21 Actors Who Were Bullied In School

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Unfortunately in this day and age, bullying amongst kids in school is still very common. While it is something that can be outgrown, some children and teenagers can suffer long-lasting consequences from unfair bullying. Many people might believe that celebrities always come from a perfect background or live a charmed life, but the truth is, they are human and endured many things growing up, just like the rest of us. In fact, the 21 celebrities who follow were bullied in school, and have overcome the past to bring awareness to other young people going through the same thing.

It is inspiring to hear these stories of celebrities who had the odds stacked against them and still somehow found the strength to follow their big dreams in Hollywood. Perhaps even more inspiring than that fact is that many of these people have used their platforms to speak out against bullying and have created foundations and efforts to promote kindness and acceptance. Overcoming school bullying is probably one of their biggest triumphs and having these celebs share their bullying stories will only give other young people the power to deal with it head on and the positive outlook that it will all get better.

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