21 Incredibly Clever Storage Solutions For Your Closets, Pantries & Garage


Having the right storage throughout your home can be a game-changer and goes a long way toward cutting back on wasted time and improving your overall sense of comfort and calm. The good news is that awesome storage ideas for your closets, kitchen, and garage are not difficult to find if you know where to look. A quick search on Amazon will reveal many clever storage solutions that can be on your doorstep in just two days, so you can get started upgrading right away.

The great thing about most storage solutions is that they can have multiple uses. For example, an organizer intended for spices in your kitchen can just as well be used for toiletries in your bathroom. Or, a wall-mounted rack meant for rakes and shovels in your garage can also be used for brooms and mops inside your home. The key to implementing clever storage ideas and getting the most bang for your buck is to think outside the box.

Whether you need to organize your pantry, are cramped for space in your closet, or are looking for some easy ways to keep your garage neat and tidy, chances are you’ll find some little helpers on this list.


This Magnetic Knife Holder That Clears Off Countertops

This powerful 17-inch magnetic knife holder securely holds all of your cutlery without fear of them slipping or falling and helps get your knives off the counter or drawer to quickly clear away clutter. It is corrosion-resistant and compatible with almost any knife set.


A Hanging Organizer That Gets Your Shoes Up Off The Floor

This hanging closet organizer neatly stores up to eight pairs of shoes, getting them up off the floor. The reinforced seams ensure durability and setup couldn’t be easier, just hang the organizer by the metal hooks from the existing rod in your closet. While this organizer works great for shoes, it can also be used for folded items, toys, or even office supplies.


These Bins That Keeps Small Items Organized

This drawer organizer is perfect for small items like socks and underwear, but reviewers report using them for everything from T-shirts to art supplies. Every order comes with four bins, each with a different number of cells (six, seven, eight, and 24) to suit your organizational needs. The organizers are mold-resistant and they’re available in seven different colors.


These Magic Collapsible Hangers That Multiplies The Space In Your Closet

These cascading hangers are ideal space savers for small closets, dorm rooms, or apartments. When hung vertically, these hangers hold five garments while essentially taking up the space of one. The cascading hangers are available in black or white and packs of 10 or 16.


This Shelf Divider That Takes Closet Organization To New Heights

These shelf dividers give you the ability to neatly stack clothing and other folded items high without any fear of them toppling over. They increase your storage space by allowing you to go vertical, and they are easily installed by sliding them onto your existing shelves, no tools required. The dividers are easily moved and repositioned, too, and they’re available in packs of four or eight.


This Adjustable Multipurpose Organizer For Your Drawers

This three-tier organizer lets you organize small items like spices, makeup, toiletries, or even medicine bottles. Each organizer is fully customizable to fit the drawer it’s placed in, and slanted levels allow you to easily read labels. Made from BPA-free, shatter-resistant plastic, this organizer cleans easily with soap and water. It’s available in seven colors and comes in packs of two.


This Can Organizer That Kicks Your Pantry Organization Up A Notch

Each of these can organizers can hold up to 36 cans and jars. Six adjustable dividers keep cans and jars in their place, and, if you get more than one, the organizers are stackable for even greater capacity. This can organizer is easy to assemble and it’s available in four colors: bronze, chrome, silver, and white.


These Genius Shoe Organizers That Create More Space In Your Closet

These two-tier slanted shoe organizers clears up clutter and creates more space by stacking your shoes vertically. The shoe organizer is big enough to hold larger sized shoes, and it’s fully adjustable to accommodate flats or high heels. These shoe organizers are unisex, come in packs of 10, and are available in black, gray, and white.


This Lazy Susan For A Full 360-Degree View

This two-tier lazy Susan is a great solution for organizing spices and sauces in your pantry or toiletries in your bathroom. The turntable has adjustable height levels, rotates a full 360 degrees, and nonslip feet keep it in place. Additional options for this lazy Susan include one or two tiers, backstops, and bins.


