21 Insanely Clever Products You Won’t Believe You Can Get On Amazon

Some tasks are borderline unbearable, and when it's time to do them, you find yourself asking, "Why the hell hasn't someone invented something to make this easier?" Cue insanely clever products you can buy on Amazon, because there is an easier way to apply sunscreen to your back and peel a pineapple. You just haven't heard of it yet.

Now, Amazon sells a lot of stuff, so when it comes to finding said genius products, the whole process can be a bit tricky. Yes, it's got an insanely impressive selection of things, but the life-changing ones often get lost amidst the kitschy dog statues, phone chargers, and toilet paper with Trump's face on it. If you're willing to spend a few hours surfing through Amazon's best sellers lists, most wished for pages, cool new finds, and Launchpad inventions, you'll probably find a couple of the most useful products you've ever seen. That being said, ain't nobody got time for that.

In the name of efficiency, I did some of the heavy lifting for you. These 21 products have the internet raving about how brilliant and useful they are, and once you use them, you'll never be able to do without them.

1. Stop Thigh Chafing With This Genius Fashion Accessory

Bandelettes Elastic Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands (Sizes A-F), $18, Amazon

Stop thigh chafing under skirts and dresses with these brilliant and fashionable Bandelettes. They provide a grease- and chemical-free way to absorb moisture and help thighs glide comfortably while walking. They also come in different sizes, designs, and colors.


2. Promote a Healthy Circadian Rhythm With This Special Bedtime Light

Lighting Science Good Night Light, $20, Amazon

This Lighting Science Good Night Light helps you to fall asleep faster because it uses a warm soft light that skips the blue waves, which are known to disrupt melatonin production. It plugs into any existing lamp, is great for before-bed reading or pre-morning preparation, and reviewers are saying, "After months of taking OTC sleep aids I don't use them any longer and sleep very well."


3. Charge Your Phone With A Compact Mirror

Hyper Pearl Compact And USB Charger, $29, Amazon

With two mirrors (one normal and one magnified), this Hyper Pearl compact is already super convenient. Throw in a USB rechargeable LED light and emergency phone charger, and you'll never leave home without it.


4. Slice A Pineapple In Seconds With This Handy Tool

Pineapple De-Corer, $7, Amazon

If you eat a lot of pineapples, this Pineapple de-corer might just save you hours of your life. It peels, cores, and slices an entire pineapple in seconds, and because it's dishwasher safe and made from stainless steel, clean-up takes seconds, too.


5. Keep Your Book Open With This Holder

PagePal Page Holder, $21, Amazon

Sip a glass of wine or hold a cookbook open while you stir with the PagePal Page Holder. It's a durable tool made from domestic walnut wood that holds your pages open using only one hand. "It hasn't done any damage to my pages, or bothered my thumb while reading," commented one reviewer. "I hesitated to buy this because it seemed like a want more than a need, but now that I have it, I see that I really needed it."


6. Turn Fruit Into Dairy-Free Ice Cream Within Seconds

Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet Blender, $49, Amazon

For those eating gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, non-processed, or low-sugar, the Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet blender is a must. And if you're not — this thing makes delicious, light sorbets from fruit alone. It's also easy to clean and works in ten seconds or less. That's why it's got reviewers saying stuff like, "Omg, the best thing I've ever bought!"


7. Apply Sunscreen Entirely On Your Own With This Applicator

SunBuddy Lotion Applicator, $20, Amazon

Using two hypoallergenic cosmetic pads, the SunBuddy lotion applicator helps you get all those hard-to-reach places at the beach or at a barbecue. Basically, you'll never again have to ask someone you vaguely know, "Can you get my back?" The extendable handle provides an extra 4.5 inches of reach, and it folds up and stores away in its pouch when it's not in use.


8. Drain The Water Into Your Sink With An Adorable Elephant

Elephant Kitchen Cutlery Drainer, $8, Amazon

Adorable and extremely functional, the Elephant Kitchen cutlery drainer has a trunk that drains the water out and straight into your sink. It's also great for toothbrushes or sponges, and reviewers say, "So much gunk can get caught up in the regular holders but this allows all the water to drain out."


9. Watch Your Tablet Hands-Free With This Device

AboveTEK Gooseneck iPad Holder, $39, Amazon

Watch movies in bed, read hands-free on the couch, or provide an extra screen at work with the AboveTEK iPad Holder. It's got a reliable clamp and a gooseneck, so you can attach it to just about any surface and get just the right angle. It's also universally compatible with tablets, smartphones, and E-readers.


