21 Punny Instagram Captions For Father’s Day That Will Rival Any Dad Joke


It may feel like we literally just celebrated Mother's Day, but brace yourselves: Father's Day is coming, and you need to be ready. It's 2019, which means that not only do you need to pick out a sweet gift and a sentimental card, as well as make time to hang out with your dad, but you also need to come up with the perfect caption for the Instagram photo you're inevitably going to post. Posting a picture with the dad figure in your life on Father's Day is the standard by now, and it can be hard to make your post stand out from the rest. Instead of writing something sappy and loving, why not go the true dad way and use a dad pun for your Instagram caption?

If your dad is the type to make all the dad jokes (and really, it's hard to find a dad who isn't), then he'll really appreciate your punny caption... so not only will it score you some likes, but it will also make your dad happy, which is really the most important thing. After all, if you're celebrating Father's Day, you want to see your dad smile, and be the reason for that smile. He probably deserves it!

Plus, a punny Instagram caption is just a little more fun than an emotional one that is full of all the feels. It breaks things up nicely in someone's feed, and it doesn't make you feel vulnerable while still showing how much you love him. It's really the best of both worlds for everyone! Check out some ideas for the best punny Instagram captions for Father's Day, and feel free to steal as many as you'd like. Or, if you don't use Instagram, write them inside a card for your dad so that you can both appreciate them anyway.


Yoda Best Dad

If your dad is a Star Wars fan, he'll love this one.


Nacho Average Dad

It helps if you're eating nachos in the picture! And it's more delicious.


Ask This Guy About Dad Jokes

If your dad is known for his corny sense of humor, this is the perfect caption.


*Look*, You Are My Father

Get it?!


You Are The Coolest Pop Out There

Just like a popsicle!


Dad, You're Dino-Mite!

This one is for the dads who love dinosaurs.


Have A Fan-Stache-Tic Father's Day

And this one is for the dad who rocks a mustache.


There Is No Butter Pop Than You

A perfect excuse to eat popcorn together, honestly.


Father's Day Is Coming

For the Game of Thrones fan in your life, of course.


Dad, I Know It's Cheesy, But I Think You're Grate!

A true dad joke. He would be proud!


The Walking Dad

And this one is for the dad who loves The Walking Dead.


World's Greatest Farter



I Couldn't Fish For A Better Dad

Any dad who loves to fish will appreciate this one.


My Puns Are Armed and Dadly


Dad Jokes - It's How Eye Roll


I Get By With A Little Help From My Dad

Who needs friends when you have your dad?


Best Dad By Par

If your dad loves to golf, this caption is perfect.


Happy Farter's Day!

Okay, sorry, enough with the fart jokes.


Dad Jokes... Did You Mean Rad Jokes?


Dad, I Donut Know What I Would Do Without You


Dad, You're Really Gouda Being Cheesy

And you'll always love him for that!