20 Weird But Genius Things On Amazon Every Efficient Person Will Love

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It seems the older I get, the more I value practicality. Or maybe I need to stop watching documentaries about minimalism. Either way, nothing thrills me more than practical yet clever gifts that solve real problems.

While my space used to be filled to the brim with useless knick-knacks and (this is embarrassing) my collection of porcelain sea turtles, those are quickly getting replaced by genius gadgets and products that tackle tons of things at once. Actually, if it doesn't help make my day-to-day life run a little more smoothly, I don't want it taking up room on my shelves. Bonus points if it lights up, displays the time, and charges my cell phone simultaneously.

If you, too, value efficiency, then Amazon is an incredible place to shop. The selection is extensive, the reviews are really helpful, the categories are endless, and the technology is often pretty advanced. In other words, as soon as a new and innovative item hits the shelves, odds are it'll be available here. Whether you're an extremely practical person, or you're shopping for someone who hates clutter and loves functional gifts, check out these weird but genius products for people who appreciate efficiency and usefulness above all else.

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