20 Pointless Things We All Did In The '90s

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While it’s true that every generation has its quirky habits and seemingly nonsensical predilections, I would argue that the pointless things we all did in the ‘90s were honestly some of the weirdest — but also the best. Yes, I realize that my thoughts on the matter probably stem from the fact that I grew up during the ‘90s; still, though. It really was a unique decade, particularly in terms of how it dealt with children: Rather than expecting children to behave like tiny adults, in the ‘90s, there was an emphasis on just letting kids be kids. And that’s why I think some of these so-called “pointless” things actually kind of mattered back then — and still matter today.

Because even though we called them “pointless,” they did actually have a point: They were fun. Fun was largely what characterized a ‘90s childhood, from what we watched to how we spent our free time, and I think it's telling that this was the case. I mean, think about it: The television network Nickelodeon, which entered its “golden age” in the ‘90s, called itself “The First Kids’ Network”; the driving force behind it was fun. Chuck E. Cheese’s, which began in the '70s but, like Nickelodeon, came into its own in the ‘90s, had the tagline, “Where a kid can be a kid.” And these are just two examples among many, all of which add up to a very particular philosophy: That fun, play, and childhood are valuable.

And I think we were onto something there — fun, play, and childhood are valuable. In fact, that might be why so many of us ‘90s kids are so nostalgic for the era in which we grew up: We recognize that it was an important cultural moment, and it might have made all the difference for many of us in terms of how we view the world today. So these “pointless” things? Maybe they’re not so pointless after all.

And besides, we all did them. Don’t try to deny it.

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