20 Things Every Grown Ass Woman Needs To Own

Contrary to my beliefs as a nine-year-old, adulthood isn't just about choosing your own bedtime and getting dibs on the remote. It's also about being prepared, self-sufficient, and responsible. To help you achieve those qualities, you've got a few practical things every grown ass woman needs in her home and everyday life.

I like to think that my parents did the best they could to turn me into an independent adult. They started by making me do my own laundry around puberty, and the first time my car broke down, my dad passed me jumper cables and said, "You need to learn how this works, because it's going to happen again." Spoiler alert: it happens to me in roughly three month intervals, so it was a valuable lesson.

Adulting isn't always that easy. Taxes suck, finding a reliable planner is surprisingly difficult, and when you move into your first apartment, you'll probably start off with a vacuum cleaner that figuratively sucks more than it literally does — and that's all okay! Before you know it, you'll be hosting wine and cheese parties and remembering everyone's birthday.

In the meantime, if you're looking to be a little more efficient in your home, career, social life, and personal relationships, check out these genius items for every grown ass woman. Oh, and we've found you an excellent vacuum and the perfect planner, so you at least won't have to worry about those two aspects of getting older.


A Cotton Robe That's A Total Steal

This kimono-style robe has a classic silhouette, and the 100-percent pure natural cotton feels like a medium-weight T-shirt — which according customers, is incredibly comfy. It hits at the knee, has a tie belt, pockets, and comes in six colors.


This Little Electric Toothbrush That’s Great For On The

This may not be the most powerful electric toothbrush on the market, but offering 22,000 brush strokes per minute and measuring in at only 6 inches long, it’s the best option for anyone on-the-go. It’s powered by a AAA battery, features a snap-on vented cap, and comes with an extra head.


A Hair Dryer That Speeds Your Mornings Along Damage-Free

You've got more important things to do than wrestle with your hair, and that plastic $20 drug store blow dryer isn't cutting it anymore. People are obsessing over this KIPOZI hair dryer, which uses ionic technology to lock in shine, preserve moisture, and dry hair extra fast without all the excess damage.


This Tool Kit To Ensure You're Prepared For Car Trouble

Everyone's car breaks down every once in a while, but grown ass women are prepared for it. This roadside assistance kit has everything you could need in the event of an emergency, including jumper cables, bungee cords, a poncho, a first aid kit, a flashlight, an ice scraper, a rope, and so much more — in fact, the kit includes 49(!) total pieces. You never know when a kit like this could come in handy, but you’ll be glad you prepared if the time comes.


A Set Of Kitchen Mats That Prevent Cross Contamination

This set includes four kitchen mats that are color-coded — so you’re less likely to mix up raw meat with veggies — as well as a silicone pastry mat and a non-stick grill mat. Not only are the mats color-coded, but also, each one has a picture label printed directly on it. They have a crosshatch pattern on the back that prevents them from slipping, and the mats are safe and easy to clean.


Catch Some Sleep On Those Red Eyes With This Innovative Pillow

This J-pillow travel pillow has an odd but innovative shape, and reviewers can’t stop raving about it. Unlike your average U-shaped pillow, this one uses the curved tail of the “J” shape to support your chin while the rest of it comforts your head and neck. It’s especially effective when used against the window, and it’s ultra-hygienic because the whole pillow can be washed (instead of just the cover).


A Reliable Stain Stick To Keep In Your Bag

For those unfortunate wine stains on your favorite business shirt, there's the Janie stick spot cleaner. It's a portable stick made from all-natural clays that soaks up any stains on clothing, even while you're wearing it. It's also got a built-in brush to scrub away stubborn spots.


A Convertible Way To Clean Up Your Messes

The VonHaus 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner is an awesome combination of reliable and convenient. Instead of snagging an upright vacuum and a smaller handheld pick, get you a design that does both! It's super lightweight, powerful enough for tough messes, and fits into the smallest of places to pick up messes in a snap.


