21 Odd But Brilliant Things On Amazon That Even People Who Are Hard To Please Will Love

I'm the type of person who finds shopping extremely stressful. Lines are irritating, I'm convinced that department stores are intentionally disorienting, and finding jeans that fit my baby-bearing hips as well as my 4'11" height? Impossible. Perhaps the worst shopping experience, however, is finding gifts for people who are notoriously hard to buy for. Nothing ever seems adequate enough, and more often than not, you end up reaching for a pair of socks out of desperation. You then justify your purchase with, "But they've got sushi on them."

Maybe this loved one has everything already, or maybe they're just a really pragmatic person who prefers practical gifts that they'll actually use. Either way, a paperweight and a mug full of candy isn't going to cut it here. Your best bet here is thinking outside of the box.

For the particularly challenging people on my list, my go-to is always Amazon. They've got tons of weird but genius products that'll suit even your hardest-to-please friend. In addition to a great review section and super reliable shipping, Amazon has items that solve actual problems, have multiple functionalities, and are totally new to the market, so you can be sure that said difficult gift-receiver hasn't seen anything like it before.


Give The Gift Of Bonsai Trees With This All-Inclusive Set

Nature's Blossom Sow and Grow 4 Bonsai Trees Germination Kit, $25, Amazon

The Nature's Blossom Sow and Grow Bonsai Trees germination kit gives you everything you need to grow your very own Bonsai trees. It comes with organic seeds, peat soil disks, growing pots, plant markers, and instructions, and each set comes with four different types of trees. It’s a number one best seller in plants and seeds, and it makes an incredible housewarming gift for someone who has it all.


The Gift Of A Spa-Like Coconut Milk Bath

Herbivore Botanicals All Natural Coconut Milk Bath Soak, $24, Amazon

Luxurious, healthy, and amazing for skin, this Herbivore Botanicals coconut milk bath soak isn't your average spa gift. It's made with all natural ingredients — primarily coconut milk, which soothes inflammation, supports healing, balances the skin, and leaves everything feeling silky smooth. People also say that this stuff smells amazing.


These Sensible Nesting Bowls That Cover All Your Bases

Joseph Joseph Nesting Mixing Bowl Set, $35, Amazon

For the extremely practical person's housewarming party, you've got this Joseph Joseph nesting mixing bowl set. It comes with nine pieces including bowls, measuring cups, and a colander, and they all effortlessly fit together to save room in your cabinets. They're also super durable and dishwasher-safe.


For All Your Beer Drinking Needs

Bottle Opener Magnet, $15, Amazon

Beer lovers are really digging this bottle-opener fridge magnet, which sticks right on the fridge door without any damaging tools. No more scrounging for the bottle opener that always seems to disappear at the most critical moments, like, for example, 6 p.m. on a Friday night.


This Versatile USB Vacuum To Clean Up Small Messes

LIVION Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner, $20, Amazon

Portable, effective, and oh-so-convenient, this LIVION mini desk vacuum cleaner helps you to clean tight corners and delicate areas using nothing but a USB port. It comes with multiple heads and a no-bag canister to collect dust and crumbs from your keyboard, desk, camera, and craft table. It also comes in three cool colors, and can be used with AA batteries instead.


These Fun Alternatives To Your Standard Pot Holders

Fred Pot Pinchers Silicone Pot Holders, $15, Amazon

These Fred Pot Pinchers silicone pot holders are a fun and effective alternative to pot holders. They’re made from heat-resistant silicone that protects your hands and fingers from pots, lids, and handles, and they’ve got surprisingly good grip and control.


Have Odor-Fighting Power Wherever You Go

Car Air Purifier, $16, Amazon

This car air purifier offers a pretty clever solution for keeping your car's air clean and smelling fresh. It pumps out negative ions, which destroy odor-causing particulates, rather than just covering them up with scent. It even kills airborne mold, bacteria, and viruses. Plug it into your car's 12v outlet to immediately let the purifying begin.


The Most Adorable Tea Infuser That Ever Was

Cute Platypus Tea Infuser, $13, Amazon

This set of two Cute Platypus Tea Infusers has been on my wishlist for quite a while, and people are totally raving about them. Fill their bellies with your favorite loose-leaf tea and prop the adorable heat on the side of your mug. They're also made of durable food-safe silicone, have fine holes that prevent leaves from getting through, and are dishwasher-safe for easy clean up.


The Solution For All The Smelly Things In Your Home

remodeez Footwear Deodorizer, $10, Amazon

If you're dealing with gross smells in your shoes, refrigerator, or closets, you should check out this all-natural solution. Instead of just covering up odors like other air fresheners do, these activated charcoal fresheners actually absorb moisture to prevent lingering smells and bacterial growth — stopping funky smells at the source.


A Face Wash With The Most Unique Ingredients

Jack Black Deep Dive Facial Cleanser, $20, Amazon

Hear me out: Combining volcanic ash and kaolin clay may sound more like a science experiment than what you'd put on your face, but these two ingredients really give you clearer skin. The kaolin clay naturally purifies the skin, and volcanic ash works to retain skin's moisture long after washing. Want an even deeper clean? Use it weekly as a detoxifying mask.


