21 Most Genius Things On Amazon Under $1

By Emily Estep
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If you appreciate things that are new and genius but don't have the cash to throw down, we have good news. There are tons of genius products on Amazon for under $1. Yep. We're talking about things you can buy for way less than a gallon of gasoline.

A lot of people believe higher price tags result in higher quality, but we know that's not always true. Instead of shelling out for a name brand item, you can get something just as good for a lot less — and we’ve found things that are not only brilliant, but work just as well as the ones you'd spend a lot more for in stores.

These are all products that solve problems, help you organize your home, save you time and money, and best of all, are available on Amazon for mere pocket change. We’re talking net grocery bags that make carrying your items home easier, an adorable and sanitary case for your makeup sponge, and an innovative little kitchen tool that grates multiple cloves of garlic with a turn of the handle.

These genius products for under $1 on Amazon are sure to become staples in your home, without a penny of regret.

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