21 Insanely Clever Products You Won’t Believe You Can Get On Amazon

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Some tasks are borderline unbearable, and when it's time to do them, you find yourself asking, "Why the hell hasn't someone invented something to make this easier?" Cue insanely clever products you can buy on Amazon, because there is an easier way to apply sunscreen to your back and peel a pineapple. You just haven't heard of it yet.

Now, Amazon sells a lot of stuff, so when it comes to finding said genius products, the whole process can be a bit tricky. Yes, it's got an insanely impressive selection of things, but the life-changing ones often get lost amidst the kitschy dog statues, phone chargers, and toilet paper with Trump's face on it. If you're willing to spend a few hours surfing through Amazon's best sellers lists, most wished for pages, cool new finds, and Launchpad inventions, you'll probably find a couple of the most useful products you've ever seen. That being said, ain't nobody got time for that.

In the name of efficiency, I did some of the heavy lifting for you. These 21 products have the internet raving about how brilliant and useful they are, and once you use them, you'll never be able to do without them.

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