21 Innovative Hair Tools That Are Sure To Go Viral This Year

When I travel, my suitcase's clothes-to-hair-tools ratio is almost embarrassing. It's normally loaded with several brushes, hot tools, and my trusty infrared blow dryer, because my hair is a top priority matched only by breathing. Needless to say, I'm always on the lookout for innovative hair tools that are sure to go viral this year, because they're always coming out with awesome new tools that I have to get my hands on.

In my opinion, the most innovative hair tools are the ones that are versatile, completely unique, or multifunctional. When I cleaned out my styling drawer before leaving for college, I found clunky, outdated hair tools that only did one job and burned my hair. (I'm talking to you, massive hair crimper.) I've smartened up a bit since eighth grade, and now I only invest in tools that can tackle several jobs at once, won't cause damage, or are just so darn unique I have to buy them.

Amazon is a wonderful place to find the newest trending tools, because you can see exactly what's selling well and what people have on their wish lists. Check out these awesome hair tools that are sure to go viral this year, because they do all the hard work for you.

1. Trim Nothing But The Split Ends With This Epic Tool

Beauty CC Automatic Split End Trimmer, $80, Amazon

Keep your hair healthy and manageable in-between cuts with this Beauty CC automatic split end trimmer. It pulls hair through the machine, cutting only a tiny bit off of the most damaged strands, and you're immediately left with smoother, healthier hair. "I can comfortably say it removes about 97% of split ends," says one reviewer. "Well worth what you pay in my opinion, especially since it didn't remove anything but the split ends." You can cut dry or damp hair with this tool!


2. This Rechargeable Cordless Straightener That Charges On A USB Port

NexGadget Rechargeable Mini Flat Iron, $46, Amazon

Since I trip over the cord of my straightener at least once a week, I'm excited it's possible to finally go cordless. The NexGadget rechargeable mini flat iron has a cordless design that holds a charge for a few uses, allowing you to keep it in your purse for quick touch-ups. It also uses a USB port, so you can use it in the car, with your phone charger, or anywhere in the world. Perfect for clumsy people, or for travel!


3. Clean Your Hair Brush In Seconds With This Brilliant Design

Qwik-Clean Hairbrush, $20, Amazon

My brushes looks like there's tumbleweeds in there within three uses, and this Qwik-Clean hairbrush could be just the answer for all those stuck hairs. It has an innovative design that lets you pull the bristles back, allowing the hair to just fall into the garbage can. Reviewers also say that it's durable, detangles well, and is even awesome for traveling: "I leave the brushes in when I'm traveling so they don't get smashed."


4. This Genius Hair Curler That Can Curl To The Right Or Left

Homitt Ceramic Hair Curler, $60, Amazon

People are flipping over this Homitt ceramic hair curler, which requires pretty much zero skill and leaves you with loose, bouncy curls. It sucks a section of hair into the barrel, curls it, and sets it with a steam function. You can also set multiple different temperatures and decide whether you want your curl going to the right or left for a more natural look.


5. This Soft Heat Bonnet For Easier Color, Oil, Or Chemical Treatments At Home

Laila Ali Soft Bonnet Dryer, $40, Amazon

Speed up your at-home coloring or hot oil treatments with the Laila Ali Soft Bonnet dryer. It delivers ion-infused air flow into a comfortable bonnet, helping to retain moisture for softer, healthier-looking hair. It also works for setting curlers and chemical treatments, and reviewers say, "The best investment ever!"


6. This Genius Blow Dryer That Stands Up On Its Own

Ts Beauty Hands Free Blow Dryer, $65, Amazon

If you have trouble styling while holding the dryer, the Ts Beauty hands free blow dryer is made for you. It's got a removable handle and a stand that allows you to prop it up on the counter, directing the air where you want it without having to hold it. It also has an ionic generator and nano function that dries your hair up to 60 percent faster.


7. This Funky Hair Curler For Voluminous, Easy Curls

Bed Head Rock 'n' Roller Styling Iron, $18, Amazon

If your hair never curls evenly around an average barrel curler, check out this Bed Head Rock 'n' Roller styling iron. Its innovative (and yes, a little weird) shape creates grooves that wind your hair evenly and neatly around the barrel, giving you professional, easy curls every time. One reviewer raves, "My hair curled with EASE! Like so easily! I am seriously shocked... and so happy with this purchase. 2 of my good friends have already purchased this since they saw me with curls!"


8. This Straightening Brush With Anti-Scald Technology

BESTOPE Hair Straightener Brush, $28, Amazon

The most innovative part about this BESTOPE hair straightener brush is its anti-scald design, which protects your fingers and your scalp from heat. However, strands effortlessly glide between the bristles, straightening them and providing negative ions from root to tip. It also takes way less time and skill than your average flat iron, plus causes less damage, too.


9. Change Up Your Curl Game Daily

xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Wand Set, $40, Amazon

I like having the option to curl my hair in loose waves one day, then create more defined curls the next. With the xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 wand set, you can do the work of many different curling irons. It comes with five ceramic curling barrels with all different diameters, each fit effortlessly onto the tool, and it even comes with a heat-resistant styling glove and a travel bag.


