21 Life-Changing Self-Care Products You Never Knew You Needed

Self-care means something different to everyone. For me, it's a day spent reading uplifting books and doing yoga next to my Himalayan salt lamp. For you, it might be something else entirely, but either way, the internet has some surprisingly genius self-care products to promote mental and physical well-being.

While the definition of self-care can be a bit broad (ranging anywhere from getting a little more sleep to treating yourself to a fancy vacation), it's really just ensuring that you're setting aside time for you and your needs. Whether you're disheartened by the news, stressed out at work, or feeling a bit overwhelmed, it's always good to take a break. Even the activities that are supposed to help us unwind, like scrolling through Facebook or watching television, sometimes have the opposite effect on our stress levels. More than ever before, I'm turning to reliable products that can pick me up no matter how bad of a mood I'm in.

So next time you're feeling like your tension levels are higher than usual, unplug with an adult coloring book, take an aromatherapy shower, or reach for a portable shiatsu massager. Here are some of the most life-changing self-care items that you never knew you needed, but could improve your well-being on a daily basis.

1. This High Quality Essential Oil Diffuser For Clean, Healthy Air

Pilgrim Teo Essential Oil Diffuser, $70, Amazon

I'm obsessed with my Pilgrim Teo essential oil diffuser, and I'll probably never own another brand. With a sleek wooden base and ceramic top, it looks a lot sleeker than other diffusers, and it delivers a strong, cool-mist stream of my favorite essential oils for hours at a time. It also doubles as a calming mood or meditation light with two settings, and it's quiet and made from healthy PVC plastic to ensure safety.


2. This Must-Have Charcoal Scrub For DIY Spa Nights

Majestic Pure Activated Charcoal Body Scrub, $15, Amazon

Made with mineral-rich dead sea salts in addition to the activated charcoal, this Majestic Pure activated charcoal body scrub is a must-have for any at-home spa night. It gently exfoliates dead skin while soaking up impurities, which also helps get rid of dirt and excess oil. Reviewers love that it makes their skin feel super smooth.


3. All The Supplies You Need For A Calming Coloring Session

Vive Le Color! Serenity Adult Coloring Kit, $10, Amazon

The Vive Le Color! Serenity adult coloring kit gives you everything you need for a calming coloring session, right at your fingertips. It comes with eight vibrant pencils, a sharpener, and a top-bound coloring pad (great whether you're left-handed or right). The 94 intricate designs are printed on high-quality paper that reviewers can't get enough of, and it's a great way to unplug and relax your mind after a stressful day.


4. Get In Some Movement And Mindfulness On The Go

The Mark Stephens Yoga Sequencing Deck, $25, Amazon

This genius Mark Stephens yoga sequencing deck is incredible for those of us with busy schedules and stationary jobs. It comes with over 100 color-coded flash cards featuring yoga positions that can be done while sitting, standing, or lying down, so you can get in a little movement and mindfulness anywhere. They can also be easily sequenced to customize your very own routines and practices at home.


5. This Weird Acupressure Mat For Improved Relaxation And Pain-Relief

Spoonk Acupressure Mat Set, $50, Amazon

I genuinely don't know what I'd do without my Spoonk acupressure mat set. It uses tiny durable spikes that stimulate pressure points in the back and neck, which can improve circulation, minimize pain in problem areas, and relax your whole body. Made from high-quality cotton and plant-based eco foam, this set comes with a mat, a neck roll, a carrying case, and a stimulation ball. "This is an incredible product," says one happy buyer. "A bit strange for the first couple of minutes, but after that you feel totally relaxed. After only a week of using it, I am hooked! I feel more refreshed in the morning, and less stressed during the day."


6. This Gorgeous Fashion Statement That Actually Tracks Your Movement, Sleep, And Stress Levels

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker, $124, Amazon

With almost 2000 glowing reviews, the Bellabeat Leaf Urban health tracker is an incredibly innovative tool to help improve your well-being. Like most other fitness trackers, it notes your steps, distances, sleep patterns, and even your menstrual cycle and stress levels. However, it looks like a gorgeous piece of jewelry and comes with a bracelet band and a necklace chain so you can wear it any which way. It syncs right up to your phone to help you manage your health, and has reviewers saying things like, "Best money I've spent in ages... I've been wearing it 24/7 since it arrived."


7. This Versatile And Uplifting Natural Spray For Hair And Skin

Radha Rose Water Toner, $10, Amazon

This Radha rose water toner uses only pure USDA-certified organic rose water, and it's amazing for so many things. It cleanses skin, refreshes your complexion, and can even hydrate hair. Since it comes in a convenient spray bottle, it supplies a soothing mist any time you need it, whether that's at work or after the gym.


8. This Travel-Friendly Shiatsu Massager With A Heat Function

Naipo Shiatsu Shoulder Massager, $50, Amazon

With eight deep-kneading massage nodes, an advanced heating function, and convenient pocket handles, the Naipo Shiatsu shoulder massager is your tool for relaxation anywhere. It can be used to work out knots and stress in your back, shoulders, legs, or feet, and since it has a power adapter and car charger, you can feel full-body relief at home or during your commute.


9. Incorporate This Superfood Into Your Daily Routine

Yuve Matcha Green Tea Powder, $28, Amazon

People are absolutely obsessing over this Yuve Matcha green tea powder, which is naturally sweet, free of GMOs, and adds a superfood-kick to your smoothies, drinks, and baking. It's full of healthy nutrients and has naturally-occurring caffeine for a boost of energy. "I did HOURS of research searching for a better brand," says one reviewer. "Today I received my little tin of Yuve. It's like heaven." Take a cup somewhere quiet and relax for a minute!


