21 Life-Changing Things You Can Find On Amazon For Under One Dollar


Remember when getting a dollar was super exciting? As a kid, I thought I'd be able to retire off all the sweet tooth fairy dollars I was bringing in — one whole dollar had so many possibilities then! Well, get ready to treasure those Washingtons again for some life-changing things on Amazon under $1.

Don't worry, this list won't be weird off-brands and knockoff items. I learned my lesson about that stuff after I got a pack of "Sherpies" markers at the dollar store. No, these are actually useful items that cost practically nothing. Always wanted a Beauty Blender but didn't want to shell out $20 for a sponge? Well, there's one for 99 cents. It's an amazing beauty deal and that's just one item from the list.

So why not spend some cash on the cheapest shopping spree ever? Get all the $1 french fry cutters and holographic nail stickers that you've always wanted! Or, load up on holiday gifts early. Your friends don't have to know that their treasured present only set you back a buck. Go ahead, search your couch for change, get those neglected singles out of your wallet, and prepare to be amazed by what a dollar can really do.

1Holographic Stickers For Amazing Manicures


TOPBeauty Nail Stencil Sticker Set, $.31 (72 Pieces), Amazon

If you've liked your fair share of Instagram posts with amazing nail art, these stencils might be for you. You get 72 pieces with a huge variety of designs. Just paint your nail a base color, put on the sticker, then paint your contrasting color — you can use them as stencils or paint a top coat over them. You'll get a beautiful design that barely takes longer than a normal manicure.

2A Sponge That Looks Just Like A Beauty Blender


CAETLE Beauty Flawless Blender Cosmetic Sponge, $.99, Amazon

If you need a new blending sponge, give this blender a try. It looks just like a Beauty Blender and has all the same qualities: it absorbs water, has a teardrop shape, and...it's a sponge. Since any blending sponge needs to be replaced often, this is a great deal.

3A Slicer So You Can Make Your Own Fries


Vktech Stainless French Fry Cutter, $.51, Amazon

Have you ever tried to cut your own french fries? It's hard to get them even! And now, for 51 cents, you can have perfectly shaped homemade fries with this cutter. Made of stainless steel, it cuts potatoes (or whatever other vegetable you'd like to use) into a lovely fry shape. Since the cutter itself is half the price of a small fry at any fast food place, it seems like a bargain.

4A Unique Brush Made To Hold Foundation


Laimeng Flat Perfecting Face Brush Premium, $.61, Amazon

If you're getting new beauty supplies, half the time the brushes cost more than the makeup itself. You won't have that problem with this brush. It's cheaper than lipstick and has a unique design — the brush has a concave portion at the top designed to hold foundation, so you won't waste makeup by having it all fall down the brush handle.

5A Cute Cleaner For Your Makeup Brushes


Misaky Silicone Makeup Washing Brush, $.50, Amazon

I've been seeing silicone makeup brush cleaners all over the place, but never one this inexpensive. It's got different textures to really clean every brush, no matter the size, and it comes in a few cute colors, too.

6The Cutest, Cheapest Makeup Bag Ever


Hosaire Pencil Case, $.01, Amazon

Look at this adorable case! Use it for pencils, makeup, or anything else you can think of. It zips up to keep your stuff in place while the cactus design is amazingly cute. Also, it only costs a penny, and is big enough to fit a cell phone.

7A Place For All Your Disposable Grocery Bags


Kemilove Bag Holder Dispenser, $.85, Amazon

I usually wind up with a cabinet that's crammed full of plastic grocery bags. Instead of letting them take up so much space, try out this holder. You hang it from the wall and it easily stores all your bags. When you need one, just pull a grocery bag from the top and go on your way. It's a pretty simple idea and an easy way to make your kitchen much tidier.

8A Tool To Get Rid Of All Those Little Corn Hairs


Amco Corn Desilker, $.40, Amazon

We're in prime corn on the cob season, so if there was ever a time to buy a corn desilker, it's now. This round brush takes all those stringy hairs off your ear of corn so you won't have to pick them out of your teeth later. If you eat a lot of fresh corn or plan on hosting some kind of corn based party, this might be a must have.

9These Adorable Light Up Elephants


Goodtrade8 7-Color LED Light Changing Elephants, $.99 (2 Pack), Amazon

Oh my god, look at these! These light up elephants can change to seven different colors and they're basically the cutest thing ever made. They're low heat, so they're safe to use anywhere. They run on batteries, you could put a pair of elephants wherever you need a little extra light.

