21 Instantly-Gratifying Products People Are Obsessed With On Amazon

By Emily Estep
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They say patience is a virtue, but whoever said that probably didn't have to wait 30 minutes in line at the post office or for their nail polish to dry. It’s no wonder that the impatient people out there are going crazy for instantly-gratifying products on Amazon. Sometimes, you just want immediate satisfaction.

From a magic cloth that makes your makeup removal process go five times faster to a device that turns your hot coffee into iced coffee in one minute, any product that provides instant, time-saving results is rapidly gaining in popularity online.

And a lot of these time-saving goodies aren't just about getting what you want ASAP, some of them offer both functional and entertaining results. An automatic soap dispenser is hygienic, and it’s also fun to watch work its magic. A magnetic zen garden will provide much-needed stress relief, all while being awesome to look at.

Are you looking for an instant gratification fix? While we can't tell you when that long awaited paycheck will show up in the mail, or when you can open that can of soda without ruining your manicure, we can share these popular Amazon products that are sure to satisfy in the meantime.

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