20 Weird But Brilliant Skin Care Products That Reddit Users Swear By For Acne

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If you have acne-prone skin, you shouldn't be willy-nilly with your product choices. Whenever I switch up my daily skin care regimen, my face starts to react pretty quickly, so I'm careful about the ingredients I use. Before buying a new product I look to skin care tips on Reddit, because unlike acne commercials or Instagram recommendations, these are real people with real blemishes — and without sponsorship deals.

Actually, I go to Reddit for just about everything, from my daily corgi gif fix to general feedback on news stories. That's because, for the most part, Reddit can be a really supportive community filled with people who just want to share their opinions and experiences. The acne and skin care subReddits are no different, and people on who frequent the page have tried some relatively weird items that turned out to be brilliant solutions for breakouts.

Users share everything from their holy grail products to routines that have worked wonders for them in the past. They also tend to do so in a way that's informative, non-judgmental, and all around helpful. Consequently, if you're suffering from any kind of acne and want to see how snail mucin fared for other people, check out these weird but brilliant recommendations from real Reddit users.

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