What To Get Your Dad For Father's Day This Year If You Can't Celebrate Together


Due to social distancing guidelines, you probably won't be able to get away with giving your dad "a hug" for Father's Day this year. But don't worry you can get him the next best thing — a super sentimental Father's Day gift that'll feel just as good (and even better, if he can wear it around his wrist). And if shopping for anyone (besides yourself, of course) may seem overwhelming right now, all you need is a little help to find the perfect gift.

A sentimental gift doesn't have to break the bank. You can get your dad, grandpa, or father figure something meaningful that he'll enjoy without having to spend a ton of money on it.

If you are one of the people who can't be with their dads on Father's Day due to the effects of the coronavirus, sending a sentimental gift to let your dad know you're thinking of him and celebrating him even from a distance can mean the world to him. In a time where there is a lot of uncertainty in the air, it can be refreshing to get a solid reminder that your loved ones are there for you, no matter what.

Here are 21 sentimental gifts that'll help you send that message.


Digital Photo Frame

Highlight your favorite moments between you and your dad with this digital photo frame he can keep on his side table.


"Best Dad Ever" Mug

Remind your dad he's the "best dad ever" with this personalized mug you can throw all your favorite photos onto.


Personalized Engraved Hammer

Give your dad the perfect tool for his next DIY project. With the option to engrave the hammer with a personal message, this one is sure to be his new favorite.


Dad Guitar Pick

If your dad loves to jam out on his guitar, this is the perfect gift for him. This way, he knows you'll "pick" him every time.


Face Socks

What's more meaningful than giving him a gift with his favorite child's face on it that he can wear all the time? Answer: nothing.


Book Of Dad Jokes

Show dad you appreciate all the little dad jokes he's been making with a book that gives him even more he can use.


Movies Scratch-Off Poster

If you and your dad love watching movies together, he'll love this movies scratch-off poster. You get to keep track of all the classics you've already watched and all the ones you've yet to see. Once you've scratched off all 100, it's definitely time to celebrate.


Monthly Sock Subscription

Get your dad the gift that'll keep on giving (every month). Sock Fancy lets you get a monthly subscription to their site where you can send someone two or three pairs of socks a month. The subscription prices range from $57 for a three-month subscription to $209 for a yearly subscription. You even get to choose the style and the boldness of the socks.


Insulated Pint Glasses

Help dad keep his beer cool with these insulated pint glasses. He'll have you to thank every time he enjoys a cold brew.


Ticket Stub Diary

With this ticket stub diary, you and your dad can keep track of all the concerts, sporting events, and movies you see together. It'll be a gift you can keep adding to as the years go by.


"Really Cool Dad" Apron

This apron will be a welcomed gift for when your dad chefs it up. Not only will it keep his clothes clean, but it'll also always remind him just how cool he is.


Leather Apron

The only thing cooler than a customized apron is a leather apron. It's a little pricey but come on, how cool is this apron?


Customized Leather Bracelet

This leather bracelet with customizable beads makes it so your dad's kids are always with him. Whether you just want your name on the bracelet or all of your siblings', your dad will love carrying you all on his wrist.


Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

If your dad is up on his feet all day, these acupressure massage slippers will help add a little comfort to his every step. Not only is this gift super thoughtful, but it'll definitely be something he uses all the time.


Custom Dad Coaster

Every time your dad picks his drink up, he'll be reminded he's the "best dad ever" — especially because he actually uses a coaster.


Beard Kit

Give your old man everything he needs to keep his beard in tip-top shape. He'll especially appreciate this if he hasn't gotten the chance to see his barber in a while.


Amazon Echo Dot

For all the times you're not around to Google something for dad, let Alexa handle it.


BBQ Grilling Tool Set

If your dad is a barbecue master, he'll love this tool kit that has everything he needs and more.


Personalized Cutting Board

Designate a cutting board just for dad with this customizable cutting board you can put his name on. He'll soon be cutting vegetables in style.


White Noise Machine

One of the best gifts you can get dad is a good night's sleep, and this white noise machine will give him that.


Bamboo Bathtub Tray

If your dad loves unwinding with a nice, hot bath, get him this bamboo bath tray to make the experience more relaxing. He can put his shampoo, body gel, and even a glass of wine or beer to really pamper himself.