10. Never Cut Your Bath Time Short Because Of A Stiff Neck

Harrison House Luxurious Bath Pillow, $30, Amazon

If your bath time is ever cut short due to a stiff neck, the Harrison House luxurious bath pillow is the answer. It's got four large and reliable suction cups that keep it just where you need it, and the material is waterproof and mildew-free for a clean and comfortable experience. It's also built to last, fits just about any tub, and supports your neck and back simultaneously. This one even comes with a free konjac sponge.


11. This Law Of Attraction Planner That Lays The Groundwork For All Your Goals

Law of Attraction Success Planner, $36, Amazon

People are absolutely loving this Law of Attraction success planner, because it takes care of so much more than your dates and to-do lists. It teaches you how to set and reach all of your goals (from personal to business) using an uplifting habit-creating formula that can increase productivity by 300 percent. "This planner is beautifully done and is well laid out," says one reviewer. "The design layout guides you perfectly to assist you in laying the groundwork for your goals."


12. This Lamp That Mimics Sunlight To Improve Mood And Energy Levels

PureBliss Energy Lamp, $60, Amazon

Using the benefits of light therapy, the PureBliss energy lamp delivers 10,000 luxe of sun-mimicking light that helps boost your mood and energy levels while inside. It promises to ease symptoms of seasonal blues and can even help to reset your circadian rhythm. Best of all, it's compact and has built-in treatment timers for sessions up to two hours.


13. These Microwavable Slippers That Deliver Warmth and Aromatherapy

Comfort Herbal Warming Slippers, $30, Uncommon Goods

Packed with twelve different healing herbs, comfort herbal warming slippers just need to be placed in the microwave for a minute; then they deliver soothing warmth to your feet and relaxing aromatherapy to your space. They can even be put in the freezer if you're in need of a cold compress.

Uncommon Goods

14. Work Out Kinks And Knots All By Yourself With This Simple Tool

LiBa Back and Neck Massager Tool, $20, Amazon

Especially wonderful for those with knots or a rigorous workout routine, the LiBa back and neck massager tool has a durable build and an ergonomic design that can be used to stimulate your trigger points. It uses leverage against your own body to knead and massage hard-to-reach places by yourself, and has reviewers raving: "This little device is an astounding life saver. Do not be fooled by its simplicity. It has the durability needed to provide serious pressure point relief for chronic muscle pain."


15. Carry Your Essential Oils Everywhere With You

Antique Silver Aromatherapy Necklace, $20, Amazon

This antique silver aromatherapy necklace lets you carry the healing benefits and relaxing scents of your favorite essential oils with you anywhere you go. The locket comes with two lava rocks which absorb your favorite blends, releasing them slowly into the air throughout the day. It also comes with a hanging storage bottle, and reviewers love how cute and fashionable the whole thing is.


16. Block Out Distracting Sounds Anywhere With This Portable Sound Machine

Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine, $29, Amazon

Portable, rechargeable, and insanely relaxing, the Marpac Rohm white noise sound machine can improve your sleep, give you a calming work environment, or block out distractions wherever you are. You can choose between 3 different sounds, and it's USB rechargeable for your convenience.


17. This Organic Aromatherapy Mist For Your Room, Pillow, Or Yoga Mat

Organic French Lavender Aromatherapy Spray, $25, Amazon

Made with only natural ingredients and real essential oils, this organic French Lavender aromatherapy spray delivers a calming mist to your pillow at night. If you have trouble falling asleep, this scent can help keep your mind from racing right before bedtime, and you can use it as a natural air freshener or a yoga mat cleaner, too.


18. This Stylish, Modern Take On A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Plemo Himalayan Salt Lamp, $30, Amazon

The Plemo Himalayan salt lamp puts a fresh modern spin on a classic design. It uses natural salt crystals which release negative ions into the air as they heat up, purifying your space while giving off a relaxing orange glow. It's also got a safety cord and dimmer, so you can customize your mood lighting.


19. Give Dry Brushing A Shot With This High-Quality Set

Spaverde Dry Brushing Set, $20, Amazon

Dry brushing is incredible when it comes to stimulating circulation, promoting lymphatic health, and exfoliating dead skin. This Spaverde dry brushing set comes with a face and body brush, both made with natural boar bristles and durable cherry wood handles. They also come with a convenient carrying and storage bag, and reviewers say this set "feels like getting a massage."


20. Infuse Your Showers With USDA-Organic Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Shower Kit, $45, Uncommon Goods

Disperse your favorite essential oils right into your shower water with this genius aromatherapy shower kit. It comes with three pods filled with USDA-certified essential oils and a handle that attaches to your showerhead. Each one smells heavenly and releases the oils at a slow, constant rate, rejuvenating your hair and skin and filling your lungs with steamy relaxation.


21. This Heated Scarf With Pockets And Aromatic Herbs

Heated Microwaveable Neck Wrap, $32, Amazon

This heated neck wrap is filled with flax seeds and aromatic herbs, and when put in the microwave, releases warmth and aromatherapy to your most tired areas. It's also got deep end pockets for your phone or remote control, and it's great for sore muscles, stress relief, cramps, or just especially cold days.

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