20 Things People In A Relationship Shouldn't Have In Common

Anyone who's tried to make a relationship work will probably agree that it helps for you and your partner to have at least one thing in common; in fact, some might say that if you have everything in common, even better — the shows you love to watch, the places you like to visit, how you like to spend a Friday night, and if they hate mushrooms as much as you do, we call that the jackpot. It's a match made in heaven. But perhaps, are there some things people in a relationship shouldn't have in common?

There's something to be said for not sharing everything. Is it really in your best interest to have everything in common? Stephanie Coontz, who's spent decades studying and writing about marriage, offers valuable input: "It’s not so much the case that couples must share hobbies and interests. But it is essential to be interested in your partner, to experience joy in their joy."

Don Cole, a certified therapist for couples counseling, agrees with Coontz, adding that the second thing couples should have in common is a "shared meaning of the relationship."

It would seem, then, that it's quite alright you and your mate don't have certain things in common, or even many things at all. In fact, here are some things you probably shouldn't have in common, according to Reddit.

An Employer

It's that whole "don't poop where you eat" rule, and it's there for a good reason. Working with your SO can go very badly very quickly.

Parental Units

Hopefully we can all agree that the question mark is unnecessary in this case. Sharing parents is a definite no-no.


Somebody has to be brave enough to kill the bugs. Or you just have to move out every time you come across one.


When one of you is flipping out, it certainly helps that the other is chill. Relationships are about balance.

Being A Hothead

If you both tend to fly off the handle, there is probably going to be a lot of screaming matches in your home.

The Need To Win

In every fight, somebody eventually has to cave. This is how it is, plain and simple. You can't win 'em all.


"Honey, what do you want to eat?"

"I don't know. What do you want?"

"I don't know. What do you want?"

Yeah. That'll end well.


It's always nice when your partner is good at the things you're not, and vice versa. This is how we learn to be better people.

Problems With Managing Money

Money is already a problem in many relationships, and even a big reason why they end. It's crucial to find a way to make it work.

Keeping Track Of Everything

It's not cool for either of you to keep track of all the wins and losses in your relationship. Leave the past in the past, or you're always going to try to one-up each other.


Yeah. No. This could get awkward really fast.

Bathroom Breaks

Ugh. How inconvenient. Working out your bathroom schedule so that you each have your own private time in the John is the logical answer.


Well, research does say that we tend to be attracted to people who look like us; so it makes sense, really.

Taste In Sweets

This is important. Write this one down. If you and your mate like to steal a French fry from each other's lunches, fine; but dessert is off-limits.

Parts Of The Chicken You Like To Eat

This is just practical, people. You can't both want the drumsticks. Then what do you do with yourselves? Fight over it?

No Drive

We can't be 100 percent motivated 100 percent of the time; that's why it's important to have a partner to push you when you need it.

A Problem With Communicating

Relationships are built on solid communication; this we know. If you both don't know how to appropriately share your thoughts and feelings, you'll run into a lot of friction.

Your Toothbrush

Just because.

Not Knowing How To Cook

Can you imagine if neither of you could cook and neither of you could make a decision on where to eat? You'd just starve to death. That won't work, now will it?

Your Name

Personally, I think this would be kind of fun; but that's just me.