10A Bottle For All Your Protein Shakes


Bonison 25 Oz Shake Bottle with Flip Top Spout, $.99, Amazon

Have a protein shake whenever you want with this bottle. You get a BPA-free, dishwasher safe bottle and circular whisk. Just shake it up and the whisk blends your protein powder into a tasty smoothie. Super practical and a great deal.

11A Wooden Mug For Your Tea Or Your Wine


GeniusKids Natural Solid Wood Mug, $.99, Amazon

If you're going for a natural look in your kitchen or want to throwback to the wooden bowls of the late '70s/early '80s, get yourself one or two of these mugs. You get one jujube wood cup that'll hold any beverage hot or cold. If you have a real problem with breaking wine glasses, this wooden mug might be your answer.

12A Tiny Fan That Connects To Your Laptop


Tuscom Adjustable USB Mini Cooling Fan, $.29, Amazon

If you're typing away and afraid you might faint from the heat, this little fan is here to save the day. Just plug it into your USB port and you get a cool breeze coming from its tiny blades, and the flexible tube allows you to point the fan wherever you like. This will keep you and your laptop a little cooler!

13A Silicone Mold That Spells Out Your Love Of Baking


Kemilove 26 Letter Silicone Food Mold, $.75, Amazon

Take your cake decorating skills to the next level with this alphabet mold. You can pour in chocolate, cupcake batter, cookie dough, or any other food you'd like to see made into a phrase. The silicone is safe for baking and super easy to wash and store.

14These Helpful Toothbrush Covers That Are Great For Travel


Chartsea Travel Toothbrush Covers, $1 (Pack of 5), Amazon

Toothbrushes get exposed to a lot of gunk, especially if you're traveling with them. Luckily, these super cheap and surprisingly resilient toothbrush covers can keep yours protected and easy to pick out, whether you've got it stashed in a suitcase, a backpack, or a purse.

15This Eye Mask That Can Help You Really Relax


Panda Eye Mask with Removable Ice Bag, $1, Amazon

Feeling stressed after a long day and wish you had a way to really relax? This super-cute eye mask can help you chill the F out, literally. It's made with cozy fleece, looks just like a snuggly panda bear, and comes with two removable ice bags. Another perk to this mask is that reviewers say it can help reduce pain and under-eye swelling.

16A Cute Little Organizer For Extra Storage


NOMENI Storage Organizer, $.69, Amazon

If you'd like a better place for your lotions or need extra room to stash your lipsticks, sprays, or combs, this organizer is a great option. It's made from bamboo fiber and makes for a solid extra alternative when you're looking to organize better around your bedroom or bathroom.

17A Screen Protector Made From Tempered Glass


Laxier Tempered Glass Screen Protector, $.01 (2 Pack), Amazon

Looking for a way to keep your phone safe from cracked screens, fingerprint smudges, and scratches? You can with this cheap as hell pack of screen protectors. Ideal for iPhones, these screen protectors are extremely resilient, and can also keep your screen super crisp, sharp, and clear. It also goes on bubble-free and is super simple to install.

18An Organizer That Keeps Your Purse Neat


If Love Women Travel Insert Handbag Organizer, $.98, Amazon

If your keys always get lost in the bottom of your bag, you might want this handbag organizer. It gives you an extra layer of mesh pockets, so you can easily see all your most needed items. It has one large pocket, four small pockets, two zippered pockets, and five mesh ones to hold even more stuff.

19An Orange Peeler To Save Your Nails


Viskey Orange Peeler, $1, Amazon

Getting a bunch of citric acid under your nails will make you want to keep away from oranges forever. Instead of dealing with that pain, try this orange peeler. It takes the peel off without damaging the fruit itself. Plus, there are no blades, so it's safe to put in a kids lunchbox or take with you to work.

20The Jewelry That Opens Your Beer Bottle


Island Dogs Bottle Opener Ring, $1, Amazon

Are you shy at parties? Have trouble making friends? Well, if you get this bottle opener ring, you'll be everybody's hero. There are never enough bottle openers at house parties, so this ring could be the start of a lot of great conversations. Even outside of parties, you just never know when there could be a bottle opening emergency. This time, you'll be prepared.

21A Little Tool For All Your Garlic Needs


Malltop Kitchen Multifunction Garlic Tool, $.99, Amazon

Dicing up your own garlic takes a surprising amount of time and you wind up with your fingers covered in garlic smell for days. Instead, try this garlic tool. It'll press, grate, or slice those little flavorful bulbs making cooking just a little easier. And they come in fun, bright colors, too.

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