Mature Mood Lighting For Your Space With This Color-Changing Bulb

The Lumenty smart bulb can be controlled through a user-friendly app and can light up with over 16 million different colors. Unlike other brands, however, this design doesn't need a hub or any extra equipment to work. And if you hook the bulbs up with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can use voice control to change the color of your lights, or turn them on and off.


This Genius Over-The-Sink Rack To Save Time And Space

This genius roll-up dish drying rack saves you time and space in the kitchen. It's made from durable stainless steel and stretches over your sink to dry dishes, get more surface area, clean vegetables, and protect your counter from hot pans. It also comes with a free double-sided dish brush and produce scrubber.


A Reliable Form Of Stress Relief (And A Way To Scratch Your Own Back)

This dual sided cactus back scratcher is a back scratcher and massager in one. Nubs on one side stimulate sore muscles and pressure points for a spa-like experience, and the assorted bristles on the other side get those hard-to-reach itches. It’s made from a flexible material with two handles on either side, so you can soothe your whole back (or even your feet) with ease.


A Phone Stand That’s As Cute As Jewelry

Unlike a lot of similar products on the market, this ring stand not only helps you hold your phone, it also looks chic. Plus, you can use the ring to prop up your device, hang it on a hook, or attach it to a magnetic car mount. The disc sticks to the phone with super strong adhesive but can be removed without causing damage.


If You Need To Work In Bed, Do It In Style

Unfortunately, adulthood sometimes means working in your sacred place — your bed. Make it cozy and comfortable with the Sofia + Sam lap desk. It has a spot for your phone, tablet, or any laptop up to 15 inches, and it has a slide-out mouse deck, a wrist rest, and a cooling base. It even comes in three different sleek colors to match any bedroom.


A Set Of Tweezers That Can Pluck Any Hair

This pocket-sized set of tweezers has all of your tweezing needs covered. It includes two slanted flat-tip tweezers for general grooming and holding false lashes or nail decals, two pointed-tip tweezers for removing embedded splinters and ingrown hairs, and a small pouch to carry it all in. The tweezers are made from stainless steel and each one is hand-filed for high-quality sharpness, accuracy, and durability.


This Set Of Packing Cubes That Will Keep Your Luggage Organized When You're On Vacation

This seven-set of packing cubes comes with a variety of cube sizes and drawstring bags that will make packing for your next trip easier. The cubes are made of high-strength polyester and have strong zippers that won’t give out on you. In the event of a spill (read; an exploded bottle of shampoo), the packing cubes and drawstring bags are also safe to toss in the dishwasher.


A Way To Stay Hydrated On The Go

You could buy copious amounts of disposable water bottles, or you could fill your HYDAWAY collapsible travel bottle and simply stow it away when it’s not in use. It folds down to just an inch so you can keep it in your bag or pocket, and the BPA-free plastic is dishwasher safe, leak-proof, odor-proof, and comes in five bright colors.


This Filtered Shower Head For Better Hair And Skin

Chlorine and heavy metals in your tap water can dry out your skin and hair, but this filtered shower head removes almost all of that. It's made from premium, durable materials, has spa-like water pressure, and is built with a ball joint design that swivels around.


An Upgrade For Your Basic Loofah

The nylon material from these Mayberry exfoliating bath towels is awesome when it comes to gently removing dirt, impurities, dead skin, and clogged pores. It stimulates blood flow while massaging the skin, and they’re made with an extra long design to wash areas like the feet and back. They also rinse well and dry quickly to keep your shower sanitary.


This Mature-Looking Drain Stopper For A Functional Bath

Nothing says adulthood quite like a functional bathtub. The Umbra Flex drain stop is a dual-function tool that can cover the drain for a bath or allow optimum water flow while catching stray hair — and all it takes is the push of a button to switch between the two. It’s durable, easy to clean, and looks super sleek in the tub.


A House Or Space That Always Smells Fresh

Move on from those familiar college scents of stale beer and incense. These activated charcoal air fresheners ensure that your space is always pure, clean, and light. They come in a set of five all-natural bags that absorb smells and moisture, and the different sizes are great for your bathroom, shoe closet, car, or kitchen.

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