20 Practical Things Every Grown Ass Man Needs To Own

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I'll be the first to admit that I'm very lucky to have an awesome relationship with my parents. Both of them are wonderful people, and I respect them immensely. That being said, neither really fit into traditional gender roles while raising us. For my dad specifically, being a "grown-ass man" didn't mean unfaltering masculinity, lifting weights after bringing home the bacon, or dumping all the childrearing duties on my mom. Quite the contrary, actually.

Yes, he always liked to tinker and fix things, but he also cleaned and did laundry as much as, if not more so, than my mom did. He spent loads of time with both me and my brother — sometimes Legos and sometimes Pretty Pretty Princess — and he made a mean linguine with clam sauce. When it came to things that every grown-ass man should have, it wasn't about tools or aftershave or ties with him. In fact, it wasn't even about "being a man" so much as it was about being a prepared, self-sufficient human who could handle problems when they came up (and the same applied to my mother.

Consequently, if you're a guy who's looking to make his life more ready for adulthood, check out these top essentials that'll have a big effect on the maturity levels of your home, work, and social lives.

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