This Dual-Sided Jewelry Organizer That Can Work For Craft & Art Supplies As Well

This dual-sided jewelry organizer has 32 clear vinyl pockets and 18 hook-and-loop closures to keep all your jewelry organized and easily viewable in one place. Necklace loops are strong enough to hold heavier items, and the organizer takes up only as much space as a shirt in your closet. While this organizer is perfect for small jewelry items it would also be excellent storage for small craft items.


This Wall-Mounted Tool Organizer That's Great For Indoor Or Workshop Use

This wall-mounted tool holder is an excellent storage solution for keeping items off the floor whether it be outdoor tools or indoor cleaning accessories. The storage system is comprised of three 16-inch units, which can be interlocked to create longer wall mounts or mounted separately. Each tool holder is equipped with 12 pegs and 12 galvanized hooks that hold 5 pounds and 12 pounds, respectively.


This Laundry Basket That Takes Up Zero Floor Space

The space-saving design of this laundry basket makes it a perfect addition to dorm rooms, small closets, or any rooms that could use some extra floor space. The bottom zipper design makes for quick unloading, and reinforced seams ensure durability. The laundry hamper comes in a pack of two, and it's available in an assortment of sizes, colors, and styles.


These Space-Saving Hangers That Work For Clothes & Accessories

This space-saving hanger has arms that are coated in silicone which prevents your clothing or accessories from slipping and landing onto the floor. Five arms per hanger were intended for pants, but this stainless steel hanger is perfect for scarves, leggings, and ties as well. Choose from packs of one to six.


This Hanger That Keeps All Your Straps In Place

This stainless steel hanger can hold at least 8 garments, and if the hooks are used individually, that number doubles to 16. Perfect for all your strappy clothing and accessories, use this space-saving hanger for evening dresses, summers dresses, bras, tank tops, camisoles, and more.


This Fully Adjustable & Expandable Shelf Organizer

This expandable shelf organizer lets you take advantage of unused vertical space in your cabinets. Both tiers of the shelf organizer are fully adjustable, and the clever shelves can be configured to accommodate pipes and garbage disposals. With a 4.5-star rating after nearly 2,000 reviews, it's a popular pick.


These Drawer Organizers That Can Be Cut For A Custom Fit

Each of these honeycomb drawer organizers have 18 slots per organizer and all the pieces snap together easily increasing its capacity. Plus, the organizers can be cut for a custom fit. Perfect for socks or tights, these honeycomb organizers can also be used for office or craft supplies, and it’s available in packs of two or four.


These Vacuum-Sealed Space-Saving Bags

These space-saving bags are the ideal way to store seasonal or bulky items out of the way without taking up a ton of space. A double seal on the zipper and triple seal on the valve ensure that the bags are airtight, fully preserving the contents. In addition to storage, these bags can be used for reducing bulk when you’re traveling. With over 2,000 positive ratings on Amazon, it’s clearly a customer favorite. Choose between a range of sizes.


This Magnetic Shelf Organizer To Rein In Loose Items While Keeping Them Accessible

With rust-proof shelves and a paper towel holder, this four-tier magnetic storage organizer is a great way to declutter your kitchen that's a breeze to set up, no tools required. While perfect for your kitchen, this organizer would also be an excellent addition to laundry, rooms, or garages. If you have no magnetic surfaces to attach the organizer, there is hardware included for mounting.


This Hanging Handbag Organizer That Keeps Dust & Scratches At Bay

With 10 large storage pockets, this purse organizer is ideal for handbags and other accessories. Made from a non-woven, breathable material, this sturdy organizer hangs on your existing rods with two stainless steel rods, and it folds away neatly when not in use.


This Organizer That Gives Food Storage Lids A Place To Call Their Own

This lid organizer quickly cuts down the chaos in your drawers and cabinets by corralling loose lids. The lid organizer accommodates lids up to 9 inches, and adjustable dividers add another level of organization. This lid organizer is easy to set up and easily fits in most drawers and cabinets.


This Boot Organizer That Keeps Your Boots Upright & In View

The six clear vinyl pockets on this boot organizer let you easily see the contents, and each organizer holds three pairs of boots. A 360-degree swivel hook hangs on any closet rod, and each order comes with one pair of blow-up inserts.

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