spend a lot more for in stores.

These are all products that solve problems, help you organize your home, save you time and money, and best of all, are available on Amazon for mere pocket change. We’re talking net grocery bags that make carrying your items home easier, an adorable and sanitary case for your makeup sponge, and an innovative little kitchen tool that grates multiple cloves of garlic with a turn of the handle.

These genius products for under $1 on Amazon are sure to become staples in your home, without a penny of regret.

1. This Mesh Bag That Holds All Your Other Bags


AUCH Mesh Garbage Bag Organizer, $.49, Amazon

This mesh garbage bag organizer keeps all your trash bags, leftover grocery store bags, and any other plastic bags at your disposal, making it easy to reuse them. No longer will your plastic bags form a messy ball on a shelf or occupy an entire drawer.

2. These Steel Stands That Keep Your Makeup Sponges Clean


Makeup Sponges Stand, $2 (2 Pack), Amazon

These makeup sponge holders are the ideal size for the Beauty Blender and other similarly sized sponges, allowing them to dry out in between use and keeping them clean in the meantime. Also, the holders have cute little chicken feet to prevent them from falling over.

3. This Hanging Storage Unit With 16 Pockets


Storage Bag Hanger, $.69, Amazon

This storage bag hanger can be easily hung over any door and has 16 unique pockets. It's ideal for holding little items of clothing like socks, but you can always get creative with it and store cleaning supplies, makeup brushes, and any other knick-knacks that need some organization.

4. This Scrubbing Sponge With A Helpful Handle


Good Grip Scrub Brush, $1, Amazon

This scrub brush has an exfoliating, non-toxic sponge that easily removes debris and grime from bathroom surfaces, as well as on regular old dishes. And since it's attached to a comfort handle, you won't drop it when you're getting your scrub on.

5. This Sushi Mat That Comes With A Rice Paddle


Gotd Sushi Making Kit, $.01, Amazon

Easily the most affordable sushi kit on the market, this one includes both a bamboo sushi mat for rolling up perfect maki rolls and a wooden paddle to mix your sushi rice with vinegar. Your sushi will look professional AF without any expensive appliances.

6. These Mesh Guards That Protect Makeup Brushes


Makeup Brush Mesh Guard, $1 (60 Pack), Amazon

This pack of mesh makeup brush guards will keep your countless brushes safe from the elements, especially when traveling. The one-size-fits-all mesh guards simply slide over the brush, keeping the bristles and shape intact without making a mess in your bag.

7. This Garlic Crusher That Saves Kitchen Time


Kemilove Multifunctional Garlic Crusher, $.65, Amazon

This garlic crusher can grind up multiple cloves at a time without adding an odor to your hands, making it perfect for anyone who cooks with a lot of it. It's easy to operate, dishwasher safe, and can also work with ginger.

8. These Ice Cube Molds That Make Spheres


Kemilove Ice Cube Sphere Mold, $.88 (4 Pack), Amazon

These round ice cube molds make perfectly spherical ice to add some pizzaz to some cocktails or straight whiskey. They're an easy way to impress guests, and you can also use them to make creative frozen treats.

9. These Nail Polish Removing Soakers For Each Finger


Bestpriceam Nail Polish Remover Soakers, $2 (10 Pack), Amazon

Whether you struggle to remove hardcore nails — like gels or acrylics — or you're tired of scrubbing away with a cotton pad, these nail polish remover soakers can save the day. All you do is soak them with remover, pop them on, and wait.

10. These Customizable Organizers For Cleaner Drawers


Adjustable Plastic Drawer Organizer, $.99, Amazon

This drawer organizer is a game changer for any drawer in the house. It's great to organize makeup, office supplies, or even kitchen utensils, and you can even rearrange the divider trays inside to customize them. Never again will you have to rummage around for your favorite gel eyeliner.

11. A Cleaning Brush That Stores Dish Soap For You


USHOT Dish Brush, $.94, Amazon

This classic dish cleaning tool will change the way you do dishes. Instead of getting out the dish soap each time, this brush holds a significant portion of liquid in its container, and when you push the button on the top, it dispenses just the right amount onto the bristles.

12. These Caps That Turn Cans Into Bottles


Mromick Soda Saver, $1 (6 Pack), Amazon

These brilliant soda saving tops pop onto the lid of standard-sized cans, immediately making them resealable. This way, you won't waste any of your drinks and can even refrigerate and then return to them. They're also easy to clean and completely reusable.

13. This Makeup Brush Cleaning Egg


Laimeng Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove, $.70, Amazon

This cleaning glove is made out of silicone and has grooves designed to gently but thoroughly clean makeup brushes with whatever soap or brush cleaner you choose. And thanks to convenient finger holes and an egg shape, you won't drop it.

14. This Travel Insert That Organizes The Little Things


If Love Travel Insert, $1, Amazon

This travel insert is beyond convenient, slipping right into your luggage or tote bag with tons of compartments for smaller items. Mesh and zippered pockets of various sizes help you store and organize everything you keep in your purse — like keys, tablets, books, and your wallet.

15. This Brilliant Kitchen Tool To Cut Your Kiwis


Kiwi Cutter, $1, Amazon

This slicer easily cuts through kiwis and even apples — it slices through tougher fruit skins, too — and makes preparing breakfast or smoothies a lot easier than usual. One reviewer writes: "This little guy is awesome!! I HATE cutting kiwi but I had my kiwi ready to eat and cut into eight pieces in less than a minute with very little mess. Amazing!"

16. This Stainless Steel Whisk For Beating Eggs


Orangeskycn Stainless Steel Whisk, $1, Amazon

This whisk is made out of durable stainless steel, and you can use it to mix up your eggs or froth your milk quickly. It's also easy to clean, and it's both dishwasher-safe and rust-resistant. It's available in five colors, so you can choose whichever fits your kitchen decor best.

17. A Makeup Brush That's Made For Cream Foundation


Laimeng Flat Makeup Brush, $1, Amazon

This makeup brush has a flat top with a little groove in the center for holding foundation and distributing it evenly. Its made entirely of synthetic hair, and reviewers love that it doesn't shed when you clean it.

18. This Grill Mat That Improves Your BBQ Game


Hosaire Grill Mat, $1, Amazon

This heat-resistant silicone grill mat withstands temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can place it over a grill or even directly in an oven. On the grill, this mat prevents foods from sticking and makes them easier to flip. In the oven, you can use it to catch any drippings for faster clean up.

19. This Cover That Keeps Your Microwave From Getting Messy


WensLTD Microwave Food Cover, $1, Amazon

This food cover fits over almost any standard size plate, so it protects your microwave from getting splattered by whatever you're making. And when the cover does get messy, just toss it in the dishwasher — which is way easier than scrubbing your microwave from top to bottom.

20. These Floating Lint Catchers That Protect Your Clothes


Kemilove Floating Washing Machine Lint Trap, $.25, Amazon

These floating lint traps get tossed into your washing machine, catching all the candy wrappers and lip balm tubes you forgot to take out of your pockets, in addition to lint and hair. They're super easy to clean and help protect more delicate clothing.

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