10. Trim Hair At Home With This Genius Tool

The Original CreaClip, $30, Amazon

The Original CreaClip is designed for those who cut their bangs on their own or need at-home trims between salon visits. DIY haircuts used to be a risk, but this tool securely holds strands in place and shows you exactly where to cut, so you end up with layered, professional-looking results. It comes with two clips, and each has a flexible body that fits all types and thicknesses of hair.


11. This Space-Saving Solution For More Outlets And Fewer Burns

Saloniture Tabletop Tools Holder, $24, Amazon

Whether you've got limited counterspace or limited outlets, the Saloniture tabletop tools holder solves it all. Its sturdy base has three extra outlets and securely holds a dryer and up to three hot tools. "I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I have a dedicated place for my irons and not worry about burning something is great," says one reviewer.


12. This Magical Unicorn Of A Detangling Brush

ACELIST Detangling Brush, $8, Amazon

People are obsessing over this ACELIST detangling brush, which is pretty much the unicorn equivalent of hair tools. Its odd and colorful bristles are zig-zagged to glide effortlessly through hair, removing knots and snags without pain or breakage. It's also got a mirror on the other side and has a small, convenient shape that's great for travel.


13. A Straightener, A Curler, And A Round Brush In One

xTava Hotness 3-in-1 Styler, $35, Amazon

If you're looking to minimize your heat styling tools (I mean, who really ha that much space under their bathroom sink?), then this little 3-in-1 styler is just the thing. Plug it in and it works as a hair straightener, a hair curler for your ends, or a round brush to add some volume to your roots. It's tourmaline and crushed ceramic plates emit negative ions to reduce heat damage, and it comes with a pouch for easy travel.


14. This Towel For Frizz-Free Natural Ringlets

Devacurl Devatowel, $14, Amazon

Made specifically for those who let their curls dry naturally, the Devacurl Devatowel is made from an anti-static material that dries your curls fast and without frizz. It enhances the shape of your ringlets, fits around your whole head, and lets you tuck the end through a loop so it stays put. The fabric is also anti-microbial, so this towel stays cleaner between washes.


15. This Brush And Blow Dryer In One

Revlon One Step Dryer & Styler, $42, Amazon

This innovative hair dryer is called the Revlon One Step Dryer & Styler, and it's got a convenient brush with tangle-free bristles that styles hair while you dry it. It's a great option for single-hand styling, and it delivers heat between the strands for frizz-free drying in half the time.


16. This Straightener That Utilizes Infrared Light For Sleek, Healthy Hair

xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener, $32, Amazon

This xtava Pro-Satin infrared straightener uses infrared heat technology to penetrate the hair shaft and heat it from the inside-out, resulting in a sleeker, healthier finish. It also has tourmaline ceramic plates to limit damage and universal dual voltage that adjusts to the proper voltage while traveling. According to one reviewer, "It tamed my frizzy static hair," even despite the humid weather. "It lasted so well that my hair even looks great the next day after sleeping on it."


17. This Strange Free-Moving Brush That's On Everyone's Wish List

NanoKeratin BeFri Hair Brush, $18, Amazon

The NanoKeratin BeFri hair brush is one of the most wished for hair tools on Amazon, and that's because of its patented design with eight free-moving arms that glide effortlessly through your hair. It's also got vents and anti-static bristles that have a conditioning effect, and it works on wet or dry hair.


18. The Blow Dryer That Uses Infrared Light To Dry Hair Fast

Berta Infrared Hair Dryer, $40, Amazon

I bought a Berta infrared hair dryer for myself a few months ago, and I've gifted about four of them since. It uses a ray of infrared light to dry hair extremely fast, and it's the most frizz-free result I've ever gotten -- salon blow-outs included. It's also relatively lightweight, has a long cord, and gets tons of airflow.


19. Get Tons Of Volume While Drying And Styling Your Hair (Simultaneously)

Revlon Shine Enchancing Hot Air Kit, $21, Amazon

This genius Revlon Shine Enchancing hot air kit lets you dry and style your hair simultaneously. It releases heat and ionic technology through the thermal brush attachments, and it comes with two different sizes for personalized volume. "This changed my life!" says one thrilled reviewer.


20. For All Those People Who Curl With Their Straightening Iron

Berta 2 in 1 Hair Curler And Straightener, $22, Amazon

If you use a straightener to curl your hair, the Berta 2 in 1 hair curler and straightener has an innovative design that makes the whole process way easier. It heads up all the way around, has a wide window of temperature controls, and can be used as a flat iron or a curling wand (complete with clamp). Reviewers say it's smooth, lightweight, and won't snag your hair no matter how hard you hold the clamp.


21. Three Ceramic Barrels For All Different Looks

Wavy Curling Salon Styler, $30, Amazon

With three ceramic barrels that release negative ions to style hair without damage, the wavy curling Salon Styler is a must-have for all different looks, from beach waves to curls. It's lightweight, super easy to use, and heats up quickly, too. "I have very very long hair that is also very thick, so usually it takes me a long time to get any curly or wavy look," says one reviewer. "I love this barrel waver! It give me the perfect beach waves in seconds."

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