20 Weird But Genius Items On Amazon That Are Sure To Sell Out

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Amazon has quickly become my favorite place to shop online — and it seems like I'm not the only one who appreciates the convenience of buying everyday staples alongside, well, everything else. People flock to the site, not only to get toiletries and beauty products but anything their heart desires — because if it exists, you can probably buy it on Amazon. This gives way to some pretty weird products on Amazon. But some of those same strange items are also so genius they're sure to sell out — because honestly, who isn't gonna snatch up a pancake-making robot the first chance they get?

And that's why I love Amazon so much. Not only can you literally find whatever you need there, but you're also going to find things you didn't even know you needed. It's a one-stop-shopping site, that makes life so much easier (seriously, you can buy clothing, food, gadgets, beauty products, and more, all in one place). And if you're looking for a water bottle that doubles as a pillbox, a portable charger shaped like a cat, an umbrellas designed for your dog, or out-of-this-world lollipops, Amazon has you covered there, too. Sure, those items may seem strange, but — admit it — they also sound kind of genius.

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