These Korean Wine Pads To Exfoliate And Soften Skin

Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine, $16, Amazon

This popular Korean beauty product is called the Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze peeling wine, and it uses grape-infused pads to remove build-up, dead skin, and dirt from the face. The innovative formula uses a double-sided gauze pad to exfoliate and soak up impurities, leaving your face ultra soft and smooth. “My skin feels amazing after using this,” says one reviewer. “Smell is like grape jelly… Enough to help take off the dead skin without harming the live cells.”


This Sleek Essential Oil Diffuser And Humidifier

Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser, $25, Amazon

Sleek, modern, and safe, the Riverock essential oil diffuser delivers a steady stream of cool mist and aromatherapy into your room. It's designed for efficiency and ease of use in spaces like yoga studios, offices, and bedrooms, and it's got a built-in light that changes colors for ultimate relaxation.


Prop Your Phone Up In Jurassic Style

Comix Mini Dinosaur Cute Cell Phone Mount, $9, Amazon

To hold everything from your business cards to your phone, you've got this Comix mini dinosaur mount. It comes in multiple colors and makes an adorable desk decoration, but reviewers also find it particularly functional, too: "I usually watch Netflix/Hulu/Prime Video on my phone when I'm in bed, and I've dropped my iPhone on my face more times than I'd care to admit. It's a plus too, so it hurts. This little dino now holds my phone so I can safely binge in bed."


This Space-Savvy Himalayan Night Light That Purifies The Air For You

Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light, $16, Amazon

Carved from natural Himalayan salt crystals, this Himalayan salt lamp night light plugs straight into any wall outlet to give you a calming orange glow. However, it also purifies the air by releasing negative ions into your space, which cling to dust and allergens to clear them away. “I wanted put a Himalayan salt rock in my bathroom but I didn't have a good spot for a large one,” says one reviewer. “The glow in my bathroom is just enough light and it is so pretty.”


This Natural Exfoliating Cleanser That Does It All Without Damage

Natural Vitamin E Facial Exfoliating Scrub, $19, Amazon

With organic ingredients like lavender and avocado oil, this exfoliating facial scrub is a gentle way to cleanse, moisturize, protect, and remove dead skin all at once. It uses natural jojoba pearls to unclog pores and exfoliate without damaging your skin’s natural oils, and the reviews are absolutely glowing because it removes all makeup and grime without leaving your face overly dry.


The Easiest Way to Relax And Relieve Back Pain

Magic Back Support Back Stretching Device, $26, Amazon

Stretch your back and reduce discomfort with this ergonomically designed self-massager, which reviewers say works like a charm if you struggle with chronic back aches. Designed with portability in mind, this works whether you're in the office, in the car, or just at home and need a little extra support. Since this device is manual, you don't need to worry about batteries or being within reach of an outlet, which gives this added convenience, especially when you're on the go.


This Odd Tool That's Perfect For Avocados

Amco 2-in-1 Avocado Slicer and Pitter, $13, Amazon

Handling an avocado doesn't have to be the pits. With this two-in-one slicer and pitter, you can separate ripe avocado from its shell and take out the pit without any additional stress. It comes with a wired end, so slicing is a breeze, and it has a comfy handle so it's not hard to operate. Instead of using a knife, Amazon reviewers recommend giving this multifunctional tool a try. "This is the best avocado slicer I have ever used! it scoops out the avocado easily and leaves almost none in the Peel. Perfect little slices."


One Of The Most Versatile Beauty Ingredients Out There

Majestic Pure Indian Healing Clay Powder, $11, Amazon

This Bentonite Clay is one of the most versatile beauty products out there, and that’s because it’s ultra-absorbent, entirely natural, and incredible for so many things. You can use it as a face mask for glowing skin, a hair detoxifier for cleaner roots and stronger strands, or as a face wash that shrinks pores. It also diminishes wrinkles, gently exfoliates, and soaks up toxins in the skin. To top it off, it’s pure and high-grade quality, and its extremely high rating ensures that even your hardest-to-please friend will be thrilled.


This Bizarrely Innovative Toe Stretcher That'll Help Relax Your Feet

ToePal Gel Toe Separator, $18, Amazon

This brilliant invention is ideal for anyone who struggles with toe discomfort and is looking for relief. Designed to be worn at home or even when you're out and about, these separators can also be a discreet method for straightening toes. Reviewers use them for all kinds of things: helping alleviate restless leg syndrome, painting toe nails, battling foot pain, and more.


Weekly Inspiration To Reach Your Goals

The 52 Lists Project, $14, Amazon

This year, any of your goals are in reach with the help of the 52 Lists Project. Its design helps you easily outline your route to success, including challenges for self-growth, space for self-reflection, and plenty of room for list-making. This best-selling journal is top-rated, and it will guide any reader to a more inspired life.


This One Kitchen Utensil That Does Just About Everything

5-In-1 Utensil Slotted Solid Spoon, $8, Amazon

This 5-In-1 utensil slotted solid spoon is a must-have for any kitchen. That’s because it functions as a slotted spoon, a turner, a solid spoon, a spatula and, a cutting tool, and it’s entirely heat-resistant and dishwasher safe. Reviewers use it for barbecuing, cooking, and serving, and are saying thing like, “You will never use another kitchen tool once you get your hands on this little gem!”

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