10. Stop Sinking Down Into The Grass With These Heel Protectors

High Heel Protectors, $15 (Set of 3), Amazon

Tis the season of barbecues and weddings, and if you're going in heels, grass is your mortal enemy. These high heel protectors stop you from sinking down into the dirt and keep your shoes clean. They also come in a pack of three different sizes to fit small, medium and large heel widths.


11. Sleep Comfortably All Night With These Clever Headphones

ACOTop Sleep Headphones, $22, Amazon

Whether you're a particularly light sleeper or you need a podcast before bed, these ACOTop sleep headphones are a brilliant idea. They cover your eyes and provide a clear, comfortable stream of music right to your ears, but they have a sleek, breathable design that you can wear all night. They even come with a convenient travel case.


12. Save That Unfinished Beer With These Reusable Caps

Beer Savers, $6 (Pack of 6), Amazon

If you can't finish a bottle of wine, you can plug it back up, but if you can't finish your beer or want to use a little for a recipe, you're screwed — until now. Beer Savers are washable and reusable silicone caps that keep your beer fresh and dust-free for a while. They also come in a multi-colored set of six, so you know whose beer belongs to who.


13. This Hidden Flask That Looks Just Like An Umbrella

Hidden Umbrella Flask, $15, Amazon

This brilliant hidden umbrella flask makes it easy to sneak drinks into sporting events, concerts, beaches, or anywhere else. It looks exactly like a folded umbrella, but it's made from BPA-free food grade materials, comes with three leak proof lid seals, and even has a speed-pourer.


14. Hold Multiple Bags At Once Without Hurting Your Hand

X-Large Bag Hooks, $14 (Pack of 2), Amazon

Carry all your groceries or bags at once with these extra large bag hooks. They're made from durable metal, can hold up to 60 pounds, and close to clasp securely around strollers or carts. They've also got a cushioned hand grip so you can make one single trip without any discomfort.


15. Turn Any Plate Into A Dip Server

Dip Clips, $8 (Set of 4), Amazon

Turn any plate into a dip server with these Dip Clips. The soft grip material securely fastens to basically any flatware (including paper), and they can hold dressings, salsa, and condiments to make snacking fun and convenient. They're also dishwasher safe.


16. Organize Your Suitcase With These Packing Shelves

Travelon Deluxe Packable Shelves, $35, Amazon

Access all of your clothes, shoes, and toiletries without upsetting your whole suitcase. The Travelon Deluxe packable shelves is a unit that you pack while it's hanging up. It then collapses into your suitcase during travel, and when you reach your destination, simply hang it up again to access all your stuff. This one includes two open shelves and one closed zipper compartment.


17. Carry Around An LED Light The Size Of A Credit Card

Credit Card Lightbulb, $9 (10 Pack), Amazon

These adorable credit card lightbulbs are flat and extremely compact when not in use. All you need to do is flip them upwards to produce a bright LED light. Put them in your wallet, trunk, glove compartment, or pocketbook to find or read things in a snap.


18. Blend Drinks And Charge Your Phone With This Portable Cup

USB Juicer Cup, $40, Amazon

Make protein shakes, smoothies, juices, and even baby foods on the go with this brilliant USB juicer cup. It uses a USB plug to blend anything you want directly inside the portable travel cup. It even doubles as a charger for your cell phone, and it's easy to clean.


19. The Little Tool That Easily Removes Facial Hair

Bellabe Facial Hair Remover, $16, Amazon

This facial hair remover traps hair in its precision coils, taking it out at the root — it's less painful than waxing, and because it's chemical-free, you can use it often without irritation. It's gentle anywhere, so you can use it on your cheeks, upper lip, or chin without worry. It comes with a holder for easy travel, and it's one of the fastest ways to remove facial hair.


20. Keep Your Pillow Cool With This Gel Mat

LinenSpa Instant Cooling Pad, $20, Amazon

This cooling pad is a comfortable way to keep cool at night. It can be made cool by putting it in the refrigerator or laying it flat on any surface, and the effect will last for hours. You can also use it for your laptop or for pets, too.


21. Measure Your Spices With This Automatic Dispenser

Auto-Measure Spice Dispensers, $28, Amazon

This auto-measure spice dispenser rack has a dial on each of the 12 removable compartments that measures out one fourth of a teaspoon with every click. It also comes on a rotating base and has 55 included spice labels to make organization a breeze.

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