2017 Golden Globes Memes & Jokes Sum Up The Most Entertaining Moments Of The Night

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The 2017 Golden Globes are the new year's first award show and, with that, comes great responsibility. The trophies have historically kicked the Oscar race into overdrive — and produce the first big memes of the year. So you'll want to be caught up on all the memes and jokes from the 2017 Golden Globes, so you can laugh along with the fun. With The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon as host, the ceremony is sure to be tons of fun on-screen and on Twitter.

Fallon is known for his often-viral and super funny segments from his NBC late night show, so it's likely that the host will bring some of his lovable humor to the awards show this year. The Golden Globe Awards brings together both TV and film to bestow awards to establish some Academy Award front-runners (La La Land, Moonlight, Nocturnal Animals, Lion) and highlight shows that audiences love (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, This Is Us). With so many different stars in attendance, the potential for awesomeness is unparalleled — and you know Twitter will be there to react to all of it in real time.

Catch up with the 2017 Golden Globes memes and jokes below.

Barb Makes A Cameo In The Opening Monologue Song

The Stranger Things character is alive — at least at the Golden Globes.

That Moment When Fallon's Teleprompter Didn't Work

You know, just comparing it to that other technical mishap from earlier this year.

When They Misspell Your Famous Name On Your Nametag

Chrissy Teigen tweeted that her husband John Legend's name was spelled "Ledgend" on his name plate.

When Everyone Keeps Combining The Name Of Two Movies

There's Hidden Figures and Fences, but everyone keeps saying Hidden Fences. Sigh.

When 'Game Of Thrones' Doesn't Win Best TV Drama

This year, The Crown won the award.

When You've Got Other Things To Do

Because award shows love to run long.

Everyone's Reaction To Meryl Streep's Speech Is Love

Because it's Meryl. Duh.

Taking Carrie Fisher's Words To Another Level

Streep quoted her late friend Fisher in her speech and some folks have interpreted it differently.

When You're Waiting For Your Favorite Movie To Win

Don't worry, there's still time...

That Moment When Denzel Washington Doesn't Win Best Actor

Casey Affleck won for Manchester By The Sea.

When The Night Ends With Twist

Moonlight won the Golden Globe for Best Picture, Drama.

More Reaction To 'Moonlight's Win

There's a lot of joy.

And More 'Moonlight' Reactions

So much joy.

When You Haven't Seen The Big Winner Of The Night

It's OK. There's still time to catch the movie before the Oscars.

When You Are Done For The Night

If only Alexa could.

What Will The President-elect Say About Meryl Streep's Speech?

Everyone is keeping an eye on Donald Trump's Twitter feed.

Looking Toward The Future

Totally true. The Oscars take place on Feb. 26. Seeya then!