21 Movies & TV Shows Coming To Netflix In September 2016 For Your Fall Viewing Pleasure

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Bad news: Summer will be ending soon. Good news: Netflix exists. What I mean is, though September marks the end of summer, it also marks the beginning of your fall entertainment. There are so many good TV shows and movies coming out in September on Netflix, and, with the weather about to change, you have no excuse to not watch them.

Among a sea of classic films like Jaws and Footloose, Netflix has slated a few unmissable originals. If I were you, I'd start planning your days and nights around Netflix's original documentaries like Amanda Knox and Audrie & Daisie. Or put an "X" on your calendar now for the date the long-awaited Luke Cage premieres. Or Narcos Season 2.

As great as it was to curl up on your coach or bed in the hot summer months (with the AC blasting, probably) to watch your favorite shows and films, there's nothing that beats back-to-back viewing sessions in the fall. As the weather begins to change, you'll have more and more reasons to stay inside, make a cup of presumably pumpkin flavored tea, and feast your eyes on some of the best Netflix has to offer. Let's do this people.

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