21 April Fools’ Day Memes That Are Actually Funny

Bychykhin Olexandr/Shutterstock

Start looking over your shoulder, because April Fools' Day is nearly upon us. The day of pranks and jokes is happening on Monday, Apr. 1 and even if you aren't one to partake in the hijinks, you still might want to post funny April Fools' Day memes to keep the laughs going.

The first day of April might feel like walking on egg shells. On one hand, we're inching our way to consistent, warmer weather. Which is a ~blessing~. On the other hand, you can't believe what anyone has to say. Is anything true on Apr. 1? Is this real life? Is this day even actually happening?! Can you trust that Oreo is filled with creme or is it actually toothpaste? It's almost like the world is warped.

If you feel more comfortable sitting behind your desk, steering clear of break rooms and generally any area where there are people ready to pull pranks, you can still participate in the day's spirit. Innocently. Memes bring the laugh-out-loud humor while requiring no effort to actually swap the creme for the toothpaste in the Oreos. All you have to do is sit back, laugh at, and post the jokes and the pranks without ever needing to be at the butt of them. More like April Wise Day, huh?

Maybe Don't Do This

April Fools' Day can get a little intense. And this is a case for a little too intense. A perfect example of what ~not~ to do.

For The Football Fan

Apologies to fans of the teams who have not made it anywhere near the Super Bowl in, like, 100 years.

Don't Believe A Thing

What is even REAL?!

April, Fools

Mr. T tells it how it is.

Yeah, No

Going to train for a marathon! Yeah, just kidding.


This really makes you think ...

I'm Crying

This is not OK but also ... solid. Much funnier to look at than experience.

A Classic

What a mess of delicious things.

Don't Do This

My anxiety truly cannot handle this kind of heat.


*Laughs until I cry.*

Be Very Skeptical

Yeah ... right ...

Not Everything You Read Is True

On Apr. 1 and every other day.

The Gift Of The Prank

Never let them forget you.

I Love You


Weather Is A Joke

We're in this weird in-between of seasons and it is one big joke.

Let Them Know You're Keeping Track

Post this to let your friends know that you will not forget if they make chocolate chips look like spiders in your cookie.

Give An Idea

It's a prank that you don't want to have happen to you.

Astrologically April

A very emotional day for Pisces.


Truly, wonderful, innocent perfection.


Except if you were actually excited for a brownie?

Keep Those Eyes Open

You never know where a prank is lurking.