21 Insanely Clever Time-Saving Products that Lazy People Will Love

By Emily Estep
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There's nothing wrong with being lazy. In fact, sometimes I end up watching the same tv channel for hours, just because I don’t want to search for the remote. If you know this struggle, then you’re probably always on the lookout for insanely clever products for lazy people. They nurture laziness, and finding small ways to simplify your routine is essential for those of us who couldn't be bothered with any extra steps throughout the day.

There are so many important but menial tasks that seem like a major time-suck, and there's nothing better than finding shortcuts for them. From cleaning up after your pet to folding endless piles of laundry, we the (lazy) people certainly don’t have the time or willpower to vacuum the carpet. Ironing a wrinkled shirt on a weekday morning? No thanks!

With the power of the Internet, one can scour a vast marketplace for gizmos and gadgets that streamline life. There are countless products out there designed to save you time and effort - but few are truly the champions of the lazy. Whether you wear the lazy badge proudly, or you have a loved one who fits the bill, check out these clever time-saving products that lazy people will love:

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