20 Weird But Genius Products That Can Significantly Improve Your Sleep

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There is just nothing like a good night's sleep. You wake up feeling refreshed, like you can do anything at all. Those mornings are my favorite, and I've decided I want more mornings like this, so I found some weird but genius products that can help you sleep, so you can wake up feeling well rested all of the time.

Making sure you have a quality sleep environment is super important, but so is preparing yourself for bed, or even changing the way you do certain things before you lay down. I'm that person who gets ready to go to bed and then spends another hour either looking at Instagram or watching Snapchats on my phone, or binge watching Netflix. And then I'm no longer tired because I've been staring at a bright light. Then there are the times that I just can't get relaxed because my sheets are scratchy, or my mind is going everywhere. Perhaps my biggest struggle is that my hearing is so great that I end up fixating on a noise and can't block it out, and then I can't fall asleep.

Luckily all of these issues can be helped (and your sleep improved) with creating the right ambient light, replacing your sheets or pillow, or even investing in a sound machine or fan to block out noises. Whatever is preventing you from waking up feeling great, it won't be a problem anymore because your sleep will significantly improve with just a few changes.

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