21 Innovative Hair Tools That Are Sure To Go Viral This Year

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When I travel, my suitcase's clothes-to-hair-tools ratio is almost embarrassing. It's normally loaded with several brushes, hot tools, and my trusty infrared blow dryer, because my hair is a top priority matched only by breathing. Needless to say, I'm always on the lookout for innovative hair tools that are sure to go viral this year, because they're always coming out with awesome new tools that I have to get my hands on.

In my opinion, the most innovative hair tools are the ones that are versatile, completely unique, or multifunctional. When I cleaned out my styling drawer before leaving for college, I found clunky, outdated hair tools that only did one job and burned my hair. (I'm talking to you, massive hair crimper.) I've smartened up a bit since eighth grade, and now I only invest in tools that can tackle several jobs at once, won't cause damage, or are just so darn unique I have to buy them.

Amazon is a wonderful place to find the newest trending tools, because you can see exactly what's selling well and what people have on their wish lists. Check out these awesome hair tools that are sure to go viral this year, because they do all the hard work for you.

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